1. luigizaccheo

    Contemporary music vs virtual string quartet

    "Flowering" by Mario Gagliani - contemporary music for string quartet Performed w/ Audiomodeling Swam Strings, Steinberg Cubase 10
  2. The Darris

    Custom Scripts for Cubase??

    Hello Everyone, I'm just curious, are there people here or know of others out in the world who write custom scripts for Cubase? I know that @Rctec has mentioned in posts before that he has had some custom scripts written for him but I'm curious what options are available out there to those who...
  3. A

    Winter Waltz /UP! style animation music

    Hey guys! Here is my next short melody I recently finished. For me its kinda Winter mood, dancing on ice for instance. It reminds me a bit of M. Giacchino's style… feedbacks are welcome :)
  4. Fermile

    Cubase and VEPRO stuck

    Hi community, I recently stumbled upon a cubase+VEPRO halt. My VEPRO is running locally with kontakt instances. I noticed that every time I leave my workstation and the cubase is connected to VEPRO server and I don't use it for a few hours it is stuck - meaning I have to end both processes to...
  5. whiskers

    SOLD - Cubase 8

    Wanting to sell my old copy of Cubase 8. It would include the install media and all boxed materials (including USB eLicenser) for 7.5, which was then upgraded to 8 (full/Pro, not artist/LE). So the eLicenser has 8, you could jut download the install materials from Steinberg's website once...
  6. Robert Kooijman

    Windows 10 ButterflyTaskbar utility

    Found a very nice utility that prevents the taskbar popping up every time you (accidentally) hover the mouse over it. Thought this could be useful for anyone using e.g. a DAW with transport buttons at the bottom. AFAIK, Windows lets you only auto-hide the taskbar or keep it in place. Either...
  7. barteredbride

    WTB: Cubase 9.5

    Hello all, Maybe someone is using a different DAW these days and would prefer to put the cash into something else. I have an e-licenser if that is any help to reduce the price? If anyone wants to sell just PM me I guess! Best regards, Ian
  8. jonathanwright

    Cubase - 'replacing' Kontakt 5 with Kontakt 6 in template?

    I've just upgraded to Kontakt 6, and am now faced with the onerous task of replacing hundreds of Kontakt 5 disabled tracks in Cubase with the new version. I suspect I know the answer to this, but is there a simple way to do it, or is manual the only way?
  9. A

    Into the Deep /Epic Dramatic Hybrid Orchestral

    Hey guys! This is my new short track. Kinda teaser, hope u Will like it. Comments are welcome.
  10. Skyroads

    Articulation switch in lemur (cubase) - need help

    Hey guys I've roughly set up my full orchestral template in Cubase with Vepro 6 and Lemur. It is all working not too bad, while I still have to get the levels and balances right. Unfortunately there is one thing that doesn't seem to work right. In Lemur I set all articulations up which...
  11. A

    Rename Macro Cubase?

    Hey guys, I'm about to print tracks to audio stems to export the Cubase session to ProTools to mix it properly before delivering it in Group Busses to the Dialog Mixer. Now, I have hundreds of midi tracks like Flute Sustain/ Clarinet Trill, etc. Each of them has 3 or 4 dedicated audio outputs...
  12. EgM

    Cubase 9.5.41 update!

    What's your experience with it? Everything ok here.
  13. Taj Mikel

    How much RAM can Cubase 9.5 use?

    I have had a difficult time finding clear information on how much RAM Cubase can use. Does anyone know/can direct me to a support link or something with a clear definition of how much RAM Cubase can actually utilize?
  14. L

    WTB Cubase 9 Pro or 9.5 Pro

    Would like to buy Cubase 9 Pro or 9.5 Pro. Please PM me if you have any offer. Thank You! :)
  15. J

    What setup do I need for Lemur and PC/Cubase

    A little late to the Lemur touchscreen game. I haven't updated my template/workflow in years. Hard to switch my brain from creative to technical. I bought 2 Stream Decks as I like real buttons better than touch screens. They are awesome, but when I click/highlight a VE Pro window, the...
  16. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | Creating The Soundtrack To Hell

    Hey everyone! On this Soundiron Session Craig Peters takes you through his Sick 7 demo track. This demo ended up sounding like the soundtrack to hell! Since Halloween is right around the corner we thought this would be a fun one to breakdown. Learn more about Sick 7: Voices of the Dead...
  17. Olfirf

    Komplete Kontrol mk2 and Cubase Question ...

    Does anyone have KK mk2 and uses Cubase? I haven't found information on how this works and NI's documentation and product videos are rather commercial-like than having any information in them what you can really do with it. So, how does host automation work? When I initialize the KK-S-series...
  18. K

    Can I slave picture from Logic on Mac to Cubase (main DAW) on PC?

    Hi All Just wondering if I can slave Logic from Mac to Cubase on PC? Or do I need to invest in a 2nd PC and pro tools etc to slave picture particularly to Cubase 9 on my PC? I currently have a macbook with Logic which I dont use much. Thanks Kyle
  19. arcy

    WTS - Cubase Pro 9.5

    I'm selling Cubase Pro 9.5 because I'm switching to another DAW. The price includes a new eLicenser needed for the license transfer. I accept PayPal. Price: 260 € + dongle shipping.
  20. Callum Hoskin

    Logic User Considering Switching To Cubase

    I am a competent logic user and very happy with the program however I need to upgrade my hardware as I am pushing my machine to the limit. It goes without saying that macs are expensive and overpriced so I am considering windows alternatives and running cubase. This would obviously be a huge...
  21. E

    Cubase Upgrade

    Hey! I am downloading the update from Cubase 7.5 to 9.5 and was just wondering if there's anything to worry about when installing this? Will my libraries and VSTs and everything carry over or should I wait until I have a whole day to do this? Cheers!
  22. DenisT

    Audio interface : Steinberg UR22 MkII vs Audient id4

    Hi guys, I'm about to get a new audio interface, and I'm hesitating between these two. I only work in Cubase with virtual instruments and rarely record with a mic or an instrument (mainly a guitar). My first choice was the UR22 MkII since I work with Cubase, but then I saw a lot of people...
  23. benmwatson

    Good Fader Controller for MIDI CC data w/transport controls?

    I'm currently making do with a Korg NanoKontrol2, which works ok, but it has a few drawbacks: * In CC mode, the transport controls don't work as well as in pure Cubase mode, despite my efforts to program and mimic them. * The faders are a bit short. I don't feel like I can easily control the...
  24. MoeWalsaad

    Audio Interface for Large orchestral templates?

    Hello, My target is simply to get a newer Audio interface that has a high capacity/Features to handles large Orchestral midi templates and lots of Insert effects, with the least amount of Crackles/Glitches/Latency. The number of audio input slots is not a priority since I rarely record multiple...
  25. I

    Mix Suggestions for my Piece Hollywood Fanfare

    Hi everyone, I've been following these forums for a few years now, and have learned some really great stuff from all the generous contributions that the community has provided. But I've reached a point where what I really need is some direct feedback from people who are much more experienced...
  26. Ihnoc

    EWQL Play + Cubase and editing midi velocity

    I've a workflow where I like to use CC1 to set the dynamics of incoming notes to Kontakt, rather than use the key velocity or whatever the note was recorded at. In Kontakt, if an instrument doesn't support this (Orchestral Tools, Spitfire do), then I can at least script around it. I'm in Cubase...
  27. Akarin

    Can muting a MIDI track also mute an audio return track in Cubase?

    Hi all, I have a VEPro setup in my template. MIDI tracks each have an audio return track associated to them. When composing, I hide the audio return tracks. Is there a way to mute/solo the audio from a MIDI track (e.g. muting the MIDI violins track will also mute the Violins OUT audio track)...
  28. MoeWalsaad

    Cubase: Render a Channel Group in Place

    Hello, I'm sure someone somewhere asked this before but I failed to find the answer, Is there is a way to render Channel Group in Place?, or an FX Track? or a folder? The same way we "Render in Place" a Midi instrument/Audio Event? I always export my stems, and re-import them again to mix...
  29. luigizaccheo

    Fake live orchestra for educational

    Hello everyone this is an exercise for my students of sound engineering and applied music. Simple orchestral mockup and midi messages management Good listening
  30. Brueland

    Choosing Cubase even though I master another DAW

    Steinberg's sale for upgrading to Cubase Pro 9.5 at 40% off when owning a licence for LE/AI ends August 31. I'm currently using Bitwig Studio, and have so since 2015 but I'm considering switching to Cubase to learn it the hard way for reasons I will state below. I love Bitwig Studio's workflow...
  31. Jackles

    Instrument volume in Cubase (inspector)

    Hi everyone, I'm making a library in Kontakt and it has been a pleasure so far. There is something I quit don't get though. I have made some patches inside Cubase and didn't touch the main volume of the patch (though when I'm actually using the patch, I might adjust the volume in the...
  32. Jackles

    Editing Kontakt patches/multis

    Hi all, I made a library with Kontakt and I started using it on several projects (to test it). The library is not a 100% finished and I'd like to modify it (change some samples, tweak the amplifier, add or remove effects...) and I also would like the changes to appear in my previously made...
  33. marcodistefano

    Sharing my Lemur project for orchestral template and expression maps Spitfire Audio

    Hi guys, many of you asked me if I could share my lemur project so here it is. This is built on top of the one initially shared by @Mihkel Zilmer where I have added more tabs, functionalities and expression maps. Basically it is done to work with spitfire audio libraries. This is the video...
  34. F

    Cubase and Lemur - show tracks with data - open midi folders - leave audio collapsed

    I'm trying to setup my Lemur to have a button do the following: - Show tracks with data - Open the folder where tracks with data exists - Leave VST instruments and audio folders/tracks closed/collapsed I assume this is possible with using macros - and I tried this: - Created a "Open folder"...
  35. beyd770

    SNES Mockup: Donkey Kong Country (Sonuscore - The Orchestra)

    Hey guys! I've reorchestrated and mixed the theme "Aquatic Ambience" from Donkey Kong while adding the voice of Harrison Ford from the CI-campaign "I am the Ocean". Really like how Sonuscores - The Orchestra performs here! Also, this was my first mockup on a limited system, Cubase 5.1 with...
  36. S.M Hassani

    Updated -> My Custom Logic Pro X Midi Transforms: Set MIDI length by key shortcut! (+ Much More)

    After reading this discussion: I decided to render a little service to the VIC/LPX community. :cool: Here's a Logic Pro 10.3.3 Project with my own Midi Transform settings (Attached) (New V2...
  37. Dirk Ehlert

    Template Consulting

    Hey guys n gals, since I've arrived in LA I had several composer friends ask me for help in setting up their composing rigs for using VEPro and / or general Cubase / system tips and tricks / training. So I thought, if there is a need for such things, why not just officially offer it. So here we...
  38. Andrew Goodwin

    Best way to create AAF file from a Cubase session?

    Hi guys, Anyone have any tips or best practices for creating an AAF file for say a 25 minute film? I'm in CubasePro 9.5 (AAF being the deliverable. There would be multiple stems for each cue.) I've read Protools subscription is a cheap way, but you have to get the Cubase session into it...
  39. benmrx

    Cubase Preset - The Cluster Designer - Use ANY Kontakt patch

    Here's a fun little track preset I put together called 'The Cluster Designer". I use this when I want to bend notes around, get a clustery kind of feel, maybe build some risers and if you play your cards right you can get some evolution type patches. The idea here is that you use the patches you...
  40. Andrew Goodwin

    How to setup Dual Mono for plugins in Cubase?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that this method in Cubase PRO 9.5 is exactly that same as the way Protools is simply automatically doing it? I recently watched the waves Alan Meyerson video and he mentioned running the Kramer Master Tape in Multimono on a group/buss channel in Protools. I read, when...
  41. FrenchTubist

    Help: Dorico, Finale, Cubase... Which software is the most suitable for me?!

    Hi Guys, I'm a new member on the V.I Planet :emoji_earth_africa::emoji_earth_americas: and I'm asking your help and advices. For many years I used mainly Finale 2010 to write and compose my projects. But now I want to enter in the 21th Century... I'm looking for a software that could mix the...
  42. Jason Graves

    Audio Ark: Jason Graves Music - Writing for Strings

    Greetings! My name is Jason. I am a drummer and I love animals. I also have spent the the last twenty odd years making music. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to share and give back, just a little bit, to the community I love being a part of so much. I lecture/teach...
  43. Craig Peters

    Soundiron Session - Writing A Hybrid Orchestral Track

    Hey guys! Since we're having our Summer Kontakt Player 30% Off Sale, I thought it would be cool to show some of our libraries in action! So this is the track I wrote for the Summer Sale promo. It uses a bunch of the libraries that are on sale right now. I was going for sort of a hybrid...
  44. Fermile

    Slower than expected load to RAM

    Hi, I'm working with Cubase 9, Windows 10, Have 64GB of RAM, Samsung 960 m.2 SSD (3200 MB/s read) and don't work yet with VEPRO. I have a big Cubase template that takes around 53GB of RAM - lots of it is kontakt libraries. When I open the task manager I see only 500 MB/s of loading to memory and...
  45. marcodistefano

    Architecture of a DAW and Orchestral Template - Vienna Ensemble Pro

    Hi All, In this video I try to explain with simplistic words what is a DAW and the basic separation needed to have an efficient orchestral template. The video is based on personal experience, showing what I have done to improve the performances of my DAW and how you could upgrade yours. Let me...
  46. beyd770

    Recreation of "From past to present" Jeremy Soule - Skyrim Soundtrack

    Hey guys! Just made a short walkthrough of my most recent mockup of one of my favourite tracks from the Skyrim-soundtrack. I'm a _real_ beginner when it comes to making viritual orchestra, so I would really like your feedback to help me improve and expand both my writing- and mixing-skills...
  47. benmwatson

    [Cubase] Instrument track has no sound after recording it

    I've been teaching myself the various MIDI recording techniques and I have somehow gotten a track into a silent state. I was recording in stacked cycle mode. In the project window, the track's background is gray, while others are blue. I have checked note velocity, volume events (none), muting...

    Cubase 9.5 / Nuendo 8.5 Becomes V.Slow When Filtering Tracks

    Hi there fellow VI'ers, So this has me a bit stumped!!! I use PLE quite a lot these days to create filters and semi-automate various tasks in Nuendo 8.5 and Cubase 9.5 etc. I use Lemur extensively to trigger the PLE commands I've created, and for the most part these all work fine. BUT I have...
  49. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene - Realistic orchestral sound with spitfire audio

    Hi All, In this video I show in details the techniques I use to orchestrate and to create a sound which is (as much as I can today) closer to realism. The composition is this one Libraries used in this composition: ▸Cubase Pro 9.5 ▸Spitfire EVO 4 ▸Hans Zimmer Strings ▸Spitfire Chamber Strings...
  50. M

    Scripts to help composition development

    Hi, Do you know where to find scripts (on Cubase logical editor, or Reaper, or any other DAW...) to generate variations using classical compositional techniques ? I am not talking about repetition or transposition... but rather more advanced techniques like : - embellishment, - simplification...
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