1. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Magical Soundtrack of Super Mario Galaxy - Explored

    Hey everyone! In today's video, I'm so excited to share a deep dive into one of my favourite soundtracks. We'll explore the music theory & orchestration behind 7 of these pieces, and I really hope you enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts! :)
  2. David Han

    John Powell Style Adventurous/Heroic Music

    Hello! A new member here. First time posting! I'm a composer from Canada. I just wanted to share an original composition (MIDI mockup) of mine for some feedback! This is an adventurous/heroic piece in the style of John Powell, who I consider to be my musical hero! Haha. Let me know what you...
  3. him4nshug4ur

    "SWAM" Ultimate Test - Harry Potter, John Williams (Hagrid's Friendly Bird) Mockup.

    The responsiveness of SWAM AUDIO is just phenomenal. I wanted to do a demo that showcased that exactly. The moment I heard the SWAM Flute, I couldn't help but think about this piece. "Hagrid's friendly bird" from Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, Composed by "John Williams". However, I...
  4. berlin87

    Experiment/Composition: Red, Purple, Orange – Colours of the Orchestra

    Hi everyone, I wanted to experiment with the various 'colours' within an orchestra, from growling bassoons to sugarcoated French horns. Wouldn't dare to call this an actual composition, but it taught me a great deal about orchestration and how to work with VSTs. (That said, I think the...
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    Inside The Score - Internal Resolve (Part 1/3): Theory & Chord Progressions

    Hi everyone! In this edition of 'Inside The Score', we'll be diving into my newest piece 'Internal Resolve', and explore the theory behind the music. I hope this is interesting to you, and helps you with your own music writing. Please enjoy, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions...
  6. Bluemount Score

    A weird tipp for some inspiration

    Try listening to some music you like while it's reversed! Might sound strange, but when I do that, no matter if it's my composition or somebody elses, lots of new ideas pop up immediately.
  7. ChrisSiuMusic

    Internal Resolve - Inspired by Ip Man

    Hello my friends! As you may or may not know, I am an avid fan of the Ip Man film franchise, which follows a kung fu master throughout his life, displaying his bravery, standing up for what is right, and overcoming adversity. I was inspired to write a theme based on the main Ip Man theme...
  8. Duncan Formosa

    Theme for my girlfriend

    So, my girlfriend and I will have been dating for 5 years very very soon. The problem is the lockdown rules in Scotland haven't really started lifting yet and we don't live together and I really wanted to do something for her for our 5 years. So, because we probably won't see each other at this...
  9. P

    Your Favourite Modulation in a Piece / Song /Work etc (that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!)

    Sorry if a similar question has been posed recently . I am just studying various types of modulation , and it got me thinking about how songs or pieces of music use them and how powerful it can be. So on that basis , what are your favourite modulations and from what songs / pieces of music ...
  10. berlin87

    Le Petit Trianon [Reworked] - Spitfire Studio WW, EW Guitar, Cinematic Strings

    Reorchestrated, remixed, remastered. I hope it sounds more "coherent" now. Took out the brass Different sample library (Cinematic Studio Strings) for the pizzicati Redrawn the CC1 for the Spitfire Studio WW Clarinet Added a whimsical guitar for the reprisal of the first verse Lots of other...
  11. Caladrius

    Modern Orchestral Instrumental - Feedback

    Hey! Would love to see some feedback on this: I'll add a poll cause it's easier for people who don't want to comment. Comments would be appreciated, though.
  12. ChrisSiuMusic

    Path to Freedom (Official Audio)

    A Disney-inspired orchestral piece to lift your spirits during this time of Covid-19. Enjoy!
  13. A

    Who I am

    Hi everyone. I'm Alex. Studied music composition in Argentina many years ago with professors like Gerardo Gandini. I'm soon to retire from my current job and am wanting to get back into composing after a very long hiatus. I am a Mac user and work with Logic Pro X for my recordings, midi and...
  14. Manaberry

    Feedback on my mix

    Hi, I'm mixing one of my pieces and I need to get some fresh thoughts about it. My ears are kind of tired after days and days of work on my project (7 tracks EP). I've the feeling that 2/3 of my brass are too close and too punchy. Maybe minus a db or two on them would do the trick? I've also...
  15. Norman

    20 New Videos on Film Composition and Orchestration

    20 Free Videos on Film Composition and Orchestration from Ludwin Music I'm posting a new series of video classes on Beginning and Advanced Orchestration, Modern Harmony, Examining The Rite of Spring, Film Music Seminar, Developing Variation, and Writing for Strings...
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    Writing An Uptempo Trailer Track Using Storm Choir Ultimate!

    Hi everyone! In today's video, let's write a trailer-type piece using Strezov Sampling's Storm Choir Ultimate and the Metropolis Arks. Please enjoy!
  17. ChrisSiuMusic

    Writing A Brass CHORALE Using CineBrass Sonore

    Hi composers! Today's video is another fun one. Let's write a brass-inspired chorale using members of the CineBrass family. Please enjoy!!
  18. berlin87

    Stuck with thinking in A-B-A patterns of four to eight bars each

    Hi everyone, I can't seem to get my brain to think outside the box, or.. bar. Classic patterns are deeply engrained in my compositions, which means most of my music follows sonata or rondeau forms. Eight bars A, eight bars B, eight bars A again (with small variations in orchestration). I would...
  19. TRKStudios

    "River of Life" - MIDI Demo

    Hope everyone is having a great new year!! I made a goal for myself to write more this year (outside of the work realm) and not let cues of mine just dust away in folders :) Been diving into the world of classical music a bit more and trying to let it inspire my writing.
  20. N

    What Should I get? Beginning Orchestral Composition

    Hi guys, Nice to meet you all. I'm getting into composition and I was wondering what you guys suggest I get. My situation: I'm a musician who wants to get into composition and compose for video games/film/media but mainly video games. I'd like to be able to write dynamic and emotional...
  21. ChrisSiuMusic

    Arranging a Big Band Christmas Chart - Using Keyswitches

    Hey friends! Today let's look at the importance of using keyswitches in a sample library like Glory Days - Big Band Horns. Enjoy!
  22. Blackster

    Stop the Musical Confusion!

    Hi guys, I want to share an article that I recently wrote. It's about "musical confusion"! At the end of this article, I'm offering help to those who seek support in being original and creative in composition. If you feel like you need a healthy dose of interval theory magic delivered to your...
  23. gh0stwrit3r

    Awakening - Orchestral Music / Original Composition

    Today I released 'Awakening'. An orchestral music track / original composition. Hope you enjoy it!
  24. ChrisSiuMusic

    Film Scoring For Beginners: Reviewed

    Hey composers! Today we're diving into my first course review - all about film scoring for the individual who wants to dip their toes into the field, and learn the best practices for navigating through this industry. Please enjoy! :) Check out the course here...
  25. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Write a Classic Disney-Style Song Intro

    Hey all! In today's video, let's explore a fun topic: writing a Disney-style song intro! Using secondary dominants and exploring the circle of 5ths, how can we pull this off? Enjoy :)
  26. RGT Team

    How To Write For Guitar So That Your Guitarist Loves You!

    We have started a series on the RGT blog that will definitely be useful for all the non-guitar-based composers out there: How To Write For Guitar So That Your Guitarist Loves You Check it out and let us know how you like it! Also, if there's anything regarding scoring for guitar that you...
  27. Michael_Picher

    "Scramble the Bolts!" (Orchestral)

    This piece tells a story, from a sudden call to action, to a bittersweet end. The main theme was written in the style of a military hymn, though the actual lyrics didn't make the cut.
  28. marcodistefano

    My new piano solo album, rendered with Garritan CFX Grand

    Hi All, I have the pleasure to share my new piano solo album, soundtrack of a book. About 8 months from inception to release. Rendered with the beautiful Garritan CFX grand. This is a video of the first track with the score, I will add all...
  29. 0cme

    Cloud Sprawl (string orchestra piece)

    Here's a string orchestra piece I finished last year, and did a mockup using Spitfire Chamber and Solo stuff. It's a concert work but it has some game and soundtrack influences. The mockup isn't totally mastered or anything, it's just for calls for scores for live performance, but it gets the...
  30. Eduardo Lopez

    Grand Guilds - Main Menu Theme

    Heya @everyone! Just wanted to share another of my tracks! This is another one from the Videogame gig I´m doing. -Grand Guilds is set in a Fantasy almost Victorian-Age (Pre-Steampunk) Land, the continent is on the brink of war between the 2 most important nations and a dark plot is stirring...
  31. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestration for Tina Guo!

    Hi all, I just finished orchestrating a composition of Tina Guo’s, where I expanded upon her original cello idea, arranged, and mixed it. Please enjoy! :) Thanks, Chris
  32. Dyllan Mills-Harte

    Balancing study and music composition

    Hey all, I've been having a bit of an issue balancing studying the theory/orchestration of the greats, and actually writing music. I spend whole days of frivolously writing notes, ideas, and tips, but don't really know how to stop, and start a piece. Any suggestions?
  33. nickmurraymusic

    When to use 7/8 Time Signature

    Do you guys know when and how to use odd time signatures? If you're just starting out, this might be daunting. I did a quick video demonstration on when to use 7/8 for film/tv music. Hope this is helpful for someone out there!
  34. ChrisSiuMusic

    Coming This Thursday...

  35. nickmurraymusic

    Does Melody Even Matter??

    Hey Guys, I wanted to open up this discussion on melody. Does it even matter? Check out my thoughts on it here and would love to hear what you think!
  36. creativeforge

    Composer vs Arranger: what if you can't do both?

    Hi all, sorry if I don't have the industry jargon right, but please indulge me. :) I'm not a professional composer, but I still compose my own music as there is nothing else I can do but work that way. Sometimes I even think some of it has potential. 1- But can you get work as a composer - as...
  37. jdrcomposer

    Brass Quintet (Cinematic Studio Brass)

    I'm loving CSB so far and decided to put it through its paces in an exposed brass quintet context. Would love feedback on composition, mix, programming, etc.!
  38. cliffordmartin

    Labs Frozen Strings Composition

    Frozen Strings Spitfire LABS Mock Up [Also using the Free Labs Piano]
  39. Daniele Nasuti

    Another song which I wrote in collaboration with other musicians

    Hi, this is a song of mine and some musicians friends. I wrote the music from min. 2,50 to 3,20. Let me know what do you think about and if you have some advices for me!! Thank you!!
  40. Norman

    20th Century Harmony Course Starting December 1st -Available as Video

    I will be teaching a new course on 20th Century Harmony that will start December 1st. It will be based on Vincent Persichetti’s seminal book “Twentieth Century Harmony”. For those who are not aware of this book, it is an all encompassing treatise on harmonic procedures, specifically focusing on...
  41. ChrisSiuMusic

    Breaking Down a Comedic Halloween-Inspired Track

    Hey fellow composers! Last week I posted a light spooky track inspired by the Halloween season, and I'm back with a breakdown of this piece. Please enjoy!
  42. SBK

    Project Chaos Live Sketching (Dangerously Good)

    Hey, I am not sure why I did this video. But I want you to see how dangerously good and inspiring this library is. Here is a live performance with 2 instances of Project Chaos and 8 layers made for fun No mixing has been done I am saying dangerous because everybody can create a cool track...
  43. ChrisSiuMusic

    A Spooky Tune - Trick Or Treat

    Hi fellow composers! On an evening where kids collect candy and dress up in their innocent costumes, a comedic spooky tune lights up the darkness. Please enjoy!
  44. thestickman8

    Happy Halloween To All!!! - The creature's cavern

    I was feeling festive this week and wrote a spooky little tune. Hope you like it!
  45. ChrisSiuMusic

    I’d Love To Hear From You!

    Hello fellow composers! Hope you’re doing awesome. :2thumbs: I’ve been thinking of creating a few online courses in the near future (hopefully by next year), with the first 2 being: 1. Learning the Piano for Composers and Songwriters 2. Writing and Producing an Uplifting Cinematic Orchestral...
  46. whiskers

    Help me build a learning plan? | where to even begin (any advice welcome)

    HELP I'VE TRIED NOTHING AND I'M ALL OUT OF IDEAS! (jk) First off, apologies for the wall of text. Thanks in advance to anyone who ventures through this whole thing. This is gonna be a bit verbose, but I'd rather be thorough than not. I was hoping if people may be so kind as to give feedback...
  47. Stu Lloyd

    Speedpainting channel music

    Hey all, a friend has started a youtube channel and she has allowed me to do the music for her. Instead of recycling my existing tracks I tried to bust out a quick one in a day. I know the chord structure sounds quite generic, there's a few movies that come to mind, like Sunshine and Kick Ass...
  48. SteveMontgomery

    My New Album 'Infinite Mindscape- Space' is Out Now!

    My Debut Release of Infinite Mindscape is Out Now. It's a hybrid mixture of synth and cinematic music with a couple other electronic music genres.
  49. JimVMusic

    Study EIS Privately with Composer James L. Venable!

    I wanted to announce that I am currently accepting EIS students for private lessons. I am going to teach the EIS method in the same manner that I learned it from Lyle “Spud” Murphy himself. This will include a weekly private lesson (60 minutes.) I will also answer questions via email usually...
  50. Craig Peters

    Soundiron - In The Studio With Composer Shaun Chasin

    Hey Guys! I got a chance to visit the studio of composer Shaun Chasin recently for a Soundiron - In The Studio. Watch him compose an awesome track from scratch!