1. Soundiron Team

    Writing A Symphonic Metal Track (Soundiron Session)

    In this video Craig Peters walks you through his short composition "Artificial Extinction" showing you how he combined orchestral elements and sound-design with metal. Adding these elements to rock, metal or even pop productions can add a whole new dimension to your music. The libraries used...
  2. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Little Epic Percussion 3.0 on sale for $19

    Learn More: Little Epic Percussion is a splendid assortment of small orchestral and ethnic percussion instruments created to complement our existing collection of epic drums. This 3.0 upgrade opens up a new world of percussive possibilities...
  3. A

    Getting known in music industry

    Hi there! I'm Andrew, I'm a new member and a growing up composer. I was looking for a good way to getting known into music industry as a composer, I wanted to focus myself into orchestral, cinematic and epic music... Maybe one day being a film composer... But is a distant dream. So... I was...
  4. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 72 Hour Flash Sale - Emotional Piano

    We're running a 72 hour flash sale on Emotional Piano $99 (MSRP $149)! You'll save $50 on one of our most popular piano libraries. Sale ends Saturday @ 11:59 PM PST Learn more: In this video Vivek Maddala shows how he uses Emotional Piano on big...
  5. Spitfire Team

    The Ultimate Cinematic Organ – Available Now!

    Introducing Symphonic Organ – Available Thursday 22nd August.
  6. P

    What's the deal with templates?

    I see a lot of talk about templates when it comes to sample mockup work. I've never really understood all the hoopla. I mean, put an instrument on a track, repeat process, add folders, blah blah, save when you've got all your standard instruments lined up and color-coded in a way that works best...
  7. X

    Advice for New Composer

    Hi there, I am a professional musician, however I perform rather than compose. I will occasionally arrange and compose pieces for myself and my quartet but nothing larger than this. I am looking to extend my skills and start composing larger pieces for an orchestra. I would think my music...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Write a Classic Disney-Style Song Intro

    Hey all! In today's video, let's explore a fun topic: writing a Disney-style song intro! Using secondary dominants and exploring the circle of 5ths, how can we pull this off? Enjoy :)
  9. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 30% Off Flash Sale: High School Drum Corps - 3 Days Only

    Soundiron 30% Off Flash Sale: High School Drum Corps - 3 Days Only Learn more: Soundiron's ']High School Drum Corps is a multi-sample drum library focused on capturing the powerful, tight sound of small marching band drum line. This library...
  10. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Tips & Tricks

    This is a series of different tips & tricks on things like sound-design, tech and tricks within the DAW and more. We would love to hear about some of your go-to tips and tricks that you've built over the course of your music production experience! Here is the latest video below Tips &...
  11. Alex Niedt

    Orchestral Tools Blank Page Series

    Hello, everyone! The first of my Blank Page videos for Orchestral Tools is up now. This will be a series of quick compositions, rolling out a brief idea within half an hour with a specific library or two. I'm hoping to give those of us creating quietly in a small apartment an idea of what we...
  12. Alex Niedt

    Live Composing with Massive Library Collection

    Hi everyone! I'll be streaming fairly regularly on Twitch - composing, mixing, testing sample libraries - whatever you'd like to see. I have a ton of Spitfire (nearly all) and 8Dio libraries and a growing Orchestral Tools collection among many other things, and I'll often do shoot-outs when...
  13. L

    Spitfire Chamber Strings vs Studio Strings PRO

    In your opinion which one, and why? I will be using this for film/game/tv scoring. As far as I understand from what I've read so far, SSS is recorded in a drier environment so I would have to add reverb in post. I would love if I could get the SCS PRO but it is so much more than SSS PRO that...
  14. L

    [QUESTION] Which Orchestral Libraries are a must-have for film/game scoring?

    If you could choose only one per category, i.e (Solo Strings, would be separate from the orchestral range of string libraries). Which Libraries are a must-have and why? I am trying to build myself a collection of libraries that I would be able to compose almost any orchestral score with...
  15. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | How To Write A Dramatic Action Cue

    Hey Everyone! We recently posted a NEW Soundiron Session on our YouTube channel. This time composing in the style of a gritty dramatic action cue ala The Punisher and Breaking Bad. This uses predominately Modern Animated Percussion, Tines & Echoes and some real guitars. Enjoy! If you would...
  16. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | Writing A Marching Band Style Track

    In this Soundiron Session Craig Peters take you through his composition in the style of a cinematic fantasy/RPG styled track. Craig breaks down the creative decisions behind the music as well as showing the mixing and mastering process. Subscribe to our YouTube channel:
  17. nickmurraymusic

    When to use 7/8 Time Signature

    Do you guys know when and how to use odd time signatures? If you're just starting out, this might be daunting. I did a quick video demonstration on when to use 7/8 for film/tv music. Hope this is helpful for someone out there!
  18. Soundiron Team

    Composing with Mimi Page Light & Shadow

    We recently released Mimi Page Light & Shadow, our new ethereal solo vocal and sound-design library in collaboration with singer-composer Mimi Page. In these two videos she breaks down her tracks showcasing both elements of the library "Light & Shadow". Ethereal Dreamscapes of Light Demo...
  19. Akarin

    How to write an effective melody

    Hey all. I've just written one of my processes to create an effective melody: Do you have any tips and tricks to share?
  20. Akarin

    Quickly create a pattern from a chord progression

    Hey all! I've just written a few tips and tricks that I use to create a pattern from a basic chord progression. Maybe some of you will find it useful:
  21. beyd770

    Mike Verta: Will he have a YT streaming-session to rate peoples music this year?

    Does anybody know if @mverta has planned his annual thing this christmas? Have been watching it since the startup, and can honestly say it's my favourite way to start the christmas-holidays. Anyone delivered a piece to him for feedback, or know anything about him setting up a folder for...

    Andy Hill - Online Education

    Hi there, So my wife is really supportive of the time and energy I put in to my composing and studio activities, and for birthday got me the new Andy Hill book called "Scoring The Screen" on Cinematic Composing. Its a great book which provides for some really useful insights. So with Christmas...
  23. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron with Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny Composer Leo Birenberg

    Los Angeles based Film/TV composer Leo Birenberg (Cobra Kai, Kung Fu Panda and the Paws of Destiny) invites Soundiron inside his studio. Leo Birenberg Website: Leo breaks down a few cues from Kung Fu Panda and the Paws of Destiny. He takes us through his thought process and...
  24. ChrisSiuMusic

    My Favourite Sample Libraries for Cinematic Orchestral Music

    Hi fellow composers and producers! Due to popular request, I wanted to share with you today a detailed look into the libraries that I use in my everyday workflow, and how I use them. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!
  25. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | Creating The Soundtrack To Hell

    Hey everyone! On this Soundiron Session Craig Peters takes you through his Sick 7 demo track. This demo ended up sounding like the soundtrack to hell! Since Halloween is right around the corner we thought this would be a fun one to breakdown. Learn more about Sick 7: Voices of the Dead...
  26. ChrisSiuMusic

    Christopher Siu - Cinematic Demo Reel (2018)

    Hi all, please enjoy my demo reel for this year! Would love to hear any thoughts you might have to share. Thank you!
  27. igwanna

    Need a mathematician to solve this for me

    OK!! So i need a g guy with very good logic thinking to help me out I going to write this in a very bullet pointed fashion so its easy to understand -So i compose as a hobby so hopefully one day i become a fulltime composer -At the same time i have a real life job. Im a marketing director...
  28. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron - In The Studio with Composer Mimi Page

    We take you into the beautiful home studio of singer/song writer/composer Mimi Page. She has worked with composer Inon Zur on Fallout 4:Far Harbor as well as multiple collaborations with DJ/Record Producer Bassnectar. She has also scored The Lighthouse and Zak Bagans documentary Demon House. We...
  29. Raymond Moore

    A New Day(Happy Ending/Disney style composition)

    Hi I'm new here! I've been composing for a little while and decided this past month to post up my original compositions online! This is my latest piece: Hope you enjoy!
  30. ChrisSiuMusic

    Your Thoughts On Shorter Tutorials vs. Live Composing Sessions

    Hi all, I wanted to get your thoughts on whether you prefer watching tutorials on the shorter side (30min or less) vs. a 3-4 hour composing video detailing each musical decision (DJ/Dirk Ehlert just to name a few). Which do you prefer and why? Up to this point, I have only done videos around...
  31. SampleHero

    Announcing SampleHero’s - 2nd Scoring Competition!!

    Announcing SampleHero’s 2nd Scoring Competition!! The Winner will receive SampleHero’s prestigious “Outstanding Composition Award," to display in their studio! All currently available SampleHero products! (That's over $1,000.00 in goodies!) Their name, face and track will be featured on the...
  32. amadeus1

    Composing with Orb Composer - Insights

    Hi all, Here's a video on composing and adjusting tracks accordingly with Orb Composer.
  33. David Hall

    A chair for days?

    So I wasn't sure if this was the right forum to put this thread. I'm struggling with lower back pains and as you all are well aware, we sit on our computers for hours and if you don't have a good chair you might end up with some sore back pains. Now I am not a chair connoisseur, so I would...
  34. Mads Skønberg

    My development from august 2017 to january 2018

    I would be delighted if you guys would bother use 4 minutes to listen to my very first track made in august 2017, and my newest piece finished now in january 2018. Feel free to post your comments too. Here is august 2017: And here is january 2018:
  35. Ilko Birov

    Spitfire Audio - Albion ONE Trailer Competition

    Hi everybody, Hope you all have a happy New Year's eve, and 2018 is a good one. Here is my submission to the latest Spitfire Audio competition, enjoy:
  36. N

    Working fast / efficiently

    Any general tips or suggestions on strategies to compose / produce both more quickly / more efficiently?
  37. Odin

    How to find work with video game music?

    Hi! I've been honing my skills for a while now, and would like to take my first steps into the industry. What is the best way(s) to get started nowadays? I've found this "guide", but it's 8 years old so I don't know if it's still relevant. And nearly all the games I've found set to be released...
  38. pandroid

    Feature project schedule question

    Hi guys I'm looking forward to hearing your experience at thing of final delivery time and moment when you get final locked picture. How much time you get to finalise composing the music, do all final conforms, record instruments etc for the feature since you obtain a final locked picture? I'm...
  39. Wassim Samad

    How to learn the art of articulations

    Hi, I'm trying to improve my composing skills as I find I'm restricting myself re-using the same techniques I am used to. I'm a bit experienced about using Legato, Sordino, Harmonics, Spiccato, Staccato for Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, ... But my libraries come with other articulations for...
  40. Nick Garrett

    Do agents still request reels?

    Hey guys. Does anyone know what the best way to show your work is these days? If I email agents for example, what is the best way to showcase things? I have a Soundcloud but I just read the Soundcloud thread.
  41. ranaprathap

    Melody creation - tips and tricks

    According to me, the most difficult part in composing is coming up with original, simple and memorable melodies that can transform into themes in a score, or become the chorus/verse of a song. How do you guys come up with simple and memorable (hummable) melodies? Can you share some tips, tricks...
  42. ranaprathap

    How to not sound like you?

    There is this music director who has composed music for over a thousand films. That is over 4000 original songs (at an average of 4 songs per movie) plus original background score for those 1000 films. In addition, he has also done symphony for RPO, symphonic oratorio, a few fusion albums and...
  43. Walid F.

    10 Essential Trailer Music Tips

    Hey! As a result of having subscribers on my website who love trailer music and want to get their music into Hollywood trailers and such, I decided to create an article on the matter. It was after a few years of composing music that I finally got my own tracks into these trailers, and started...
  44. marky7400

    Thinkspace Courses

    Hey All, I am considering taking a Masters Degree in Film and Games composition and wondered what everyone thought of the Thinkspace courses. Does anyone here have any experience of these courses, and also are there any tips on financing for the Masters Degree ? thanks everyone in advance...
  45. RRBE Sound

    Field of Poppies - For string orchestra.

    Hey everyone. So a few weeks back I composed a track named ''Field of Poppies'' - (not small dogs, but flowers, if you didn't know). In remembrance of World War One. Now I have made a Sibelius Score, and I wonder if you would give me some feedback on the orchestration? The track, made in...
  46. Vik

    Favourite *string* preset for sketching polyphonically?

    Hi all, what's your fav allround string patch for generating ideas? This is for those who doesn't start out a new idea/composition with one line at a time, but instead improvise or in other way work out an idea polyphonically. So it's not about your most used string library, or the one you...
  47. Nick Garrett

    Hello from new zealand!

    Hi there everyone, I'm Nick Garrett, and I currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand. Just thought I'd pop my Soundcloud up here and introduce myself. My goal is to work on films and games, and I am currently tossing up whether or not I should move to the US or stay in NZ for a while. Any...
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