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  1. Sseltenrych

    Practically how much RAM and Hard drive space do you need for EW Composer Cloud?

    I'm considering getting the Composer Cloud (just the monthly one, which I believe only has 16 bit samples). But want to make sure I have the hardware needed first. I would be wanting to use the orchestral libraries and choirs mostly, but also some of the other interesting ones. I only have...
  2. F

    BestService vs EastWest for Celtic Instruments

    I found this thread, where they discuss RA but exclusively in terms of Eastern Instruments. Though, I am more concerned about the European (read: Celtic/Irish) Instruments. Most of the commenters stated that RA is rather outdated. So here is my question: How crucial is the difference between RA...
  3. amadeus1

    East West Composer Cloud Installation and Activation Walkthrough

    Hello guys, Here's a video on how to subscribe and install the East West Composer Cloud software including Play 6, Libraries to which you have access, Ilok activation, and East West Installation Software. Video discusses various license types and their differences. Here's the link: Thanks...
  4. Cory Pelizzari

    Does Hollywood Choirs Hold Up?

  5. Jdiggity1

    Dragon Racing - HTTYD2 (Hollywood Orchestra Gold Mockup)

    I don't know about you lot, but I think it's about time we kicked the Star Wars opener out of top-spot for mockup testing, so here is yet another attempt at mocking up a cue from the How To Train Your Dragon series. This was made exclusively with East West Composer Cloud, and the stock Cubase...
  6. R

    Unable To Install EW Installation Center on Hackintosh

    Hello, I am a brand new member of both the VI Control and the Hackintosh community. I have just completed my very first Hackintosh. Its primary purpose is for recording/performing live with virtual instruments through Mainstage. After installing Sierra I signed up to 'Composer Cloud', but...
  7. N

    Composer Cloud and iLok License Errors

    I have submitted a ticket to EastWest's support team, but thought I would check in here to see if anyone else is having similar problems, and, of course, to see if anyone has any possible solutions. -- I booted up my slave PC yesterday morning, and when loading templates, I had PLAY...
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