1. ExC3

    For Sale High quality 3 fader expression controllers £149

    Uk made expression controllers. In stock ready for immediate dispatch. No drivers required. Plug and play in Logic. Works with all DAWs. Go to my blog for more info and a Buy it now button. Kind regards Nick
  2. C

    CoolerMaster MasterHub

    Availability ~nov 2023. If the price is right and the API is open enough, this could be very interesting. Kind of between StreamDeck and Grid 2.0.
  3. M

    Help with choosing a master keyboard

    Hi All, apologies ion advanced for the non stimulating post here, but ive been in an exhaustive search on what keyboard controller i should get for my studio. I know this question has been asked to death but my apprehensive wallet always makes me ask these questions. So ive narrowed my list...
  4. B

    Platform M+ or Monogram CC?

    They both seem very nice. The Monogram is very simple, easy and straight forward to use, good quality, expandable, and cool lights. But it's universal, so not made specifically for audio production Where the Platform IS made for that. So it's got the motorized faders (awesome) your mute, solo...
  5. D

    Kontakt assigning controller issue

    This is for a new library I'm making. I'm having a weird issue when trying to assign a controller to these knobs. When assigning a controller to "Wet," it works fine, but when I try to assign a controller to "speed" or "balance," the controller turns the button (to the left) on and off, but...
  6. B

    Does anyone know what controller this is?

    Hey guys, looking for a very simply fader controller to use with Logic and this caught my eye. I really like how it looks and how small it is, however it looks like it may only work with Cubase? If so can you suggest any good simple/cheap faders? Thanks
  7. LatinXCombo

    Most efficient/effective way to draw CC11 curves? LOGIC 10.7

    [Or drawing any CC curve, really.] On Logic Pro 10.7.x, MacOS Monterey, Mac Mini 2018, trying to draw CC11 expression stuff directly into the track with a mouse. It's not like it doesn't work, but wow is it a pain. I can't seem to just click-and-drag a line, it's like I need to keep clicking...
  8. Pete333

    Komplete Kontrol MK2 w Ableton Live(AL) integration - MK2 buttons above displays to play/stop clips in AL Session view?

    Hi guys, I am thinking about buying NI KK MK2. Good AL integration is essential one to me. I know better keyboard solutions (Novation Launchkey or SL, ...) to this, but I am now considering MK2 for this for some other important reasons. An important feature for me is the possibility to easily...
  9. J

    For Sale Hornberg hb1 midi breath station (lowered to 495€)

    I'm going to sell my beloved Hornberg HB1, a piece of art itself. The best midi breath controller, but I don't use midi instruments anymore, and I don't use it. very well condition, all original accessories. 550€, shipping included from Spain to European Union
  10. MichaelBogaMusic

    Motorised Fader for Cubase

    Hi everyone, Hope you're all well! Today i just got my Faderport V2, was stoked about it until I realised it works terribly with Cubase... No channel tracking which makes it awful to work with. It has an 8 channels bank system that only "moves" when used with the wheel or buttons... Anyways...
  11. ChrisSiuMusic

    Audio Imperia's Upcoming MIDI CC Controller

    Looks scrumptious... @audioimperia
  12. CatComposer

    Gesture Controlled Virtual Instruments?

    I came across this video today: Then I started to wonder if Mr Bean was ahead of his time, having an IQ of 178. Sure enough, some people have invented this now! So my question is, How long do you think it be before we can conduct our Virtual Orchestras like this? Breath controllers are...
  13. dman007

    Help! MIDI Controllers with sliders/faders

    My Korg nanoKONTROL2 has just broken (it's throwing out random MIDI CCs when nothing is being touched) I use the sliders/faders for expression/modulation etc I was trying to get a replacement (in UK) but I can't seem to find one in stock anywhere that can be delivered quickly. From my...
  14. B

    (SOLD!!) FaderCTRL - 8 Channel Midi CC Controller $225 USD

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD. Selling my FaderCTRL. 8-Channel midi CC controller. Excellent condition. Has been working great in Cubase 10 Pro. Selling as I've been doing most automation via another midi controller. Will dust it a little better before shipping. :D Purchased this on VI-Control - was a...
  15. P

    Anyone here lucky enough to own or work with a Yamaha Nuage + Cubase

    Every so often, I check to see if Yamaha /Steinberg have released a new controller for Cubase - they never have :( But I end up on their Nuage Control Surface page, just lusting after its beauty. Unfortunately it also has an almost house price to go with it! Nuage Control Surface for Cubase /...
  16. Garlu

    Bop Pad Percussion Pad by Keith McMiller

    First impressions on the Bop Pad, by =AZUwxfDika2ffnm78xira6BxRB8k6Xzmid5XVGzm8AhUoqON9hDAzIlU-jG6PXwFEdcRePnG6o0yrPDkNYcgT8nFv9KQBZZFjGPzGTuCHeugeeC172cR0g9W-3ZpI25_sqpl_MpnevamA3iXuUMNLau7&__tn__=kK-R']Keith McMillen Instruments: - easy to map different notes and cc parameters. (Something I...
  17. BennyHendel

    Is there any way to use a MIDI pedal to turn pages of a score?

    I play midi piano live over zoom with the sheet music as a pdf. I don't have the free hands to click next page but I'd love to be able to do it with one of my many pedals
  18. sailenox

    Searching for a Fadermaster Pro used

    Hey, i'm searching for a used Fadermaster pro. If somebody have one or know somebody who sells his one pls contact me. Thanks!
  19. J

    Getting error from empty script slot on play_note

    Hi everyone! In essence, this is my code: on init declare sustain_key_down := 0 declare sustain_key_up := 1 end on on controller if (CC_NUM = 64) if (CC[64] = 127) play_note(sustain_key_down, 1, 0, -1) else if (CC[64] = 0)...
  20. ryevick

    How Would You Map This Controller For Orchestral Libraries?

    I recently purchased the Nektar Panorama P6 and I'm about to start mapping the faders, encoder knobs and buttons to the left of the display window for different sound libraries and saving them as presets. The main and first preset I want to save is for Spitfire Audio libraries. I own several of...
  21. P

    88 synth-action keyboard good for piano?

    Hi, I am looking for an 88 keyboard for general composing (piano, synths, strings, all in Logic) with a relatively good feel key action and acceptable velocity response. Preferable with pitch/modulation wheel. I have a Yamaha cp33 which is a great piano action, but now I want to integrate it...
  22. R

    For Sale JL Cooper Fader Master Pro €595

    A few scratches on the console but works perfectly. Fader buttons replaced but all are identical cosmetically >Eight Programmable High-Quality 100mm Faders >Eight Programmable MIDI Buttons >1/4” Programmable Footswitch & Foot Pedal Inputs >Internal Grouping, Scaling and End Point Adjustments...
  23. rhearhino

    New Modular MIDI Controller for Software Synthesizers

    Hi guys! I would like to know your opinion about the MIDI controller idea that we’ve been developing for some time together with a group of several musicians. The idea is to design a MIDI controller fo software synthesizers, which will be built of modules. However, unlike other modular...
  24. Bluemount Score

    Hardware MIDI fader / controller recommendations?

    I‘m for somehow having a hard time finding a (cheap) MIDI controller with just 2 (or more) faders for external CC control. The E-Piano I use for MIDI recording doesn‘t have a single one. I change all CCs inside the DAW after recording. I thought it‘s finally time to gear up... Any recommendations?
  25. kessel

    Komplete Kontrol, which one to buy?

    Hi, I am looking at the different options for the Komplete Kontrol by Native Instruments and still can't decide which one to get, I am mostly doubting between the S61 and the S88, as I already own the Maschine MK3 and I am liking the displays a lot, I find them very useful to navigate through...
  26. J

    FS: Novation Bass Station II

    Selling a mint condition Bass Station II Amazing little synth, I am however moving to a smaller studio, and scaling back on my hardware. I have barely used this thing (mainly due to my expanse of software synths), but it works great as a standalone analog synth, or as a MIDI controller, or...
  27. A

    Best slider potentiometers I can buy for DIY fader box?

    Hello, like many have tried before me, I am going to build my own fader CC controller. I was about to buy ALPS faders but I read somewhere that they are kinda flimsy and have no real resistance. So now I'm looking for something better? I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for some...
  28. A

    Customising Mackie Control Protocol in Logic

    Hi Guys, I recently bought an Icon Platform M+ with display and have been playing around with it. I have been trying to get it to work with both midi CC and as a fader/transport etc. controller. I have delved into the Logic Control Setup and controller assignments within logic to try to...
  29. whiskers

    Help me choose a new 88 key controller/keyboard (NI S88 MK2 v SL88 Grand)

    Hello all, Recently my MPK88 (which I wasn't a huge fan of, but it did have a lot of options) bit dust, with the USB housing coming loose. So i'm looking to get another 88 key hammer action keyboard. I'm looking for something that feels good playing, and have tentatively arrived at potentially...
  30. ScotDP1970

    Recommendations for a good motorised slider MIDI keyboard?

    Hi folks, The mod wheel on my old m-Audio Keystation 61es has packed in. As I was soon going to buy a MIDI controller with motorised faders anyway, I figured I’d invest in a new keyboard that combines everything. Can you recommend a good semi-weighted aftertouch keyboard that has motorised...
  31. benmwatson

    Good Fader Controller for MIDI CC data w/transport controls?

    I'm currently making do with a Korg NanoKontrol2, which works ok, but it has a few drawbacks: * In CC mode, the transport controls don't work as well as in pure Cubase mode, despite my efforts to program and mimic them. * The faders are a bit short. I don't feel like I can easily control the...
  32. Transients

    Weighted or non weighted keys for orchestral kontakt libraries?

    I want to get a new midi controller for kontakt and/or other vsti. I understand that for a piano vst its obviuos that weighted keys are preferable. But for the general orchestral kontakt libraries is there any reasons i should have a weighted keys controller? I am looking at komplete kontrol s61/88.
  33. G

    TouchOSC Help with Logic

    I'm trying to get TouchOSC working with Logic, and don't seem to be having much luck. I have setup my iPad as a Controller in the MIDI Controllers in Logic. If I use the Logic iPad template it all works fine. But I now want to create my own layout in ToucOSC to control CC parameters like CC1...
  34. RRBE Sound

    WTB: Avid Artist Mix

    Hello All! I am searching for an Avid Artist Mix, controller. I am hoping to find one which have a ''student'' friendly price. Price-vice maybe $200-300 and it must be shiped to Denmark. I am looking forward to hear from you. All the best Rune
  35. blougui

    Linnstrument anyone ?

    Has anyone tried the Linnstrument, both as a controller for VI and for DAW ? It looks like a great piece of gear but difficult to get a taste at here, contrary to the Rolli which is ubiquist in Paris.
  36. KMA

    Behringer BCF2000 - Worth It? (...if it's cheap?)

    I have an opportunity to pick up an unused Behringer BCF2000 at an excellent price. I'm a Logic Pro X user who needs something basic for automation input (both for VIs and as a mix control surface). I'll be in the market for some more specific gear (Avid or thereabouts) in the next year or two...
  37. thesoloist

    FaderMaster Pro Potentiometer

    Does anyone here know what type of linear potentiometer the FaderMaster pro uses? Getting ready to refurbish my used FMP I copped for 30 bucks. I'm looking at the ALPS RSA0N11. Any Ideas?
  38. RRBE Sound

    Efficient iPad Connection?

    Hello Everyone! :) So I have been fumbling with DAW control from mechanical faders to iPad control. I have come to the conclusion that I only need an iPad as control. - As I already have one spare. I use Logic, and the logic remote. BUT: I can not figure out one efficient way to connect...
  39. quipurite

    Roland hpd-15 handsonic price reduced

    Roland HPD-15 Handsonic electronic percussion and MIDI controller. Beautiful condition. Well cared for. Used very little. Clean. Comes with manual and original power adapter. Asking $425.00 Local pick-up free or $22 west coast, $40 east cost to ship only to USA addresses. Some features: more...
  40. creativeforge

    AKAI Advance vs Novation Remote (Automapping - should I care?)

    I use Omnisphere and Kontakt a lot, and Mixcraft for a DAW on Windows. I'm looking for a small controller to put on my desk for quick ideas, AND to make scrolling through patches a bit easier. I'm considering picking up either a Novation Remote SL MKII 49 keys or an AKAI Advance 49. In specs...
  41. creativeforge

    Touch Innovations Kontrol Master: Holy Grail of mapping?

    Anyone seen this at NAMM or in a music store? Or has one? EXPERIENCE UNLIMITED KONTROL Combining the KM with your favorite editing software transforms your workflow from standard keyboard and mouse control to a fluid and precisely accurate experience. The Kontrol Master is the link between...
  42. C


    FADERCTRL (V1) A custom MIDI controller built for composers, engineers, electronic artists and gear enthusiasts. Those who are interested in purchasing please contact me directly. Product Information: Universal MIDI Controller Assignable CC Control (Mac /...
  43. higgs

    Assign MIDI Values Outside a Device's Editor?

    I picked up a Korg NanoPAD2 in hopes of using it's editor and 4 available scenes to make a dedicated & portable articulation switcher for CSS, UACC, etc. Though the pads are velocity sensitive, it's supplied editor does not allow for unique values within a given CC as needed for UACC/CC32 values...
  44. J

    For Sale: Steinberg CC121 DAW Controller, €280.

    Mint condition. Great controller that can be used with Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and every other major DAW. Features a motorised fader, pan knob, EQ section, track controls, transport controls, monitor volume knob, shortcut buttons, and AI control knob. Selling for €280.
  45. D

    Nektar Panorama and OS X not detected

    Is anyone using any of Nektar's Panorama series of midi controllers, P1, P4, or P6 with mac? I simply cannot get OS X 10.9.5 to detect the P1 in Audio MIDI Setup. I've been through every guide and pdf I can find on Nektar's site, reset to factory settings, numerous restarts etc but nothing. I...
  46. Vik

    Troublefree/small hardware controller for use with Berlin Strings/Spitfire/Logic?

    Can anyone recommend a good/small hardware controller for use with Berlin Strings/Spitfire/Logic, which works with the latest Logic version and OS X 10.5.5 (and, ideally El Capitan as well)?
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