1. Jkist

    I made a Reaper color map / custom keyroll

    Good people of the forums! I bring to you great tidings of comfort and inspiration. This is my custom color map and keyroll, painstakingly developed over entire nights for various hours. These assets have been meticulously designed by hand and eye, each color carefully considered and selected...
  2. A

    Cubase 10 & 10.5 custom colors

    Thought i'd share my 128 color set for Cubase 10 and 10.5. This was inspired by Dawlab. I wanted to get it from them but their website hasn't been working. This made me work on it myself. In case someone is wondering about that neon green, I use it for highlighting MIDI parts or tracks...
  3. R

    Using Saturation Instead of EQ

    Hi Everyone, I've been mesmerized by the Alan Meyerson video like most of us here. I've googled and googled about using saturation instead of EQ (as he says he does regularly) and have turned up next to nothing. I'm very interested in this secret technique so I'm going to share my thoughts and...
  4. d.healey

    Sublime Text HEX Colors

    I'm trying to set the bar color of a table in Sublime KSP but the compiler is throwing an error for most hex codes I enter. Is there a list of the HEX codes that will work? Thanks.
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