1. vewilya

    Vepro - tempo sync - cpu overload

    Hello I've been encountering a problem recently that has been reported a couple of times I think. I have been playing around with the new 8Dio percussion libraries (Solo Taikos, Frame Drums, etc.) and have loaded an instance of VEPRO 5 with 16 Kontakt instruments going into Logic X or DP9 for...
  2. D

    Wts : halion 5

    hi, I want to sell HALion 5 with a fairly cheap price HALion 5 only $250 more details can contact me in private messages
  3. Jorgakis

    The Birth of A Planet (Orchestra)

    Hello, so I tried to make some space music. I somehow had the movie "Prometheus" in mind(I don't know if that's a good thing). I hope you will enjoy!
  4. S

    CUBASE users: Please tell me I can make the key editor stay open!

    I'm trying to switch to Cubase (from Logic), and so far it's not bad. There's a few things that I'm missing but there's one that's borderline unforgivable IMO: any time you delete a MIDI region, the key editor window disappears. This is driving me nuts. I have three screens. One of them is for...
  5. J

    For Sale: Steinberg CC121 DAW Controller, €280.

    Mint condition. Great controller that can be used with Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and every other major DAW. Features a motorised fader, pan knob, EQ section, track controls, transport controls, monitor volume knob, shortcut buttons, and AI control knob. Selling for €280.
  6. MoeWalsaad

    Transpose without effecting KS in Cubase

    Hello, I wonder, is there is a way to lock midi notes in Cubase8 or higher? I think this would be a great feature when we transpose the entire composition without affecting the key switches and percussion notes. Unless if you guys do this by some other walk around technique, I would love to know...
  7. EarlyReflexions

    Create a Cue Sheet from Cubase's marker track

    Hey there ! Cue sheets are boring to make, especialy if you work on Tv/documentaries with 50/100+ cues for a project. At least using Cubase it is, there's no way to export easily a spreadsheet with name, TC in, TC out and duration for each cue... Well... Since I'm a fellow composer AND a huge...
  8. Jorgakis

    Happy, Cheesy Disney Music

    Hello, My attempt on writing something rather happy. Hope you enjoy! Jorgo
  9. J

    For Sale: Steinberg Cubase AI 7, just €30.

    Cubase AI is the version of Cubase which comes with Steinberg hardware interfaces. As I've bought several Steinberg interfaces lately but already have the full version of Cubase, I have no need for the AI versions, so I'm selling two AI 7 licences, €30 each. Once payment is received I will send...
  10. SomeGuy

    Did a control surface really speed up your workflow?

    I was looking at adding a control surface for controlling Cubase and plugins more quickly. However, I use Vienna Ensemble pro and try to load as many instruments and insert effects inside VE pro on both my PC slave and main Mac system. Will systems like the Nektar Panorama (who have pre-mapped...
  11. toddkedwards

    MIDI CC Data Issue in Cubase 8.5

    Hey Guys, I've recently switched from Logic Pro X to Cubase 8.5 and I have no clue how to fix this issue I've ran into. I was trying to setup MIDI CC data control (quick control) with my Nectar Impact LX88 faders. I want to be able to use my faders on the Impact to control Midi CC's data...
  12. G

    Cubase - Why better on Windows than Mac?

    Hi Guys, I've just recently got Cubase. And I've seen it pop up a lot here that it runs better on Windows than Mac. I'm a super Mac fanboy (still using Logic, but maybe I'll be swayed completely onto Cubase). But how come does it run better under Windows than the Mac OS. Just wanted to know...
  13. whitewasteland

    Cubase, Expression Maps & Cut notes in the MIDI Editor

    Hi everyone, There is something I really can't explain when I'm working with expression maps. Exemple : 1) I create an Instrument track, load a patch and record some MIDI with my keyboard and/or mouse. 2) I load the corresponding Expression Map and start ajusting my Keyswitches. 3) As soon...
  14. Kore G

    Error Medium type not supported or invalid medium!

    Hello guys. I am trying to import wav files in to cubase 5 and i received this message. Does anyone knows the solution? The bitrate of the files are 24 bit and 96000khz.
  15. maraskandi

    Sustain pedal release - ASIO red warning and clicks in Cubase

    When I release my sustain pedal, it causes clicks and ASIO performance meter to go red. This happens from recorded midi as well as when performing, sometimes just when pressing and releasing pedal on its own. With the release of the pedal I get ASIO spikes. This is with low load, single...
  16. Paul T McGraw

    What is the best use for SSD's

    I know there are some really smart people on VI and your advice would be appreciated. My computer dedicated to music had two 500GB hardrives. I just bought 3 Samsung 850 SSDs with 500GB each. So obviously sample libraries should go on the SSDs, but should anything else go on the SSDs...
  17. gurucomposer

    Sample Modeling Trombone Spikes CPU in Cubase

    Hi everyone. Has anyone else had this problem. The Sample Modeling Trombone is virtually unusable in Cubase, at least for me. It spikes the cpu just by playing one note, and my whole project starts stuttering uncontrollably. I have Mac Pro 2013 6 core, 64 gigs of RAM. Sample Modeling is being...
  18. JT3_Jon

    Cubase and VE pro - better to load everything in a few VE pro instances, or less in more VE pros?

    Hello everyone, Before I spend a bunch of time which could potentially lead to disaster, does anyone have any info on if its better to load individual instruments into large VE pro instances using multiple ports, or better to load many, many small VE pro instances using less ports? I come from...
  19. rgames

    [VIDEO] Controlling Cubase Track Visibility Using Lemur

    I added a tablet to my workflow a couple months ago and decided to put together a tutorial on how to use Lemur to control track visibility in Cubase. The Lemur piece is actually very easy - the trick was getting the logical editor presets, macros and generic remote set up correctly in Cubase...
  20. 1

    Streamers and Punches in Cubase (for film scoring)

    Hello, I'm going to use some streamers in a cue I'm writing for the orchestra (first time live!), and I'm trying to find out how to add streamers in Cubase. I've heard it should be possible in PT, but as of now I only use Cubase. Does anyone know how to do this in Cubase? 10Dman
  21. 1

    VEPRO hell and heaven

    Crashes, crahes everywhere! If I open Cubase 8 first then load VEPRO, then they don't connect. If I load VEPRO, then open Cubase it just crashes and disappears. It worked for a while when I first got it. But then it started to crash here and there, and now it's just unusable. I found that I can...
  22. sharmayelverton

    VST Performances Average Load Change on Track Selction

    Hi guys, I'm trying to diagnose some issues with my system at the moment and I've noticed that the average load meter on vst performance window consistently changes depending on what track I have selected. For instance when I have selected a midi track linked to a Sample Modeling Trumpet...
  23. G

    Quick Tip For Cubase Users After Software Upgrades!

    Hey there everybody! *wow that sounds like a cartoon.. maybe it's just me?* How many of you guys rebuild your templates after Cubase updates? I know I do! As much time as it takes, I've found rebuilding your template*s* from scratch eliminates most chances of a bug or kink being brought over...
  24. MarcusD

    Cubase & Nuendo - Track Icons

    Hey guys, there's already a thread in 'Sample Talk' I've been posting in which some of you may have already read, I've decided to create a separate thread regarding the icon packs I've been posting (hopefully in the right forum section)...
  25. bjderganc

    What is your DPC latency? How were you able to reduce it?

    Hi All, I'm on a mission to reduce the latency in my brand new monster PC. Right now it's sitting around 1000us (as per DPC Latency Checker). I have heard that 100us is possible with a dual Xeon setup. My goal is to use a keyboard controller in Cubase without having to enable "Constrain Delay...
  26. bjderganc

    Adding effects to VEPro "slaved" tracks within Cubase

    There seem to be two schools of thought in regards to adding effects to items within VEPro. 1. Add the effects individually within the VEPro mixer 2. Add the effects in the DAW to the entire VEPro mixer I'm a new Cubase user, but when I was working in Logic I would route audio back from VEPro...
  27. bjderganc

    From Logic X to Cubse 8 -- A ton of questions!

    Hi All! New Cubase 8 user coming from Logic X! I'm generally doing really well with Cubase, but have ton of questions that have been bogging me down for a couple days: 1. Is there a way to mute individual MIDI notes within the Key Editor? 2. In Logic, it's easy to move around in a...
  28. Audio Birdi

    Tracks remaining always active in Cubase when connecting to VEP5

    I've been playing around with various DAWs for the past week and have come to an interesting realisation that they all work rather differently in terms of CPU efficiency. Reaper V5 Allows you to use no CPU power when no midi data is present on a track within my template, and only utilises the...
  29. jonathanwright

    Cubase 8 and Disabled Tracks in Templates

    Hello all, I've been recently putting together a large modular template together using VEP5 and Cubase 8.0.30. I set up all the tracks I could possibly need, along with connections to VEP instances (using track, not rack instruments), all of them disabled after being configured. The idea...
  30. utopia

    Cubase template setup for batch export

    Hey everyone, I've recently ran into a situation where I had to deliver the full mix + a ton of different elements on a rather complex cue. Stems, all the individual tracks etc. I've gone through some major PITA before I could deliver. Some of the tracks I had to solo one by one and export...
  31. Tareck117

    Great Orchestral Library that does not cost too much.

    So.. this is my first post in this community so first : Hi everyone ! I play music since I'm 6 but I started using DAW only in 2015 and I want to do orchestral music. At the beginning of the year I bought Reason 8 and I love it, but VST compatibility is a big bummer since most of orchestral...
  32. dtonthept

    Cubase Prefs/KeyCommands/Presets sync between machines?

    Hi Folks, I'm in the process of learning Cubase, and am spending a lot of time customising the program with preferences and key commands at the moment, though I can see this extending to the Logical Editor and beyond pretty soon. I have my main rig at my studio, then also a laptop where I...
  33. 1

    Need help building a workstation!

    Hello everyone, I've outgrown my current computer - 4770k, 32GB ram, 2tb SSD filled with sample libraries- and I'm searching up and down the internet on how to build the new computer. What I had in mind was a PC with 64GB DDR4 ram, but also have the possibilty of 128GB which I might need in the...
  34. 1

    Two computers, one audio interface?

    Hello everyone! :) I'm about to upgrade my workstation with another computer and an audio interface (RME fireface UCX/ARC probably). So my question is: is it possible to use two computers with only one audio interface? I'm composing cinematic music and I'm thinking of using VEpro together with...
  35. Robym

    Audiofier SEQui2R 1.2 is available NOW!

    Hello Everybody, SEQui2R 1.2 is available and is packed with great new features! here is a 30 minutes video tutorial that explores most of the new features in SEQui2R 1.2 Reverse-able notes per step 2 Stutter/Buzz modes per step Ornament mode per step Triplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets...
  36. dtonthept

    YES! It's the "I'm switching to Cubase, give me some tips!" thread

    Hey folks, Super long time Pro Tools, Live, and occasional Logic user here. I've read so many interesting stories about folks learning Cubase on this forum, I thought it would be fun to have a thread that was all about really simple, small, tricks, or really simple, small questions. What do...
  37. E

    Cubase Input Transformer

    Hello. I'd need some assistance how to use the Input Transformer in Cubase (8 Pro). My goal is to route Aftertouch-Data from my Keyboard to any Controller (e.g. to CC11). I managed to route one Controller CC to another CC, but with Aftertouch no success. I really checked the Web, but found no...