classical music

  1. K

    Mockups of music that isn't public domain.

    Curious about the rules when it comes to creating mockups of non-classical music. If I were to upload mockups, or a series of mockups of film music excerpts, could I get dinged on copyright claims on sites like youtube and twitch?Reason I ask is when Modern Scoring Brass comes out I'm planning...
  2. cliffordmartin

    Classical String writing "Chamber strings"

    String Writing Practice from awhile back, Thanks for listening!
  3. B

    Do the movie scores have their own merits as a distinct music genre?

    Do the movie scores have their own merits as a distinct music genre or just a derivate of earlier works? Apart from the visual context, would it be unfair to call it a watered down classical music?
  4. arpegiah

    Highlights from my "Fantasies" Album

    Highlights from my first album coming up in Februarie 22, 2019.
  5. Jos Wylin

    Joseph Fiala - audio removed

    Sorry, but I had to delete this post due to arrangements made with the owner of the original score some months ago. He reminded me that I wasn't allowed to publish anything of it, not even the audio file. Although the music is public domain, I will respect our arrangement. I apologise for the...
  6. Dear Villain

    What Will Become of Us?

    I'm pleased to share my latest orchestral work, "What Will Become of Us?" featuring all VSL, including a blend of Synchron and Orchestral Strings. An orchestral tone poem inspired by "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Since our dawn to inevitable dusk A question implanted in our mind A question...
  7. Dear Villain

    Greetings (again!)

    Hi all, I've been on the forum for a couple of years now, while plugging away making music like everybody else. The only thing is, I've really avoided putting my stuff out there via Soundcloud, social media, etc. and have finally taken the plunge to launch a soundcloud page. I already have...
  8. Dear Villain

    Greetings all! Just thought I'd take a moment and introduce you to my new website, To coincide with the launch of the site, I've released a brand new album of orchestral music which I hope you'll check out here Cheers! Dave
  9. Dear Villain

    A piano trio made with VSL

    I played the piano part in, which does a lot for the realism, in my opinion. Hope you'll listen, comment, and enjoy :) Dave