1. H

    [Cubase] expression maps - mixing directions with attributes

    Hi, i'm trying to understand when to use directions or attributes. Maybe mixing them would give the best results. Simplified: say i have a string library with some long and some short (or finite) articulations. I could create two main directions (long and short) and then have all sub...
  2. H

    [Cubase] How can i modify CC events using a second controller lane? (eg. to scale CC values)

    Hi, is there i way to modulate (in my case scale) CC data in Cubase? Say you have a velocity controlled patch and a little note figure with some dynamic accents for some notes and want to repeat that figure ostinato style. I'm now looking for a non destructive method to scale the velocity...
  3. AlvinSWong

    Can you sing into your DAW for MIDI composing? (Cubase VariAudio)

    New episode! Season 1 Episode 7: Let's explore how to sing midi notes. Will this work? In this crazy episode I try out singing and whistling into Cubase to compose music. I've always heard and seen tutorials on Cubase's VariAudio feature where you can manipulate vocals and extract midi...
  4. S

    Lemur - how to script in order to use a fader to change midi port of a multiswitches ?...

    Hello, I'm trying now to change the midi port of a multiswitches (8 switches), using a fader... This multi is meant to send note on (pitch from 0 to 7) to cubase, in mackie mode, to control the Rec button. I have a Fader which changes the value i use for Midi Target (value named 'PortMackie')...
  5. M_Helder

    Cubase 10 hangs on quit or...?

    Hey guys, Lately I've been getting an eternal beach ball thingy (I am on a Mac) whenever I quit my project and it stops responding completely, forcing me to shut down manually. I have about 250+ tracks in the project (deactivated), as well as a reasonable number of effects and busses, about...
  6. S

    Lemur - What's wrong with my small piece of code ?...

    Hello, I'd like to control the midi message sent by a fader, with one switch. I know how to make when it's about sending only midi CC... but... I want this : - if my switch is on 0 --> fader control PitchBend on midi port 4 (Mackie in Cubase). - if my switch is on 1 --> fader sends cc out, to...
  7. Steve Wheeler

    Does Cubase output OSC messages?

    Have searched for a bit both in manual, here on VI Control, and via internet search with no luck. Anyone know if Cubase will output OSC messages? I've tried to get this to work in Cubase with no luck. I got it working with OSCulator and Lemur in Logic where the OSC data would populate...
  8. Doorak94

    How to | Automate Ostinato Velocities in Cubase Pro

    Hi all, I hope you're well! First video of the year for me. For those Cubase users, here's a quick tip to speed up your workflow with Ostinato patterns - Automating and randomizing the velocity controls to give you quicker results, with less static movement. All with the click of a button
  9. A

    Cubase: Get audio to stretch according to pitch

    Hi, There's a feature that I love in Ableton, but I can't seem to figure out how to achieve in Cubase. I want to adjust the pitch of an audio event, and have the stretching of the audio follow the pitch, the same way it does when you play the audio in a sampler (playing a lower pitch will...
  10. FelixDeepTerror

    What can I expect from (Cubase, Studio One) a new DAW?

    So atm I'm using Reaper and have been fairly happy with it. I wonder what switching to another DAW like Cubase or Studio One could bring. One thing I really like doing when working with Kontakt is routing from (pure) MIDI tracks to one instance of Kontakt and then route the audio to seperate...
  11. yellow_lupine

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 doesn't play/stop playback with Cubase

    Hello, I have came across a very irritating issue in my Mac with VE Pro 7: pressing the space bar from within VE Pro does not play/stop the playback in Cubase (both 10.5 and 11). By using Logic Pro instead it works without problems (!). Is there anybody which has experienced that? Thanks :)
  12. JashandeepReehal

    Studio one 5.1 and Cubase 11 for Orchestral, film, Heavy stuff

    Hi. I had a question. Studio one 5.1 is working and so is Cubase 11. Which of these is better for writing with Orchestral libraries, Working with Film and bug templates. I have read other places and not convinced completely. Put up your experiences
  13. Aleela

    Template Building

    Can you please recommend me some videos or courses (free or paid) that explain in detail how to build an orchestral template, routing etc.? I use Cubase 10.5 and Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra plus some pianos and synths like Omnisphere, Zebra and Diva. Thanks
  14. darthdeus

    Choosing a DAW for working alone with MIDI and no recording

    After yet another cycle of trying out different DAWs I feel more and more uncertain as I move on. Any advice is appreciated! Also sorry for another "help me pick a DAW" thread, but I feel like I have specific enough idea of what I want that maybe that justifies it? :) Also sorry for the long...
  15. Jetzer

    How I created my mockup of Hans Zimmer's The Rock: Main Title

    Hey all, A while ago I made this mockup of Hans Zimmer's main title for The Rock. I love that theme and it was fun to re-create it! Here I show how I did it. I have for a loooong time been thinking about making videos, but I am quite shy to talk on camera! Please let me know if this any good...
  16. M

    CUBASE: Hyperthreading, Multi-Core Functionality, and ASIO-Guard

    Hi all, let me start this off by saying that I know that there is already information out there in other posts regarding what I am about to ask. There is tons of conflicting information though, and I’m just looking for a definite answer with some of these questions. I am upgrading my PC...
  17. Ganampf

    Cubase Export Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm experiencing a problem with Cubase 10 export and i just can't get behind it after hours of trying around. When exporting a certain track of mine I get little errors in the audio that sound like little "clicks". I don't get these mistakes when playing back in Cubase itself...
  18. Skyroads

    Cubase 11 - Lemur connection

    Hi folks, For 3 days now I've been trying to get it work but only with partial success. While the Generic Remote for visibility and general Cubase controls (modwheel, play, record, save, export etc.) works perfectly fine, there are always problems when returning data to Lemur. I have adjusted...
  19. P

    Going back to Komplete Kontrol in Cubase - How many Instances + Question about Keyboards

    Hey there, Having sold a Keyboard I no longer needed , I am thinking about going back to the Native Instruments S49 / A49 MKK2 + Komplete Kontrol , hosted via Cubase. I did have the MKI when it came out, but back then more than a few instances of Komplete Kontrol seemed to either Crash or...
  20. ArthurNeeman

    DAW Versions

    This meaning can be applied to any DAW, but since I'm using Cubase I'm thinking this way - why the developers cannot release for example Cubase Millenia or another cool name and then year to year work on updates and number them 123, 145, 2194 etc? In my viewpoint today we have a 5th generation...
  21. Ganampf

    Cubase Video Import

    Hello everyone, I have been struggling since forever to get my video files into Cubase, and I need to finally end this now. For example: I got a mp4 video from my phone. Looking here
  22. P

    Anyone here lucky enough to own or work with a Yamaha Nuage + Cubase

    Every so often, I check to see if Yamaha /Steinberg have released a new controller for Cubase - they never have :( But I end up on their Nuage Control Surface page, just lusting after its beauty. Unfortunately it also has an almost house price to go with it! Nuage Control Surface for Cubase /...
  23. João Pinto

    Cubase Stems Out of Sync / Misaligned

    Hi folks, I've got an issue here and I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm trying to use Cubase's "export multiple" option to bounce my 70 orchestral tracks. The thing is, since I'm using multiple Kontakt libraries with different sample starts, I had to use the delay compensation...
  24. CineSamples

    CINESAMPLES Soundscapes Synth - available now.

    Hi all! Cinesamples here. We just released the first in our new lineup of instruments. Soundscapes opens up an entirely new sonic palette of tonal and atonal sound design through granular synthesis. Full of interesting textures, it incorporates samples from violinist Michael Levine. A departure...
  25. A

    Cubase: Key Editor for 2 MIDI tracks simultaneously

    Hello, I have a Cubase project with 2 tracks: 1) Garritan CFX piano played from Kawai VPC1 keyboard (Channel 1); 2) Yamaha S90ES played from its own keyboard in MULTI mode (Channels 1-16), with changing channels on-the-fly. Both keyboards were played and MIDI-recorded using the Transport...

    Cubase / Nuendo Channel Chain-Mute Issue

    Cubase Channel Mute Issue Here's a problem I'm struggling to find a fix for. So any help would be really appreciated :-) The ask: I'm essentially wanting to be able to route a signal / audio source (from a VST instrument) to two or more output channels (ie. Monitor Front L/R, and 5.1 Mixed)...
  27. S

    Cinematic Studio Brass - Legato Switch toggles even if not selected

    Hello I am experiencing a problem with the legato switch in CSB. When I switch the legato mode, the other midi channels in the same Kontakt Instance switch the legato mode too. (but only when I press the space bar to start the playback) Am I missing something? I attached a video where you can...
  28. dman007

    Cubase 10.5.2 update on Windows 10 64-but Pro 1803

    Is anyone using Cubase 10.5.2 Pro update on Windows 10 64-but Pro 1803 ? (not 1809 or above) If so, any issues?
  29. B

    Bounce issue with mp3 in Cubase

    Hi everyone, Since yesterday I'm experiencing an issue when I want to bounce to mp3 projects with VST (Kontakt or Vienna Synchron Player, so I think it doesn't anything to do with a 3rd party plugin). When I play the bounced file in iTunes, after 12 secs it jumps to the end of the track... I...
  30. D

    Large Template Track Visibility Concepts for Cubase?

    I'm in the process of building a big Cubase/VEP template and I'm wondering about the nitty-gritty of how folks manage track visibility. Here is how I was going to approach it, maybe you can give me pointers if I'm heading in an inefficient direction or let me know how you handle it differently...
  31. T

    Can Kontakt clip internally?

    Super simple question, but I can't seem to find a proper answer. What exactly does kontakt's internal routing/chain look like (if it matters) and can you clip it anywhere. If so where? I'm using Kontakt 6 + C10.5 in 64bit Float FYI. If it doesn't clip in kontakt; in Cubase/32 bit float+ DAW...
  32. Z

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    All sold
  33. K

    Cubase - Project Logical Editor - How to Append "Folder Name" to Tracks

    So, I've got a PLE preset I use to append strings to multiple tracks at the same time. However, each time I do this, I have to launch PLE and enter the string parameter. I'd like to be able to bind this batch append function to a key-command and have Cubase auto generate some kind of name. For...
  34. Kubler

    Cubase • Adding delay to a mixer audio track

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of transitioning from FL Studio to Cubase, so far I've been able to sort out most of the basics but I still have some things to figure out, and this is one of those. In FL there's simply an icon on the mixer tracks on which you you can click to add or substract...
  35. B

    Metagrid and CC lanes in Cubase

    Hi there, I'm new to MG and I wish I could have a few buttons to work on the CC lanes inside Cubase midi editor. I tried with the existing solutions: create a CC1 select button, create a CC1 copy button, etc., but it has no effect when I press them. Also I wish (and didn't find how) to delete...
  36. Illico

    [SOLVED] Am I the only one having problems with Kontakt 6.3.1 on Cubase

    Since the latest 6.3.1 update, I have problem with Kontakt on my Cubase Pro 10 - GUI glitch - No audio output. Its OK in standalone. I try to re-install Kontakt from Native Access. Any suggestion ? Thanks for your help.
  37. matthieuL

    Cubase : how to use surround plugins (MIR Pro, Cinematic Rooms...) on stereo Instrument Tracks ?

    Hello, On Cubase (10.5), how do you guys use plugins like MIR Pro or Cinematic Rooms in surround ? As you may know, if the instrument we want to spatialize is in stereo, Cubase forces the track to be in stereo (no way to change that !), so all plugins inserted on it will output in stereo even...
  38. Sean J

    Universal DAW Articulation Manager

    I've made a new articulation manager to export hundreds of maps at once, for multiple DAWs. Studio One Cubase (currently requires the latest version of Excel) Reaper (beta) Most map settings are auto-filled w/ defaults, so an articulation & note number is as complicated as it gets for a...
  39. A

    Cubase - How To Install The Leap Motion Controller And GECO On Windows 10

    So, I recently bought a Leap Motion specifically after watching the Cubase hidden gem video, but could not get it working with GECO at all. I had tried everything to sync GECO with Cubase, and had almost given up, until I came across an old unanswered post from @MarcusD, and the problem was...
  40. Soundiron Team

    Writing A Nature Inspired Track (Soundiron Session)

    In this Soundiron Session Craig Peters takes you through his track "Nature's Harmony". This was a demo written for the Hopkin Instrumentarium: Rumba Boxes, which is our newest release in the Hopkin Instrumentarium series. In this video Craig will deconstruct the track giving you insight into the...
  41. dman007

    How do I create a keyboard shortcut for the larger pan window in Cubase?

    The large panner window is great in Cubase but can I create a keyboard shortcut to open/close the larger pan window? If so, how please, this would be a bit quicker for workflow. Thanks.
  42. dman007

    Which type of panner do you use in Cubase for orchestral / film / tv work?

    Which type of panner do you use in Cubase for orchestral / film / tv work? (esp. using sample libraries) Stereo Balanced Panner or Stereo Combined Panner ?
  43. dman007

    Legato problem Expression Maps with Cinematic Studio Strings in Cubase

    I'm trying expression maps with Cinematic Studio String but have hit a snag. I've made the expression map, but have come across a snag when trying out in Cubase. With the legato articulation, when you activate the legato articulation for a second time, in the instrument it switches the legato...
  44. C

    Question about Vienna Ensemble Pro outputs' impact on performance.

    I have been building an orchestral template using VEPro into Cubase (Nuendo actually). I have been building it with 2 outputs per Kontakt instrument, one for long articulations and another for short articulations so I can apply different processing to them within Nuendo. I don't have many...
  45. barteredbride

    CLOSED Delete

  46. dman007

    How do I get thel mixer to scroll to the selected track ?

    Cubase If I have a track selected in the project window and then go to the mixer, although I can sync the selecter mixer channel, how do I get the mixer to scroll to selected channel so I can see it?
  47. S

    I'm Elias, just a experimental guy who want to change the world of sounddesign

    Hey, I'm Elias, 18 years old and from Germany. I grew up in a musicial family and i'm playing music since i'm able to think. First of all it was the organ, then drums, keyboards and guitar/bass. When I was 7 my father bought me my first keyboard. I was able to record 8 tracks with this thing. A...
  48. dman007

    Cubase 10.5 no video playing

    I have two systems with Cubase but different graphics cards, but I get this on both. Whilst I'm working to video in Cubase 10.5, I repeatedly get just a blank white screen in the video window, or a white screen with just the timecode. Closing the windows (F8) and re-opening usually results...

    CUBASE: Switching Commands - Project and MixConsole Windows

    Hi everyone and hope you're staying safe and well, I'm looking for a key command(s) or macro or some other method that will allow me to switch focus to specific windows within Cubase / Nuendo. For example, I normally have the Project window open together with 4 MixConsole windows, and ideally...
  50. dman007

    How do you work with different tempos, time signatures and hit points when working to video in Cubase?

    How do you work with different tempos, time signatures and hit points when working to video in Cubase? I'm using a time signature track and tempo track, working with virtual instruments and audio... I recently had the issue of how do I fix a time signature and tempo at a point in time, and...
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