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  1. João Pinto

    Cubase Stems Out of Sync / Misaligned

    Hi folks, I've got an issue here and I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm trying to use Cubase's "export multiple" option to bounce my 70 orchestral tracks. The thing is, since I'm using multiple Kontakt libraries with different sample starts, I had to use the delay compensation...
  2. AdamSold

    My very first commercial music

    Yesterday sitting at home unlikely (ahaha) i got a melody in my head out of the blue and i decided to make something short and digestable. Hope u like it.
  3. SCP173

    [SOLVED] How to use East West Composer Cloud sounds in Cubase???

    Hello, So I'm currently learning how to use Cubase Elements 10 (I'm a complete beginner). I want to start practicing making my tracks with sound samples from East West Composer cloud, but I am so confused on how to get the sounds into Cubase. I've downloaded some libraries already, and looked...
  4. Wibben

    AMD Graphics and Cubase crashes 2020

    I upgraded my DAW PC last year and went all in on AMD with a 3900x and a Radeon 5700. I love this machine but some time late last year AMD updated their graphics card software to a new suite called Adrenaline 2020. Ever since then, I get constant and spontaneous crashes in Cubase 10 and 10.5...
  5. Paul Ameller

    Batman The Dark Knight Orchestral Mock up

    Hi Guys, I've recently did a mock up of "A Watchful Guardian" from Batman The Dark Knight. Tell me what you think! I did it on Cubase 10.5 I've mainly used Spitfire for the short strings and CSS for the long strings. The Brass are a medley of Berlin Brass, JXL Brass and Trailer Brass (For the...
  6. L

    For Sale Cubase Pro 10 - 325$

    Hi, I'm selling my Cubase Pro 10 Licence for 325$ USB-Licencer for sale too, but I'm from france so the shipping price may be expensive. I'm changing DAW. You can contact me at : [email protected] Feel free to discuss the price Thanks !
  7. MoeWalsaad

    VEPro7 - After update cannot recognize server

    Hello, After I updated VEPro7 to 7.0.954, Cubase 10 is unable to recognize VEPro servers/instances. (locally) However, if I open an old (Cubase+VEP) Template, the server is recognized and all seem okay at first, but If I want to create a new VEPro instance in Cubase, the server cannot be seen...
  8. Anevis

    Saving multi-track presets with routed ouput?

    Is there a way in Cubase 10 to save multi-tracks with a routed output. What I´m looking for is that I three tracks (highlighted in the picture) which I want to go into a group track -> "Brass Stab" (also highlighted) and then go to stereo output, but I want to save as a preset the whole Brass...
  9. C.Franzén

    Cubase 10.5

    it looks like Steinberg listened to what people requested, and have chosen to re-includ the export-video function in their new 10.5 update. No need to separately edit video + audio in premiere pro anymore :)...
  10. P

    For Sale For Sale 128GB PC DDR4 16 X 8 RAM Memory 2400 Mhz Corsair Lifetime Guarantee

    Hi there, First post selling something on here, but have been a long time occasional selller of music gear (second hand) on ebay - so if anyone has any worries about dealing with myself, they can see my large feedback there :) Selling 128gb of DDR4 2400 Corsair Ram, which is around 16 months...
  11. TimBlastMusic

    Hello from working Composer and brand new Twitch Music Production Streamer

    Hi All!!!! My name is Tim Blast. I work as a music composer for Films, TV, Video Games, Trailers and Advertising. You can hear my music in "A Mermaid's Tale", "Five Piece", "Born Wild", "PawParazzi", "11 Days", "Remnants" and more on my website: I live in Los Angeles, CA and...
  12. Illico

    [Cubase] Save Tracks Presets with Kontakt/Play Instruments

    Hi All, I use Cubase and created an Orchestral template with all sections (Woodwinds/Brass/Perc/Strings/Choirs/etc). I used multiple Racks with Kontakt and Play instances for the VST instruments. Then I would like to backup sections by using Cubase Track Presets. But it seems that rack and...
  13. pmountford

    Avid Dock for Cubase...thoughts?

    With Avid just releasing the S1 and S4 mixers its made me look at the Avid Dock. Are there any users here happily using the Dock with Cubase 10 and being Eucon based does it have that most desired ability of following the selected track? Currently stuck with Mackie Pro which although nice and...
  14. Aleela

    Is this possible? Cubase with DP

    Is it possible to use Cubase for the composition and DP for the video together in the film scoring?
  15. S

    Cubase - set/trim event start/end to cursor key command

    Does anyone know if there is a set/trim event start/end to project cursor key command?
  16. S

    Configurations - a UX misconception?

    A) does anyone know why new tracks get added to all configurations? B) is the concept from an UX perspective that a user should go trough all configurations and remove new created tracks??? C) what do you do if you've created a template and set up many configurations like "Groups only" or...
  17. PaulieDC

    Cubase 10 Version Question, Specifically for Orchestral Composing

    I recently switched from Studio One to Cubase 10 Pro on my main DAW PC tower. Enter the blasted eLicenser (really Steinberg? It's 2019). I also have a laptop I use to get down ideas at work or when occasionally traveling (using a Korg MicroKey 37), maybe 20-40 tracks, mostly ensemble patches...
  18. B

    Cubase Folder Structure Question?

    Hey All on VI, Recently I deleted some recorded vocals that were stored in an "Untitled folder," they weren't contained in my Cubase Project Folder. After trying multiple data recovery programs, each program that was able to locate them and recovered, every time the WAV file came was corrupt...
  19. Andrew Goodwin

    Cubase How to Export Stems with Send and Master FX?

    Hi, I've been testing and searching the internet and I haven't found a way to do this in Cubase 10 except on an individual track basis. What I want is to select which Group Tracks to export and have them exported all at the same time with send and master fx to a folder that I choose. I've...
  20. stigc56

    Cubase 10 jumps around, totally unpredictable!!

    Hi I have some very annoying focus jumps in C10. Here is a video of one situation, but there are many more: What is happening?
  21. Arise

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    I more or less started on S1 as my first DAW and instantly fell in love with how easy and intuitive it is. But one of the faults of it imo is, how it handles CPU usage and it still not being that great at handling big templates or a big number of tracks (?) My question is: Does anyone here do...
  22. B

    Programming MIDI CC faders with Cubase 10 Pro

    Hi guys, new Cubase user here. I need to program midi CC faders on a nanoKontrol2 and Cubase 10 Pro. Any suggestions for ease? Thanks guys. -b-
  23. Andrew Goodwin

    Kontakt Quickload won't save changes

    Hi guys, Kontakt Quickload won't save changes that I make to the menu. I've tried several times to add VST instruments and folder etc. Then I save the actual Cubase session and properly close Cubase. Upon re loading any session in Cubase the changes made to the Kontakt quickload menu are no...
  24. quickbrownf0x

    [Cubase 10] Odd behaviour when using group channels - no signal in 5.1 when panned to the right

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone a lot smarter than I am could help me solve this issue. So here I am, working on my new template in Cubase 10 during the holidays - as you do and; - I select a track, any track, any patch - like the Spitfire Horn patch in my attached screenshot. - I pan...
  25. D

    Cubase 10 elements

    Make me a offer I also have slate digital license for sale
  26. arpegiah

    One Loop Song

    The idea was to see how loopmash FX works, it turns out you can compose a one loop song :) Here is the youtube link:
  27. 1

    Cubase - Change back sample rate of imported and converted audio.

    I got loads of audio clips that have been converted when imported into a Cubase project from between 96khz and 48khz down to 44Khz (as that was the rate my projects). I need to export the project in 48khz and not sure if changing the sample rate of the project will just upsample the downsampled...
  28. stigc56

    No reply from Steinberg?

    I must say I think it's a strange way to "communicate" with your customers that we see right now regarding the launch of Cubase 10. Monitoring the Steinberg Forum and here doesn't give me any clue if Steinberg is actually "listen" or monitoring these fora. I reported a confirmed bug regarding...
  29. stigc56

    Key Editor bug in Cubase 10?

    Sorry to be a pain in the a.. but I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one with a 4k running full res. on Mac??? Will you take a look at this and tell me if you have the same problem?
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