cubase 8

  1. T

    Do disk partitions affect performance? [W10 w/ 1TB NVMe SSD]

    Hi there! OK. Simple (hopefully) question: 1) Do disk partitions affect DAW/audio performance, or any other DAW performance related metric, negatively? I've had a look, but I haven't managed to find this question being asked or answered. (Please feel free to link me to somewhere where this is...
  2. T

    Cubase-Template: Questions (Multi Mic Routing, Expression Maps, Intonation, CC11)

    Cubase-Template: Questions Hi there, I'm intending on updating my already huge orchestral template with some new addition. At the moment I use single articulations on individual instrument tracks with lots of disabling. FYI my System Specs are: Win 10 --- Cubase 8.0.4--- ASUS x99 A-II --- i7...
  3. O

    Fs: cubase 8 pro

    Hello! Selling my Cubase 8 Pro license with Steinberg key. PayPal/Revolut accept I'm based in Europe, so shipping over Europe is free, to other places additionally payment required. $250 including shipping for Europe Thanks!
  4. whiskers

    SOLD - Cubase 8

    Wanting to sell my old copy of Cubase 8. It would include the install media and all boxed materials (including USB eLicenser) for 7.5, which was then upgraded to 8 (full/Pro, not artist/LE). So the eLicenser has 8, you could jut download the install materials from Steinberg's website once...
  5. C

    Cubase: Merging Projects WITHOUT Losing MIDI Track Input Settings

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to see if you could help me resolve a very annoying issue in Cubase 8.5/9.5: When importing MIDI/VST tracks from another Cubase.cpr file into a new Cubase session (i.e. "merging" projects), the inputs for the newly imported MIDI/VST tracks...
  6. 9

    Omnisphere 2 Crashing My DAW. Anybody Else or Just Me?

    I'm curious if there's any other Omnisphere 2 users out here with this problem or am I alone here. Omnisphere keeps causing both Logic X and Cubase 8 to crash overtime I go into the Multi Browser and use the File Directory Mode. If i then exit the File Directory using the "X" in the upper left...
  7. The Darris

    VEPro 6 issues with Cubase 8 Pro

    Hey group, just would like some help. I am trying to use VEPro 6 on a single machine. Here's what you need to know. Win7 - 64 bit Cubase 8 Pro (latest and last update to it) VEPro 6 (latest update and version) Midi Controller - Akai MPK88 Issue: Whenever I load my VEPro Server and then the...
  8. windyweekend

    Cubase 8 video question

    This might not be the right place to post this, so everyone please feel free to tell me to bog off somewhere else if I'm in the wrong place! I'm scoring a movie at the moment and the Director has just sent me a new cut of the video for a scene. It looks almost exactly the same as the original...
  9. Jorgakis

    Introduction for Ballet (or something like that)

    Hello there, struggling a lot lately composing something that makes me satisfied. Composed 3 major symphonic pieces which where somehow junk. Considering this piece, unfortunately, it has a bit too much content, but it was really fun doing this. I hope you enjoy it. best wishes Jorgo
  10. windyweekend

    Routing in VEP & Cubase - I'm clueless

    I come on humble bended knee to the wise ones for their sage advice - I've recently entered the world of VEP and have discovered by familiar routing workflow in Cubase no longer holds water and am now clueless how to apply individual FX on a single track using VEP. I used to use just Track...
  11. Illico

    Hello from Rennes, France

    Hello my name is Samuel, I'm an electronics engineer, but I like composing music. For the past few months, I have bought Cubase8 and a EastWest Symphonic Orchestra's library. I share here my first and only personal realization for 2016 with this new material. Hope you'll like it. Please, be...
  12. stigc56

    Tempo changes in Cubase creates cpu spikes

    Hi I have a project with a lot of tempo changes, and I have observed that during some of these changes my cpu goes banana. Even though the midi track is muted the cpu goes all up and audio output stops. What can be done about it? I use VEPro 6 1 master and 2 slaves all with VSL instruments all...
  13. michaelamlacher

    My first Orchestral Mockup

    After working 3 months on creating my first orchestral template, I finally made my first mockup. It's a try on Looks Like A Suicide from Dances with Wolves. Since I am very new to this kind of music any critic or advice is appreciated, still have a lot to learn about this. Especially when it...
  14. IvanP

    Strange Cubase-Pro Tools out of Sync Bouncing issue

    Hi, guys, Has anyone experienced something similar to this? Scoring to picture on Cubase 8, everything in sync. Batch exporting stems and Midi Click Track Importing to Pro Tools (same video frame rate, etc) ==> Click track ok, but the STEMS 17 frames out of sync! I have no pre-roll set in...
  15. J

    For Sale: Steinberg Cubase AI 7, just €30.

    Cubase AI is the version of Cubase which comes with Steinberg hardware interfaces. As I've bought several Steinberg interfaces lately but already have the full version of Cubase, I have no need for the AI versions, so I'm selling two AI 7 licences, €30 each. Once payment is received I will send...
  16. sharmayelverton

    VST Performances Average Load Change on Track Selction

    Hi guys, I'm trying to diagnose some issues with my system at the moment and I've noticed that the average load meter on vst performance window consistently changes depending on what track I have selected. For instance when I have selected a midi track linked to a Sample Modeling Trumpet...
  17. R

    Switching from FL Studio to Cubase

    As the title says, I am thinking of switching to Cubase from FL Studio. Are there any helpful tips from any Cubase users here on how to make this transition easier? Anyone that has switched from FL Studio to Cubase, how do you feel about this switch?
  18. FredrikJonasson

    Clicks and pops on export in Cubase 8

    I've had this problem in Cubase for many years, first 6 and now 8; In rather heavy projects with pretty much exclusively Kontakt with lots of Spitfire instruments, often with two mic positions, I get clicks and pops on my exported file. Just now I exported a project consisting largely of freezed...
  19. bjderganc

    From Logic X to Cubse 8 -- A ton of questions!

    Hi All! New Cubase 8 user coming from Logic X! I'm generally doing really well with Cubase, but have ton of questions that have been bogging me down for a couple days: 1. Is there a way to mute individual MIDI notes within the Key Editor? 2. In Logic, it's easy to move around in a...
  20. utopia

    Cubase irritating problem with opening new plugs

    So suddenly whenever I put a new plugin in the inserts or create a new VI cubase won't open the newly created plugin UI automatically. Nothing happens. I have to go ahead and double click the insert cell (or manually open the vi) in order to get to it. Quite irritating actually. Is there some...
  21. jonathanwright

    Cubase Expression Maps MIDI Channel Reset

    I've posted this question on the Steinberg forums, but hopefully someone here is more likely to have dealt with this issue. I've been setting up a simple Expression Map to control Hollywood Strings articulations on one track using MIDI channels, similar to how I use SkiSwitcher2 in Logic X. It...
  22. T

    RME HDSPe AIO issues - High latency!

    OK I received my RME AIO today and recently installed it. I had an old thread up sussing out which card to get and whether it would fit my needs. I'd already heard a billion people...