1. LoveEnigma

    CLOSED Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Crossgrade (BOUGHT)

    Bought. Thank you.
  2. fretti

    CLOSED NI Crossgrade Brass (30€)

    Hi all! I'm selling my Crossgrade for Native Instruments Symphony Series Brass Collection. Note: This is the crossgrade, not the full product. You need the Symphony Series Essentials (e.g. through Komplete) in order for the upgrades to work. The transfer ID's are ready to go. Brass...
  3. P

    KONTAKT crossgrade pricing: how does it work?

    So, I've been looking into finally buying KONTAKT which I'll need for a library I'm interested in. So far I've been able to avoid purchasing it because I have been using libraries which only require the player or have their own players. I noticed a while back after registering a library I was...
  4. fretti


    Hi, I'm selling my Crossgrades for the Native Instruments Symphony Series Strings and Percussion. Strings: Sold Percussion: Sold
  5. lucianogiacomozzi


    EDIT: Sold now! Hi all, So, I'm getting married in under a year so need to sell some stuff, things I am just not using so I am continuing with this. It's a shame but the show must go on and the show is bloody expensive! This is a CROSSGRADE, as defined by NI's website: "This crossgrade only...
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