1. D

    Cubase 9.5 Bug

    Anyone else had the Cubase 9.5 mixer glitch bug? It's reproducible.
  2. M

    Online training videos on specific Nuendo features ?

    Hi, We can easily find comprehensive training videos on Cubase on the internet (steinberg youtube channel, ask video, groove3, sonic academy, But can we find comprehensive training videos on Nuendo's specific features ? I have the feeling that Nuendo is not yet widespread...
  3. Akarin

    Cubase - Is there a way to hide all tracks not containing events?

    I have a somewhat large template and at times, I'd also like to only show tracks that contain events. Is this possible in Cubase? I've seen it done with stuff like Metagrid but I'd rather assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle this on or off. Thanks!
  4. G

    Cubase 9 Pro - Fixed lengths don't work

    Hello! Nowhere did I find anyone with the same problem, nor a solution; so maybe you can help me: I want my Midi Notes to be all the same length. I had always used the "Fixed lengths" function for that matter; so I chose e.g. 1/16 as the quantize setup, select all notes, and I chose fixed...
  5. Solara_Audio

    Behringer BCF 2000: Make use of motor faders?

    Dear VI control members, after visiting this board every now and then for years, this is my first post and it is a result of desperation. I've used the search function, but wasn't able to come up with a solution. TL;DR: How do I send the automation-data I recorded into my midi parts back to...
  6. marcodistefano

    Huge Orchestral Template with only 32 Gb of Ram

    Hi all, as probably most of you I have been asking myself how I could have a huge orchestral template still using a PC with only 32 Gb of RAM. Well the answer is Vienna Ensemble Pro disable feature. I first discovered this feature and than I managed to create an orchestral template with about...
  7. Aleela

    Best Cubase Orchestral Template video tutorial

    Could you recommend me the best Cubase Orchestral Template video tutorial?
  8. stigc56

    Wrong track is selected when record in Cubase

    Hi I have a problem in Cubase: When I select a midi track and hit record, Cubase jumps back to the track that was selected before, and starts recording on that track. Right now I had a contra bass track selected and then selected a flute 1 track - 1st track in the arrangement -, hit record and...

    Cubase 9.5 / Nuendo 8 and Ableton PUSH2 Problem2

    Hi all, The challenge: I have borrowed a PUSH2 and wanting to set it up with Cubase 9.5 or Nuendo 8 in order to create drum patterns etc. The problem: Despite using Shove and following Cee Lopez's video, I can only get the Push2 to make a piano sound. Confusing as it does this even when...
  10. fretti

    Cubase: Ascending channel numbers for new midi tracks

    Hi all! I really hope I can describe it so everybody understands what I mean: I'm currently building my "master-template" and have the following "problem": when adding multiple midi tracks they always start at the channel of the last track +1. So if I add 5 tracks they are all channeled from...
  11. benmwatson

    Newbie Cubase question: Can't Bounce MIDI to combine lanes

    I just recently got Cubase and am trying to learn the ins and outs of MIDI recording. One thing that just isn't working, and I can't figure out why, is the instructions here. I recorded two MIDI parts. They are on Lanes 1 and 2 of the same Instrument track. I'd like to merge all to Lane 1. I...
  12. C

    Cubase wont receive key modifiers (ctrl/shift etc) just after playback. Anyone else ave this issue?

    Hey all, I have this issue since updating to cubase 9.5, whereby, after stopping playback, or just after fast forward/rewind, Cubase won't listen to or receive keyboard modifiers. Goes back to normal after about half a second. For instance, if I record something and want to hit ctrl+z straight...
  13. marcodistefano

    VEPRO Template: best practice for microphones and enabled tracks

    Hi All, I have built a huge orchestral template. Till now I have saved a new file for each composition, so mic settings and other stuff were saved in it. But, I would like to move to the situation where I have only one template, always open which I use for any composition. Since I have only 32...
  14. luigizaccheo


    Stranger Things music tutorial on sound synthesis for academic students of electronic music, sound engineering and computer music Reaktor Blocks Reaktor Monark 7 Retrologue 2 6 Massive Performed on Cubase Pro
  15. M

    Cubase Controller Lanes

    Hello world! So, I'm in the middle of a project, building a new template for this film I'm working on. I had a feeling for a while that something random was going on with the controller lanes in the key editor. Meaning, I double click some midi event to get into the key editor and find a...
  16. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene of orchestrating and rendering a composition using spitfire audio

    Hi All, This is the 8th video I publish on virtual orchestration. It is a deep look into my latest composition. If you find it interesting you can check my other videos and composition and subscribe to my channel! If you watch it I would like to know what you think. Is there something I should...
  17. luigizaccheo

    Super Mario Bros reloaded on Steinberg Retrologue 2

    sound synthesis exercise for educational purpose the music and sound effects were made on the Retrologue synth
  18. wuubb

    (Cubase) setting expression map articulation in MIDI file

    Expression maps are great, yet they still require you to manually assign articulations to each note in the MIDI editor. Does Cubase assign articulations when using expression maps to any kind of CC or other property that could be added/changed in a MIDI file? I want to explore the possibility...
  19. Oliver

    VEP Pro Setup for existing template

    Hi fellow composers... just a very quick question. I have quite a bigtemplate in cubase right now (around 700 tracks filling almost 55gb of RAM) If i decide to go for VEP and get one slave would 1) one gamers laptop (32gb very fast) be ok? 2) is that possible without completly building the...
  20. A

    Predator Theme for virtual orchestra

    I had a pop at recreating Alan Silvestri's Predator Theme with virtual instruments. The libraries are shown in the video along with some broad analysis of the harmony. What do you guys think?
  21. Akarin

    Jaeger expression maps for Cubase

    I just made a set of Cubase expression maps for Audio Imperia's Jaeger. You can download it here: EDIT: Fixed an issue with custom articulation names.
  22. LeonRossMusic

    Daily Scoring Exercise

    Hey all! I'm new here so thought I'd open up by sharing a concept I've been experimenting with recently. The idea being, to score an abstract conceptual statement that defines a scene to a specified genre. For example, on one of the days, I would play with new colors and timbre concepts within...
  23. amadeus1

    Orb Composer - Setting up a template in Cubase

    Here's a video for setting up a template and loading instruments into Cubase to be played by Orb Composer.
  24. G

    PLEASE HELP | Effective RAM usage with VSTis

    Hello, first of all my PC specs: Windows 10 Pro 64bit 16GB RAM Intel Core i5-6500 CPU Cubase 9 Pro Now, I've got a problem with my VST problems in Cubase: Sometimes the sound becomes extremely laggy, I can't even work or listen to anything at all when I try to play the project. I confess to...
  25. M

    Cubase : mutliple time signatures on various instruments ?

    Hello, In the middle of a piece, is it possible to assign for example, a 4/4 signature to cellos and violas, while the rest of the Orchestra stays in 12/8 ? This is what happens, for instance, to bars 35 of the 1978 Superman Theme, but I do not see how to implement this in Cubase 8.5... Thank...
  26. A

    Disabling audiowarping in Cubase

    Hey guys. I'm running into a basic, but weird problem in Cubase 9: I basically want to turn off any form of audiwarping, so that when I transpose an audiofile it changes the length accordingly (like it does in the sampler). This is something I used to do a lot in Ableton, but I'm struggling to...
  27. MoeWalsaad

    Tips on handling several Cues on Cubase?

    Hi all, How do you handle working on several score cues of the same project on Cubase? I usually have them all on one project, I set a marker for each cue to go back and forth, but I have a problem that when I want to change the tempo of one cue, it ruins the syncing of the rest of the cues that...
  28. Akarin

    [Tutorial] Set up VEPro on a slave and connect from Cubase and Logic

    In the following video, I’m going to show you how you can repurpose a spare computer to handle your VST libraries while keeping CPU power on your main machine by using VEPro 6: Let me know if you have any question and I'll try my best to answer!
  29. marcodistefano

    My Orchestral Template: Cubase, Lemur, VePro and Spitfire Audio

    Hello everyone, I spent the last couple of weeks creating my first orchestral template having in mind the following drivers: I want all the instruments ready for recording I have only 32 Gb of Ram I want to be able to scale complexity and focus on specific tracks I want to access easily VST...
  30. Fab

    Question about Assigning a fader to the currrent 'Focus' in Cubase 9(answered)

    I am unsure how I would get this to work. Ex. When you open a mixer window popup, you can use tab (or a mouse click) to change the focus to most parameters within that popup window. I have tried to assign that 'Focus' to a fader within the midi setup window but can't seem to find the right...
  31. dreamtuned

    Kind of Fluctuating Between Cubase & Logic

    I am a long time Cubase user, since the Cubase 5 version (now on Cubase Pro 9.5). I am playing around with Logic Pro X for a year now and I am loving it, I just love the feeling of it since I am huge Apple fan and Logic Pro feels like a 100% Apple product (it is made by Apple after all). Now, I...
  32. Nite Sun

    Automating VEPro channel enabling/disabling with expression maps

    Going out to any Cubase / VEPro users who might be willing to help! I've nearly finished building a massive single track per instrument template with a ton of Expression maps. All the instruments are disabled in Vienna Ensemble Pro by default and I'd like to set up automation of channel...
  33. JT3_Jon

    Logic “Select Highest / Lowest Note” function - Cubase equivalent?

    Is there a way to quickly select the top or bottom notes of a polyphonic midi part? In logic this was possible with the great feature - Function > Note Events > Select Highest Notes (or Select Lowest Notes) which I used all the time and really miss. Does Cubase have a way to do this as well? I...
  34. wuubb

    Is there any performance gain from syncing all CPU cores?

    I've seen in a couple of audio-optimizing guides for PC around the web that disabling turbo boost and speed step are better for audio work. This would effectively make all the cores run at the same speed. One could theoretically even sync them to the turbo boost frequency or overclock frequency...
  35. Kony

    Cubase 9+ blacklist

    Thought I'd post this here in case anyone is having any issues/concerns about Cubase blacklist. I recently bought Izotope Ozone and the result was I got a lot of Ozone dlls added to the blacklist in Cubase 9.5. I tried to remove them from the blacklist but kept getting a message indicating that...
  36. marcodistefano

    Virtual Orchestration - Composition Walk through

    Hi everyone, hope you will enjoy this video where I am showing in detail how I managed to achieve a realistic orchestral sound in one of my recent compositions. Other videos are coming soon, let me know if there is something I should add in the format for the next ones.
  37. N

    Cubase 9.5 takes insanely long amount of time to load with VEP

    It takes about 5 minutes to load a cubase template project i made with VEP, and half the time it just crashes before I can open it. I'm using 4 instances of VEP (one for brass, strings, perc, and winds) each with about 7 or so outputs coming out of them, and each with 8 midi ports enabled. The...
  38. D

    Audio PCs and the Chip BUG

    Regarding the chip bug, how does this stand regarding Windows audio PCs, ASIO, audio interface drivers, and DAWs ? Thanks
  39. PulseSetter

    PS Video Tutorials: Connecting Gatekeeper to an Analog Synth and Creating Film Scoring Pulses

    Hi everybody! This is Freddy and Gmo from PulseSetter-Sounds. We wanted to create a video thread for tutorials, walkthroughs and other random thoughts that might be useful to others. Here's our first video: Hope you enjoy!
  40. danielb

    Cubase & kontakt 5.7.3

    Hey hello everyone ! I just had a kontakt update that seems nice (improved loading time...) and and and ! Cubase is not blocked anymore when I close it ! it takes some times but it's closing for real ! ( It was always blocked with big project on exit....) Did you experienced the same ? in fact...
  41. marcodistefano

    Dorico and Cubase integration

    Hello, Anyone using Dorico here? I would like to setup a big orchestral template to be able to compose using the following chain: Dorico [for notation & expression maps] -> Cubase 9 [for synths, audio, mixing & mastering] -> Vienna Ensemble Pro [for sounds] -> Kontakt -> samples I use to...
  42. MoeWalsaad

    Stop Cubase Freezing at startup

    As an orchestral music composer who uses lots of Kontakt and Play sample libraries and complex routing, It keeps happening, that large Cubase projects crash or freezes at startup, most of the times I find a way to walk around these problems like: 1 - Restarting my machine 2 - Disable expensive...
  43. E

    MIDI program changes, cc, Cubase and Vep

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've really hit a brick wall here, and would greatly appreciate any help. I've searched and read all about potential similar issues, but have come up shorthanded, despite learning a lot of new things along the way. So..please bear with me. I'm...
  44. ckiraly

    Cubase 9.5.10 Update

    FYI - bug fixes:
  45. O

    Cubase 9.5 project logical editor

    Hi all, I'm demoing Cubase 9.5 and I'm actually starting to like it a lot so far. I have an old copy of Cubase 7.5 but always ran in little things that put me off. New additions as 'Adapt to Zoom' and new metronome options are very helpful. So I saw this awesome video by @jononotbono about...
  46. nickhmusic

    Cubase 9.5 trial

    Does anyone know if the newly available Cubase 9.5 trial installs next to the 9.x version I already have running - can i run them side to side? I'm hesitant to install in case it is going to overwrite the current version. Many thanks for your help!
  47. adam_lukas

    Cubase iC Pro VS Lemur - Best solution for Touchscreen?

    Hi guys! Finally ordered an iPad to control my DAW, Cubase. There are a ton of tutorials how to do this with Lemur at the time being - to me it looks rather time consuming and complicated compared to Steiberg's inhouse app iC Pro. (which does not seem to be hyped as much as Lemur) Has...
  48. W

    Problem importing Finale midi files into Cubase/Kontakt

    Hello, I don't know if this belong to the Finale or Kontakt forums... I want to import Finale midi files into Cubase 5 with Kontakt 5. I know many people does this manly to take advantage of the Finale Human Playback features. When a midi file produced in Finale is imported into Cubase 5 it...
  49. G

    Cubase - Copy Text from Marker List

    Does anyone know if its possible to copy the text from the Marker List/Window. You can select each marker and change the timing, but not copy it. I need to copy the timings (its quite a few markers) and paste these in an Excel Doc. I hope there's a way. Or else its going to be a long manual...
  50. ckiraly


    I've been a member for a little while now but haven't actually introduced myself. I'm an amateur musician who really loves soundtracks and film scores. Huge fan of Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard and JunkieXL. I'm very much still learning the ropes of composing and all of the...
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