1. P

    KONTAKT crossgrade pricing: how does it work?

    So, I've been looking into finally buying KONTAKT which I'll need for a library I'm interested in. So far I've been able to avoid purchasing it because I have been using libraries which only require the player or have their own players. I noticed a while back after registering a library I was...
  2. fretti


    Hi, I'm selling my Crossgrades for the Native Instruments Symphony Series Strings and Percussion. Strings: Sold Percussion: Sold
  3. lucianogiacomozzi


    EDIT: Sold now! Hi all, So, I'm getting married in under a year so need to sell some stuff, things I am just not using so I am continuing with this. It's a shame but the show must go on and the show is bloody expensive! This is a CROSSGRADE, as defined by NI's website: "This crossgrade only...
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