1. R

    Cubase Exporting Help

    Hey all, When I export an audio from Cubase Pro 10.5, it sometimes pops, causing a break in the sound. I have no clue how to fix it. I host my libraries on an external hard drive (non-ssd). I do not have an audio interface, so I am using ASIOALL with my Realtek Audio Drivers/NVIDIA High...
  2. dman007

    How do you correctly route sends when using instrument group tracks and individual audio track sends in Cubase?

    I have a question relating to using instrument groups, sends and inserts. If I have, for example, three instrument tracks (audio or VSTi) that all belong to a logical group, say “Synths”, then I might create a group track and then route all three to that track. Now, let’s say I have a common...
  3. W

    Cubase Expression Map Creator

    Hi Everyone, Expression Map Creator (EMC) is a tool for quickly creating expression maps for use in Cubase. The reason for the creation of this tool is to save time setting up and maintaining expression maps, which is a cumbersome manual process. To achieve this EMC loads instruments and the...
  4. S

    Lemur - Triggering mute/solo and vice versa

    Hi, Anyone here have a lemur example of simple muting and soloing tracks in cubase? I'm just starting with Lemur and have no scripting knowledge. I made some mute and solo buttons, they work a bit clumsy. I want them to behave just like in Cubase, pressing mute disables solo and the otherway...
  5. Soundiron Team

    Composing A Dark EDM Inspired Track (New Soundiron Session)

    In this Soundiron Session Craig Peters walks you through his dark moody EDM inspired track using Winterbells, Glitch Hero, Voice of Wind Adey, Voice of Wind: Audrey. Craig talks about the inspiration behind the track, deconstructs the mixing & mastering process, and more. WATCH NOW
  6. ChrisSiuMusic

    My NEW Template for Orchestral Scoring. Updated For 2022!

    I'm not a huge template guy, but I've just updated mine for general purpose scoring. What are some must-haves in your template?
  7. I

    Keylab Essential 49 or Launchkey 37 (or another controller?) for use in Cubase with hardware synths?

    Could anyone recommend one of these two MIDI controllers for use with Cubase and external hardware synths (mostly a Matrix 1000 in my case)? My general impression is that the Keylab may integrate better with Cubase, but the arp, scale and chord modes, and the full-sized keys on the Launchkey...
  8. darthdeus

    Cubase vs Reaper vs Bitwig for audio recording/processing/managing/exporting?

    As I've been getting more into eurorack modular my workflow has been changing a bit, and I finally got to the point where I want to multitrack record into a DAW and then re-arrange things, cut some stuff up, and export a bunch of files. I mention Cubase (Pro)/Reaper/Bitwig because those are the...
  9. Karsten Laser

    Cubase PLE: How to select last MIDI CC in Part

    Hello fellow composers, I use a touch controller with Cubase and would like to have a button to select the last midi controller (e.g. CC1, CC11) in the midi key editor to see its value for picking it up when writing new midi cc data to it. Does anyone have a solution for this? How do you do it...
  10. C

    Cubase, Reaper, and PC power users: I need your help! How do I sync video coming from Reaper to my Cubase project?

    I'm running a PC, so I don't have the convenient option of using Video Sync 5, but I need a way to use Cubase as a primary composing DAW, and Reaper as a secondary video player. After a long, hard search, I finally found the Project Synchronization Setup option, but have no idea where to go...
  11. H

    Newbie question about Cubase

  12. beyd770

    A free, balanced and pre-mixed, Kontakt-based template for Cubase? Yes.

    This is perfect when you wanna dive into speedscoring and not be distracted by endless plugin-tweaking. We all know how that can be a creativity-killer like nothing else. If you have Kontakt and Cubase, you are good to go! Downloads: Cubase Project File:
  13. S

    Open Stage Control / Cubase - Mackie Control remote - Faders 1 to 8 unreachable

    Thought it was solved... but no... it isn't... So... Hello ! I first sat up three Mackie Control remote devices, in Cubase. Midi Ports created via LoopMidi : Let's say Mackie A in / Mackie A out; Mackie B in / Mackie B out; Mackie C in / Mackie C out. In OSC, i have three sets of 8 faders...
  14. udizisser

    How to connect and record external hardware synth in Cubase Pro and add into instrument track

    Guys If you're on Cubase Pro you can Create External Midi Device and load it into Instrument Track which is super cool. I also show how you can build your own custom user interface (plugin like) that can control your external (hw) synth if it support midi. More reviews and tutorials at UDI AUDIO
  15. luigizaccheo

    Music Production - sound synthesis on Depeche Mode "Peace"

    hi all guys, this is a new tutorial on sound synthesis for our students at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Good listening, I hope you like it
  16. A

    Hello orchestral music fans.

    Hi, I didn't know this existed, im 19 yo, besides my studies and all I make music. I entered Berklee College of Music but couldn't go bc of the money. I really love film and videogame soundtrack, it creates an emotional bond with the music that lasts forever. I have a lot of emotional...
  17. A

    Help: Cubase records audio into different folder than project folder

    Hello. I've run into an odd problem in Cubase (Pro 10): I create an empty project using "Prompt for project location", and create a new folder. But when I record/render audio, it ends up in two locations: the project/audio folder (which is correct), as well as a random folder on my external...
  18. Wunderhorn

    How to avoid Spitfire double articulations?

    When building my template now for Cubase (moved from Logic) I am setting up expression maps and I notice that sometimes, randomly it seems, two articulations are being selected at once when selecting only one (e.g. Albion V Tundra as well as others.). This happens with articulations switches...
  19. P

    Dorico 3.5 and VSL Synchron Player - Pulling my hair out trying to get them to work for playback templates

    Hey , I am really hoping someone , with either a similar setup, or just a lot of knowledge about the potential issues are, can help me with this. I have invested quite a lot of money in the Synchron series of libraries over the past few months - Brass, ized-WW, Strings Pro + Elite. I like...
  20. A

    Do orchestrators & copyists prefer Expression Maps/Articulation Sets vs. individual tracks for each articulation?

    I'm setting up a scoring template with VEPro and I use the cinematic studio series libraries. The way I would like to work, and I've tested this, is to split my expression maps into longs & shorts. For instance, the long flutes 2 patch would contain legato, long, flutter, trills etc and the...
  21. S

    Using Touch OSC both as Midi Input and Generic Remote (Cubase)

    Hi there, I want to use Touch OSC (v2) with Cubase 11. I have an Android tablet and using the OSC Bridge. The problem ist, that I haven't found out how to separate Generic Remotes and CC-Entry, because I can only use the CC-controlled midi-faders (f.e. CC11 for Volume or CC1 for modulation...
  22. justmjulie

    Any mock-up (velocity) tips in Cubase?

    How's the velocity fix/ clean up workflow like in Cubase or say logic? Any tips? I am new to Cubase. Use DP in past. Trying to improve the mockup of my orchestral music. In DP I will open event list and fix the data there. (manually input the data- and use fix veloclety and fix duration very...
  23. Victor N.

    How to Plan a Migration to a New Workstation

    Hello :emoji_blush: I want to upgrade to a better computer so I thought I would ask people who have done it in the past. I have postponed this for a while because chances are I will screw everything up and regret the whole thing :emoji_sweat_smile: Here are my questions: a. I use Cubase (on a...
  24. Karsten Laser

    Video Slave (now Video Sync) Audio Monitoring - how?

    Hello fellow composers, I recently changed my workflow from having the video in my Cubase sessions to using Non Lethal Applications Video Sync 5. I run VideoSync on a separate MacMini, synced via MTC. At first: Video Slave is awesome and works very well and stable, but I struggle with the...
  25. cjbrett22

    Cubase issue: clicking on one event selects multiple

    Hi all! Wondering if anyone can help with a weird issue I'm having in cubase. Basically when clicking on certain events it's selecting multiple events. I have absolutely no idea why it's doing this and it's obviously making workflow extremely difficult. In some circumstances it's both midi and...
  26. A

    Questions about Reaper

    Hello, I'm a long time Cubase user, but am now exploring Reaper. So far I'm enjoying the process, but I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to figure out. I'm sure most of these have simple answers, but any help is appreciated. 1. Whenever I load Kontakt from the "Insert virtual...
  27. MatthewHarnage

    Using a Windows 10 Touch Pad (Surface Pro) for Cubase Macros?

    Does anyone know a proper way to do this? Looking to use my Surface Pro for macros/buttons to operate my Cubase Template. Having issues finding an app or something more simple on Windows 10
  28. S

    Issue with Cubase Interface

    Hello all. I am hoping someone can help with this one. My Cubase has always worked perfectly fine with no issue and this happened one day when I booted up and now will dot go away. No idea what has caused this or even what it is. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  29. Nils_L

    My OSC (Open Stage Control) Template for Expression Maps in Cubase

    I wrote a web-application for generating expression maps for Cubase and JavaScript arrays for my OSC template a while back where I also showed parts of my OSC template ( Because of a request...
  30. 9

    Sync cubase project with film

    Hi, this is my first time that I work with film. The editor told me that the film starts at 00:58:30:00. How can I sync my project to this? Do I use the project start time or the display time offset on project set up? Why does this happen?
  31. PaulieDC

    I Got Cubase 11 Pro for $269 Because of Something I Already Had...

    I have 11 Pro on my tower, and Studio One on my laptop. I looked in my Steinberg account and noticed I have a couple licenses for Cubase LE and AI, which came bundled with a few unrelated hardware purchases (new RME interface, etc). So I installed AI on my laptop just to have Cubase, but the...
  32. K

    Cubase - merge midi when copy-pasting onto an existing part?

    Is there a way to copy a MIDI passage and then paste it to another track on top of another region that already has MIDI data, and just merge the two tracks as oppose to replace the existing region? Example: I have a 3-voice chordal passage that is spread over three MIDI instruments, and I want...
  33. Emmanuel Jacob

    Update & Additions to my custom made DAW Track Icons

    Hello fellow composers. This is a small update and a small addition to the first package of my custom Track Icons. Cubase doesn't give you the option for batch importing Icons. That's why I included a project file, for every single collection with "track pictures" folder. Running it, will prompt...
  34. luigizaccheo

    Sound design and MIDI programming on Dua Lipa "Don't Start Now"

    hi everyone, this is a new demo on our music production lessons at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Have a good listening.
  35. Illico

    Monitoring CPU RAM Resources on Windows 10 - Xbox Game Bar

    Hi, We are often faced with managing our hardware resources such as CPU and RAM. Until today, I was using the "Performance Monitor" application of my Windows 10. But now, I use the Xbox Game Bar widget that I place in a corner of the screen. Press Windows logo key + G to open Game Bar over your...
  36. AdamSold

    Some House/tech/trance mixture with a bumpy bass line

    Hey! Ive recently stepped into the electronic world, just for get some experience and Im really enjoying the workflow. Its a short experiment but hope u will like it! Any feedbacks r very welcome!
  37. Fab

    Cubase/Nuendo Draw Tool Bug? [SOLVED]

    SOLVED. After some messing around, re-installs and reboots without success I just now opened an old project and started doing some normal editing and it's fixed itself. I don't know how to reproduce this but everything seems back to normal.
  38. AlvinSWong

    Retrospective MIDI Recording - Reduce Stress and Time

    Maybe my favourite workflow tip of all time! Retro MIDI recording workflow video here using Cubase 10.5 or higher. Hope this helps someone out there who is just discovering this feature. I go over linear recording, cycle recording and typical usage. (Thanks to a VI Control member pointing me...
  39. AdamSold

    Only one Chance | HGW style short score

    Hi! Its a short one, I just got into the mood of HGW's scores after watching Deja Vu with Denzel. Tried to create a quite similar musical enviroment. Hope u like it! :)
  40. AdamSold

    Linearity /techhouse -my first try :)

    Hey! Its my kinda first try diving in this style. Hope u like it. Ofc any suggestions r welcome! Thanks!
  41. marcodistefano

    Flow (Open Stage Control, Cubase and Vienna) review and walkthrough

    Hello, if you are looking for a smart solution to speed up your composing workflow just check this review video done by composer Lorenzo Emanuel on the newly released product Flow2 Built with Cubase, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Open Stage Control
  42. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron | Tips & Tricks: Using Guitar Pedals As Plugins

    In this Tips & Tricks video, Craig Peters shows you how to utilize guitar pedals as plugins in Cubase. He demonstrates how to connect pedals into your audio interface, routing within Cubase Pro 11, creating FX tracks using sends, and much more. The pedal used in this video is the Flux Echo by...
  43. ricoderks

    Project colossal - css template

    Hi everyone! I've been busy with an ambitious template called Project Colossal. Its designed to work with the Cinematic Studio Series. It delivers a clear, transparant orchestral sound. This results in an even better and realistic balance while programming your music. Something very valuable to...
  44. marcodistefano

    Open Stage Control + Flow 2 = Open Composer Environment

    Hi All, I just released a new version of Flow using Open Stage Control as a remote! Flow2 is a commercial product, if you are interested you can check the page here Currently 20% OFF till end of April with code FLOW2 as intro promotion You can fully control...
  45. Karsten Laser

    Cubase Midi Logical Editor Questions

    Hello fellow composers, maybe someone can help me on this Ninja MLE stuff: How to select the last CC1 event of a selected midi part? I often need to select the last event to see its value in order to pick the value up when writing CC1 / Dynamics data. When using the "Divide track list"...
  46. Nils_L

    Xpressmapp - Expressionmap Generator for Cubase (and OSC)

    I wrote a little web application for creating expressionmaps for Cubase more easily with some useful features which in my opinion are missing in the Cubase expressionmap editor: In the video below you can see a little walkthrough of me creating an...
  47. B

    Trouble Deciding Between Logic and Cubase

    Hello, I have been using Logic for about 2 years now. However, for one of my classes recently, we were required to purchase Cubase Elements as our DAW. As I am getting more familiar with Cubase, there are a few features that I like from Cubase that I wish were in Logic, such as the automation...
  48. V

    Cubase CPU Spikes

    So lately i have been getting CPU spikes in Cubase, and this is just a recent issue for me. I can load 100 Kontakt instruments with no issues at all, but when i open a non-kontakt instrument (for example Serum or any type synth) i get insane CPU spikes with just one track. Any ideas? Thanks
  49. pistacchio

    Cubase - Send the same MIDI signal to multiple Instrument Tracks

    Wondering if anyone can help. I’m setting on a very large template. Some of the VSTi instruments I want to map come as different plugins that are related. Think “Solo Violin Tremolo”, “Solo Violin Staccato”, “Solo Violin Pizzicato” and so on. They do not come in a host like Kontakt or...
  50. AdamSold

    Oriental Orchestral piece for a short scene /BBC and others

    A simple melody just popped out my head last week. Also imagined a short movie scene for that: A chinese soldier/hero is arriving to the castle on a horse, the king opens the door and the hero walks thru the court and two side r the poor citizens facing down the ground being thankful to save...
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