1. Leslie Fuller

    CAIFF (California Independent Film Festival) 2021 Scoring Competition Now Open!

    Just received notification this evening of the CAIFF 2021 Scoring Competition. The link below takes you to the Competition page with relevant information, and a further link in that page goes to the entry form. The film will be provided on payment of a $15...
  2. Angora

    Spitfire Audio x DC - Scoring Competition Create your own score to an exclusive clip for a chance to win every Spitfire Audio library, a signed score manuscript and a mentoring session with top composer, Pinar Toprak! Spitfire Audio is delighted to have teamed up with A-list composer Pinar Toprak...
  3. Leslie Fuller

    Rec Change - Scoring for Social Change Film Scoring Competition 2021

    Hi Everyone, I’ve just noticed another Film Scoring Competition, which “slipped under the radar”. Unfortunately, registration has been open from 1st May, and the submission deadline is 30th June 2021! The film to be scored (Merma) can be downloaded for free using a Google Drive link, and on...
  4. dhmusic

    Short Gothic Horror/Dark Fantasy Score - Feedback Please?

    Hi! I entered a piece into the Best Service/Sonuscore and wanted some feedback. I posted it to the main competition thread last week but, alas, I think I was too late to the party haha. Not sure if anyone even saw it. Instead of going through my usual self-defeat patterns (seriously screw...
  5. Leslie Fuller

    9th International Film Music Competition 2021 (as part of the 17th Zurich Film Festival)

    Another Major International Film Scoring Competition announcement! Registration is open from 3rd May, with a submission deadline of 18th June 2021. The 8 minute film to be scored can be downloaded for free upon request, and on acceptance of certain conditions! A competition entry fee is...
  6. Leslie Fuller

    Abbey Road Studios Film Scoring Competition Announced!

    Just seen another Film Scoring Competition announcement, this time by the famous Abbey Road Studios, in London. This one is time limited, with an entry deadline of 24th April. See below for details...
  7. reborn579

    Checkout my entry into the Metapop Absynth Interstellar Competition

    i know i posted a song in this category just recently, but i promise i won't advertise a new song every day :) that being said, here's my entry into the metapop absynth interstellar competition (that is a very long title :P). it's a very ambiental and experimental piece which doesn't attempt to...
  8. Leslie Fuller

    Indie Film Music Contest 2021 just announced

    Just received notification of another contest about to start shortly!
  9. Leslie Fuller

    FMC 2021 Competitions

    Just received notification of a YouTube video from FMC, which is their trailer for the various competitions being run: I think these are all paid competition entries.
  10. João Pinto

    BIFSC 2021 Results

    Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2021 Finalists (In alphabetical order) Ferenc Bátri Mauro Caspanello Yigit Deriga Miklós Harsányi Christopher Kennedy Zane Lowry Dmitry Lubenskiy Alberto Luengo Paul Robert Jason Stamatyades Congratulations everyone!! PS: I was not selected, but...
  11. Navid Lancaster

    My Scorerelief 2021 Entry

    Had lots of fun composing the music for this resocre competition. Using the four notes of the girl knocking as a leitmotif. Hosted by The Cue Tube and Northern Film Orchestra. Score Relief is also raising funds in support of the Backup Hardship Fund, which provides relief to technical workers...
  12. O

    Montreal international film scoring competition Decembre 10th, 2020 - Beginning of the competition The Specialized Diploma Program in Film Music at the Université du Québec à Montréal and the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois are proud to announce the sixth edition of the Montreal...
  13. O

    Oticons Faculty Competition 2021 General Rules Composers from all over the world and from all walks of life are eligible to participate in the Oticons Faculty Competition. There are no limitations or other parameters that may account for non-eligibility and inhibit anyone from entering it...
  14. creativeforge

    Licensing music for skating competitions

    I'm curious if anyone has done this in recent years, and what the process was like? Are there outfits specialized in taking care of matching music to skaters, is this all personal to the athletes, and how do you suggest your work, etc? Thank you!
  15. Lassi Tani

    My entry to Pannonia Film Music Competition 2020 - Kincsem

    Hi! This is my entry to Pannonia Film Music Competition 2020. Any comments appreciated, hope you enjoy! :)
  16. P

    Cremona Quartet Remix Competition

    Hey everyone, This looks interesting - anyone attempting this? Cremona Quartet Remix Competition
  17. fedelecuo

    My first time scoring to picture #SpitfireWestworldCompetition

    Hi! This is the first time that i compose a piece for a film scene. I will really apreaciate if you watch my entry for the Spitfire & HBO westworld competition and give me your opinion Thank you! if you also are participating in this competition, feel free to show me your entry, i will love to...
  18. fedelecuo

    My entry for #WestworldCompetition

    Hi! This is the first time posting on this website and also the first time that i compose a piece for a film scene. A friend of mine recomended me this place because of the great community that it has. I will really apreaciate if you watch my entry for the Spitfire & HBO westworld competition...
  19. Peter Satera

    Spitfire Audio: Westworld Scoring Competition

    Spitfire Audio have teamed up with HBO's Westworld for a scoring competition! The scene is from Season 3 episode 5, a car chase scene. One winner will win the Everything Drive, which has all their libraries as well as a signed Westworld prop and signed Vinyl. Fiver runners up will win the...
  20. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron - Rainy Day Song-Writing Competition (Win The Omega Bundle)

    Learn more: As composers, we have to be ready to create music, rain or shine. Yet, even when skies are grey, the power of music can bring a silver lining to the clouds. So, we wanted to sponsor a song writing contest...
  21. New_Loops

    WIN a £40 coupon! - New Loops Survey and Competition

    New Loops is running a survey and competition with a chance to win a £40 coupon to spend on audio samples and synth presets at The short survey is around 15 questions about sample and preset packs and only takes 3 or 4 minutes to complete. When the survey closes, 4 winners...
  22. PeterBaumann

    Danny and the Wild Bunch - 8th International Film Music Competition 2019

    Thought I'd share my entry to this year's Forum Filmmusik/Zurich International Film Music Competition, which is a re-score of Robert Rugan's brilliantly quirky animation, Danny and the Wild Bunch. I'll post a version with the notated score or a pdf when I get a moment. It's a shame the...
  23. VinRice

    Zurich Film Competition

    So this was my entry for the Zurich Film Scoring competition. Didn't make the final, and didn't expect to. These competitions are intense learning experiences that really make you focus on improving your weaknesses. Any prizes would be just icing on the cake. I scored it in a somewhat 'retro TV...
  24. jcuno

    Competition with Prizes from Samplemodeling, 8dio, Eastwest, VSL...and Lorne Balfe is a judge

    updated 12/1/2018: The submission period for this contest is now over. We will be announcing the winners on our facebook page shortly after December 14th 2018 Your friends at the Virtual Orchestration Facebook group are having their first composer midi only competition. In the process, we may...
  25. SBK

    | Soundscape Sound Design | CONTEST |

    Dear Producers and Sound Artists, Our Soundscape Contest has been Extended to 14th December 2018 5:00 PM PST Because its Holidays and many of you asked it for we couldn't say no! * Already submitted entries can be updated in the already sent Entry Email Thanks all for your understanding...
  26. Time+Space

    WIN: AAS Integral bundle - the ultimate physical modeling package with over £1,800-worth of plugins!

    Applied Acoustic Systems (AAS) is the world-leader in physical modeling software instrument plugins for musicians and sound designers. This year marks their 20th birthday and to celebrate we're giving you the chance to win one of two copies of the incredible integral collection each containing...
  27. SampleHero

    Announcing SampleHero’s - 2nd Scoring Competition!!

    Announcing SampleHero’s 2nd Scoring Competition!! The Winner will receive SampleHero’s prestigious “Outstanding Composition Award," to display in their studio! All currently available SampleHero products! (That's over $1,000.00 in goodies!) Their name, face and track will be featured on the...
  28. B

    CAIFF Film Scoring Competition

    Hey guys! Does anyone know about the CAIFF Film Scoring Competition? I've participated in this once and it was great fun, then I missed last year competition and don't wanna miss again... in the oficial site there is some outdated information, and the contact info doesn't work...
  29. Time+Space

    ENDS TODAY! Win software and samples worth over £2.7k in our new competition

    What better way to kick-start your creativity in 2018 than with an abundance of new software and samples?! Thanks to some of our brilliant brands we've got a prize bundle of effects plug-ins, virtual drums, guitars and synths plus sample libraries worth over £2700 to give away to one lucky...
  30. Ilko Birov

    Spitfire Audio - Albion ONE Trailer Competition

    Hi everybody, Hope you all have a happy New Year's eve, and 2018 is a good one. Here is my submission to the latest Spitfire Audio competition, enjoy:
  31. DanielOutro

    Remix Competition with Free Samples

    Hey friends, Outro is running a remix competition using free samples from our site! Here's how it works: Download all three samples from Outro (they're free!) Chop, twist and slice the samples into a new track. All genres of music are game. Post the finished track in the comment section of...
  32. Time+Space

    Win NI Komplete Kontrol 88-note keyboard and huge software bundle

    Happy birthday to us! This year we´re celebrating our 20th anniversary and kicking things off with our biggest ever competition giving you the chance to not only win a Native Instruments keyboard but also an outstanding collection of NKS compatible plug-ins from some of our top brands. To...
  33. pagliacci

    Late submission, but still a great exercise, revealing DAW experience...

    I was too late for the competition, but I threw myself into this, as my very first full blown attempt at scoring a dramatic scene. Cubase 8.5 Pro was an ornery cuss not accepting any tempo changes without changing the length of the video. There still might be a solution, but I haven't found it...
  34. Adam Lukas

    How does one score a scene where no music is actually needed?

    Hello guys. I'm in a somewhat strange situation. I'd like to participate in a renowned competition where I have to do a rescore of a 4-minute scene. I once had the pleasure to be part of the Hollywood Music Workshop with Conrad Pope - he back then stated: "Don't score the obvious". He also...
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