1. ChristianM

    Alexanderpublishing is reopen with sale

    Caroline kept her word and the shop reopened. I was able to buy "Piano-to-string", the purchase process is very simplified and the download possible as soon as payment is made. The wait has been long ... but it's reopened now :-)
  2. H

    Marc Jovani SVO Course

    Hello Folks, I am posting this to inquire about Marc Jovani’s Symphonic Virtual Orchestration (SVO) Course. I have following two questions: Would like to know about the experience if there is somebody who took it? I am mainly looking to improve my production capabilities- Arranging, mixing...
  3. marky7400

    Thinkspace Courses

    Hey All, I am considering taking a Masters Degree in Film and Games composition and wondered what everyone thought of the Thinkspace courses. Does anyone here have any experience of these courses, and also are there any tips on financing for the Masters Degree ? thanks everyone in advance...
  4. ThinkSpace Education

    ThinkSpace Education SALE!!!

    THINKSPACE EDUCATION - SALE ENDS TOMORROW! Premium Course + Short Course for only £695 Pick up one of our premium courses, Cinematic Orchestration or Music for the Media + a short course of your choice, Orchestral Mixing with Jake Jackson, Kontakt 101 or Composer Blueprints Training for...
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