cpu overload

  1. D

    Vienna Ensemble Pro High CPU Usage on Idle

    Hi community! I recently started building a fresh template and investigated a lot about how to achieve the best performance workflow. So based on many tests including mine, I did One Kontakt per Instrument and limited myself to 7 VEP instances. Anyway, what's the issue - I noticed that even...
  2. V

    Cubase CPU Spikes

    So lately i have been getting CPU spikes in Cubase, and this is just a recent issue for me. I can load 100 Kontakt instruments with no issues at all, but when i open a non-kontakt instrument (for example Serum or any type synth) i get insane CPU spikes with just one track. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. J

    Is my PC sufficient for VI?

    Hey all, I'm hoping some of you technology wizards will be able to point me in the right direction on this one... I've been struggling with audio drop outs, stuttering, clicks and pops while composing in Cubase and it's starting to get in the way of my writing process. I generally use a...
  4. MoeWalsaad

    Recreating my Kontakt5 templates on Kontakt6 - Worth it?

    Hello, I spent years developing work templates using Kontakt5.dll , but now since we upagraded to Kontakt6, does it worth it to re-create my old templates on Kontakt6? if I don't what am I missing? Do Kontakt6 has any structural features that I may not be aware of that will optimize the usage of...
  5. E

    Cpu Benchmarks vs System Overloads in Logic

    Hi all, urgent matter here, as I need to decide on a purchase ASAP: I used Mac Benchmarks (https://browser.geekbench.com/mac-benchmarks) as a reference to decide what mac to upgrade to from a 2015 2.2GHz MBP with 16Gb of Ram and samples on an external USB 3 Lacie 7200 HD. As a film composer, I...
  6. A

    Neutron 3 kills my cpu usage??!!!

    So recently bought Neutron 3 Standard, "cross-grading" from Elements. I make Orchestral music and have 49 instruments loaded, and when I deleted Neutron elements, and started to load Neutron 3 Standard, after the 7 or 8th instance (Note that all instances also have JUST the Equalizer loaded) my...
  7. Patient_Minds

    Logic Pro X: Environment

    I’m wondering if anyone knows if Logic Pro’s Environment is CPU heavy or not? I’ve recently started using the Environment as main mixer, instead of the Logic’s Mixer Window (which sucks as it doesn't allow you to arrange things as you like), but noticed my computer fan coming on a lot more...
  8. kepler

    CPU Overload with High Sierra Upgrade

    Hey there, Figured it was time and safe to upgrade my system to High Sierra...but now I'm running into CPU spikes that weren't a problem on Sierra. Opened a session I was just working on in Sierra, and now I'm running into a brick wall! Super frustrating. Anyone else experience this and have a...
  9. stigc56

    Tempo changes in Cubase creates cpu spikes

    Hi I have a project with a lot of tempo changes, and I have observed that during some of these changes my cpu goes banana. Even though the midi track is muted the cpu goes all up and audio output stops. What can be done about it? I use VEPro 6 1 master and 2 slaves all with VSL instruments all...
  10. vewilya

    Vepro - tempo sync - cpu overload

    Hello I've been encountering a problem recently that has been reported a couple of times I think. I have been playing around with the new 8Dio percussion libraries (Solo Taikos, Frame Drums, etc.) and have loaded an instance of VEPRO 5 with 16 Kontakt instruments going into Logic X or DP9 for...
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