1. jrrshop

    45% off Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro introductory sale, now $49 instead of $89

    45% off Audified ToneSpot Electric Pro introductory sale, now $49 instead of $89: Extensive multi-processor that improves the tone no matter what amp, pedal or plugin you are using for your electric guitar processing.
  2. jrrshop

    35% off Overloud GEM Comp LA Optical Compressor, now $89 instead of $139

    35% off Overloud GEM Comp LA Optical Compressor, now $89 instead of $139: Comp LA, the latest release in the GEMs series from Overloud, is the revolutionary simulation of two legendary optical compressors. Overloud has created...
  3. jrrshop

    80% off Metric Halo Production Bundle, now $149

    80% off Metric Halo Production Bundle, now $149 instead of $699 exclusively at JRR Shop and only while supplies last: Includes 8 fantastic sounding plugins that will help you bring your work to new levels: ChannelStrip: Put a Million...
  4. N.Caffrey

    Dynamic eq vs multiband compressor

    Could someone shed lights on the difference between the two? I have iZotope Dynamic EQ, would a MB compressor (like the FabFilter one) be redundant?
  5. APD

    Get 82% off MTurbo Comp + Reverb Bundle by MeldaProduction

    For just $99.99, get this epic deal featuring 2 world-class tools: a compressor tool and a reverb tool from MeldaProduction at an amazing 82% off ($466 savings)! MTurboComp is the ultimate compressor, which emulates most of the classic vintage analogue compressors while MTurboReverb is a...
  6. A

    NEW SSL Analog Strip for In-the-Box Mixing

    What you guys think of it? I'm very curious...looking forward to check that out.
  7. S.M Hassani

    SOLD: TDR Kotelnikov GE an excellent master compressor.

    Hi, SOLD Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov GE - License transfer is immediate after payment is received. No transfer fees required. TIP: You can resell my TDR license anytime you want. This is better than buying retail from TDR or dealers, as you're not allowed to sell those until 6 months has...
  8. EpicDude

    One compressor to rule them all... No, seriously.

    I've used some different and good compressors (plugins) since I started doing this composing thing (Waves, IK Multimedia, Cytomic) you know, the classic ones but the Klanghelm DC8C has to be the best one by far. Does anybody else use this plugin...
  9. jrrshop

    Up to 88% off GForce, AAS, Overloud, & Waves

    Final day to get 50% off GForce Virtual String Machine and Virtual String Machine Expansion: 50% off AAS Ultra Analog VA-2, Ultra Analog VA-2 + Packs Bundle, and the brand new Technocracy sound bank...
  10. jrrshop

    Flux 10 Year Anniversary up to 70% off

    50% to 70% off Flux 10 Year Anniversary Sale: Flux Alchemist Dynamics and Mastering Processor $299 Flux Epure v3 $119 Flux Pure Compressor v3 $49 Flux Pure DCompressor v3 $49 Flux Pure Expander v3 $49 Flux Pure DExpander v3 $49 Flux...
  11. Tenku

    FS: ProAudioDSP Dynamic Spectrum Mapper DSM V2 Plugin Alliance

    ProAudioDSP Dynamic Spectrum Mapper DSM V2 • All Plugin Formats (AU, VST, AAX etc.) • Plugin Alliance Transfer Fee $20 included in price. • Must have registered PIA account. • Same Day Digital Delivery of License & Software. • RRP: £329 • More info...
  12. sazema

    Good alternative to multi-mode Logic compressor for Windows

    I'm wondering is there a good alternative to Logic compressor for Windows. All in one, multi-mode, opto, vca, etc...
  13. G

    Audited U73B compressor

    Have you guys checked out the Audified U73B compressor. Looks and sounds pretty awesome and I see they running a 40% special on it for the next few days. Here's some videos on it as well:
  14. P

    FS: Flux Mastering Pack 1.1 + Flux Pure Compressor v3: $350 USD

    Flux plugins for sale (protected by iLok): 1. Mastering Pack 1.1 1.1. Solera v3 1.2. Epure v3 1.3. Pure Limiter v3 1.4. Elixir v3 2. Pure Compressor v3 5 plugins in all. Flux retail price: $848 USD Sale Price: $350 USD Cheers! Paul
  15. 1

    Klanghelm MJUC variable-tube compressor

    In case anyone missed it a new comp from Klanghelm was released last week. For 24 € you can't go wrong. It's replacing many of my so called 'better' comps. Excellent quality, versatile, many useful features & well suited for many chores. There free...
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