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    CPU usage for Ben Osterhouse’s Oscillation Strings

    Anybody else having cpu issues with this library? When I load it in Kontakt it is clipping the audio and goes to 45% cpu when only playing three notes. Is there a work around for this? I’ve batch-re-saved and that hasn’t seemed to help.
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    VE Pro 5 - high CPU usage on one thread

    While turning another PC into a VE Pro slave machine, I've noticed that I have peculiarly high CPU usage on one thread, even when no instances are actually connected to the master. System Specs 12-core/24-thread Intel Xeon CPU 48GB RAM 2x SSDs (1 OS drive; 1 samples drive) Here's the...
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    What is the optimal CPU usage in KONTAKT 5.5.6?

    Hi, I have an PC with Intel Pentium CPU G4400, 3,30 GHz, 32 Gb RAM and I use Win7 (64bit) ... (svchost.exe disabled, Windows update is off) I use KONTAKT 5.5.6 in Mixcraft8 host. Until the KONTAKT running as a standalone application, (and in it just only one vst with 360 MB memory) the...
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