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    Dante PCIE + VEP + Cubase?

    I've searched older threads and haven't quite found what I'm looking for. Does anyone have experience using a VEP with Dante? I run VEP on a master and two slaves, and if I knew with confidence that investing in Dante hardware would a. work well with VEP and Cubase, and b. help me keep latency...
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    Moved Studio to Ethernet/Dante Interfaces - A studio story

    After several years, I had come to the end of my RME UFX system (USB). I was out of inputs for synths - literally every connection on the back was used, and I was using the four front XLR inputs as a "patch bay" to temporarily connect and disconnect things. I was monitoring through a Grace...
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    Interface time - Thunderbolt/Audio over ip Mac

    hey guys. I'm looking for a new thunderbolt/audio over ip interface. Doesn't need to have both although I think audio over ip is the future. I know @charlieclouser you are using the motu avb series. How do you like them? As I know we both use trashcan at max with logic I would like to hear...