cubase pro

  1. him4nshug4ur

    "SWAM" Ultimate Test - Harry Potter, John Williams (Hagrid's Friendly Bird) Mockup.

    The responsiveness of SWAM AUDIO is just phenomenal. I wanted to do a demo that showcased that exactly. The moment I heard the SWAM Flute, I couldn't help but think about this piece. "Hagrid's friendly bird" from Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, Composed by "John Williams". However, I...
  2. Aleela

    Is this possible? Cubase with DP

    Is it possible to use Cubase for the composition and DP for the video together in the film scoring?
  3. luigizaccheo

    Electric Bass - virtual vs real...better than the Avengers! :)

    Hello everyone, this new video comes from a challenge with one of my students. Good vision :) performed on Cubase Pro w/ Scarbee J Bass library
  4. InLight-Tone

    SOLD! FS: Steinberg Pack Cubase Pro 9, HALion 6, Groove Agent 4

    I have been bitten by the Reaper bug after long resisting and thus am departing with my beloved Steinberg gear. I may regret this later but diving in. Cubase Pro 9 HALion 6 Groove Agent 4 + Metal Essentials + Pop Essentials ALL Items as package: $450 USB key only, I will pay for shipping in...
  5. P

    FS: Cubase Pro 8.5 $350 USD.

    Hello VI Control members: I'm selling my copy of Cubase Pro 8.5. Price: $350 USD. (I'm happy enough with Presonus Studio One v3) I will send you an eLicencer with the Cubase Pro 8.5 licence. Payment via PayPal only please. Thanks. Paul Worbey