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  1. composerguy78

    Cue Sheet App/Website/Generator recommendation?

    I frequently am the person who ends up doing the cue sheets for the movies I score. I'm happy to do this as I can then be sure it has been done correctly. My question is, does anyone have a recommendation for an app or website which can assist in generating the cues? I am looking to improve...
  2. F

    Cue Sheet

    Would the following contract clause mean the producer would need to be named as the composer on the cue sheet? Also would the original composer still be able to receive writers royalties? 4. OWNERSHIP OF SCORE: Composer hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Score and all other results and...
  3. EarlyReflexions

    Create a Cue Sheet from Cubase's marker track

    Hey there ! Cue sheets are boring to make, especialy if you work on Tv/documentaries with 50/100+ cues for a project. At least using Cubase it is, there's no way to export easily a spreadsheet with name, TC in, TC out and duration for each cue... Well... Since I'm a fellow composer AND a huge...
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