1. Vladinir

    Cmusic Production releases "SOLO Clarinet" for Kontakt

    Cmusic Production has released the SOLO Clarinet in B Library for Kontakt. The SOLO Clarinet Kontakt library is designed to allow the user to realistically simulate almost any melody that a real clarinet in any style can play - whether it's jazz, classical or folk. It was recorded using two...
  2. MOMA

    "The Unpredictable Journeys of Archibald Whim" – a favourite theme in raw costume

    Hello! Now this is a gamble. I did work on this theme for a suite called "The Unpredictable Journeys of Archibald Whim" when most of my machines broke down, leaving me with Natives Essentials and some woodwinds and brass from the same basic quality. Still the theme itself I do think is a strong...
  3. onnevan

    Classical music dynamics in Ableton Live

    Hi everyone! I struggle trying to do the music more dynamic in Ableton, classical techniques are very complicated to replicate, glissandos and rubato for example or making a composition in "free time", with variable bpm. Also the change ¡n volume, intention, accents and all those kind of...