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    Seeking Feedback on Battle Theme I'm Writing

    I'm about halfway through this battle/boss theme I'm composing for a friend. Not too sure about the progression towards the end of this. I plan to add a break halfway through, but I'm worried that this is a little rushed. Would love another set of ears. Thanks :)
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    Writing a medley. Have you heard this melody before?

    Hey everyone! I recently started working on a medley that currently is comprised of 3 main themes. This is one of them, and I'm worried that this melody or something very similar is already popular. No doubt the melody has already been written, but I personally can't think of anything off the...
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  8. J

    Here's a Battle Theme I Wrote :)

  9. H

    Thoughts on my mix?

    I'm working on a film trailer for a school project and looking for some critique/feedback on what I have so far. Any advice is appreciated :)
  10. H

    Seeking Critique for Film Trailer Music

    This is for a school project. Students are being challenged to write music for a film trailer given no video, but just an outline of the trailer with all of the hit points labeled. I'd really just like some feedback on the overall sound of this. I'm not looking for feedback on the substance/how...
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  12. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Cinematic Studio Woodwinds (pt.2 - The Details & Criticisms)

    Get it here:
  13. thov72 whats wrong with these tracks????

    ´ello folks I joined Taxi earlier this year and submitted some pieces...all were returned out of various reasons. So I thought -the reason for not forwarding: is what they write the real reason or just an "excuse"?? With 2 of the tracks I could not quite get what they had to criticize, the last...
  14. mirrodin

    Freelance Media Producer (critiques welcome)

    Hello to all! still fairly new to the site. I'm in sort of a unique situation and am looking for some feedback from the wonderful community here, as I've been getting bigger and higher profile projects very slowly over the years but not enough to get me off the ground. right now, my website...
  15. thecompactor

    Crossing the Threshold (First Post)

    First time posting in here, so forgive my possible ignorance. This is the first cue from a short film I recently composed for. I am really trying to hone in on my mix, so I would really appreciate critique, however big or little it may be. Just for kicks, below is a youtube link to a cue that...
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