1. Tyler Gillis

    No-Nonsense Guide To Audio Plugins EP2

    No-Nonsense Guide To Audio Plugins EP2 Hey everyone, I recently started an audio series on how to use the most common plugins in a more professional light. I've started out this series with Reverb & Compression but will be adding more as the series continues. Let me know what you think!
  2. MatthewVere

    I Asked Arnold Schwarzenegger To Teach You About Compression

    Hey everyone - I hope you learn something new and have a laugh along the way :D Chapters: Intro - 0:00 Compression Overview - 0:43 Threshold - 2:20 Ratio - 5:20 Attack and Release - 8:38 Example - 10:16
  3. nuyo

    Multiband Compression for making sounds nicer ?

    Any tips for using Multiband Compression in a creative way and not just as a problem solver ?
  4. ThomCSounds

    [One Minute Tip] - How To Get Great Parallel Processing Flavours

    Hi everyone, Using parallel processing on drums and other instruments can add a lot of character, mojo, flavour... you name it, to your tracks! Sampled drums are tough instruments to get right. Using parallel processing can be a nice way to add weight, presence and depth to your drums while...
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    Mixing Orchestral Music Live! My Personal Approach

    Hi friends! In the start of this new series, I'm so excited to take you through a live mixing demonstration of my newest piece 'Path to Freedom'. In this first part, we'll explore taking our tracks and organizing them in a simple and clean way. Please enjoy! Every subsequent part will be...
  6. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off all Soundtoys

    Up to 80% off all Soundtoys, including the new Effect Rack with 14 plugins (only Little versions are missing) for $199: Soundtoys 5 Ultimate Effect Rack Bundle $299 Soundtoys Crystallizer Granular Echo Pitch Shifting $29 Soundtoys Decapitator...
  7. denise.Audio

    Alternative to side-chain compression

    Hi Vi Controllers. Have you ever considered an alternative to side-chain compression? We at denise audio have, and that's why we added a side-chain option to our recent plugin release, The Sweeper. With the side-chain option selected, this dynamic envelope following filter then turns into a...
  8. rrichard63

    Windows disk compression

    EDIT: this question might be better placed in the Newbie Questions forum. I have always assumed that turning on disk compression in Windows 7 would slow down loading of audio files (especially in Kontakt, Vienna Instruments, UVI, etc.) and be a cause of performance issues. Today it dawned on me...
  9. Arise

    CSS for more intense music? (and a question about the dynamics)

    Hey guys, I recently got CSS and it's a quite nice library, but I was wondering, what dynamics is CSS recorded at? Is it somewhere from p to ff? I like the sound of the library, though I find that they can't go that loud, or is that just me? (with CC1/Modwheel all the way up) I obviously don't...
  10. AoA

    Importing an uncompressed audio file into Vegas Pro

    Hi, I recently composed a song and rendered it to a .wav-file. Once I open this file I hear maximum volume, but if I import this file into Vegas Pro or Audacity I'm forced to lower the volume in order to avoid clipping. Why is that? Isn't it possible to just keep the quality as though I'd just...
  11. hozierschurch

    Audio FX Best Practise

    Hey guys, Currently I'm using folder stacks to organise groups of instruments (winds, synths, percussion e.t.c.) and using sends for reverb before routing to the final mix. Aiming to achieve the 'big trailer sound' as a project but I guess these questions could apply to anything really ... Is...
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