cubase 8.5 pro

  1. Jorgakis

    Some dark december music

    Hello people, this is my last composition for this year(I think), and I feel like it somehow sums up the things I've collected so far. It was an instant composition over last weekend, it somehow came out very natural, without revising many parts. Maybe there are some additional percussive...
  2. Maestro1972

    Cubase 8.5 Track Colors (370)

    370 colors for your tracks because I have no life!:2thumbs: I am not that familiar with Dropbox so let me know if it doesn't work.
  3. toddkedwards

    How to setup Korg nanoKontrol2 in Cubase 8.5

    Hello fellow VI controllers, I had a quick question, I'm new to using Cubase 8.5. I cannot seem to be able to setup my Korg nanoKontrol2 controller to control/use/write CC midi data. I would like for my nanoKontrol2 to use midi cc for CC2, CC11, etc. Does anyone have a video or guide showing...
  4. esencia

    WT trade: Presonus Studio One 3 Pro for Cubase 8.5 Pro (SOLD)

    Hi, I'd like to know if someone is interested in trading his Cubase 8.5 pro for the latest versión of Studio one 3 professional. PM me, if you are interested. Best!
  5. pagliacci

    Late submission, but still a great exercise, revealing DAW experience...

    I was too late for the competition, but I threw myself into this, as my very first full blown attempt at scoring a dramatic scene. Cubase 8.5 Pro was an ornery cuss not accepting any tempo changes without changing the length of the video. There still might be a solution, but I haven't found it...