1. P

    I worry for the job environment after COVID-19

    As I sit and watch my local news, where all the anchors are sitting in their living rooms, some with green screens, some with plain white walls behind them, I can't help but think a lot of news agencies are thinking "why are we paying people thousands to produce this in a studio, this looks...
  2. premjj

    Poll: Should developers, which don't allow reselling usually, allow resale of libraries during the Covid crisis?

    I've been wondering if being able to sell some NFR products, which don't allow reselling originally, would provide much needed support to musicians during this period? Even if it's with a transfer fee. Or maybe developers that charge transfer fee/update plans etc could waive off or discount...
  3. ChrisSiuMusic

    Path to Freedom (Official Audio)

    A Disney-inspired orchestral piece to lift your spirits during this time of Covid-19. Enjoy!
  4. Dietz

    A nice story about MIR Pro in pandemic times ...

    Just in case you missed this sanguine little story: ->!MIR_Story
  5. AdamSold

    My very first commercial music

    Yesterday sitting at home unlikely (ahaha) i got a melody in my head out of the blue and i decided to make something short and digestable. Hope u like it.
  6. fish_hoof

    Pandemic Peace :: Album Release

    Hi everyone, I am releasing an album coming soon to Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and more. COVID-19 has drastically changed our world. It has impacted everyone on our planet and has thrown many of us into whirlwind of emotions and situations. Our souls are restless. Our minds are on...