cubase 8 pro

  1. O

    Fs: cubase 8 pro

    Hello! Selling my Cubase 8 Pro license with Steinberg key. PayPal/Revolut accept I'm based in Europe, so shipping over Europe is free, to other places additionally payment required. $250 including shipping for Europe Thanks!
  2. The Darris

    Cubase 8 Pro + VEPro 6 Latency Issue

    Hey all, I've been using VEPro 6 and Cubase 8 Pro in a single machine for the past 8 months without major issues. I started having some major performance latency this past week. Playback works fine but just trying to trigger notes to play into the box is rendering around a 200+ ms response...
  3. The Darris

    Cubase 8 Pro Expression Maps Bug

    Okay, I haven't used expression maps for quite a while now but I've spent the last few days creating a ton for my new template. I am wanting to test whether or not I prefer working with them or not. With that said, I am extremely pissed off at the fact that I spent the last two days creating...