1. xanderscores

    Choir sample "newbie" considering Cinesamples' Voxos 2 - good idea?

    I've rarely used choir before and if so then the ones included in the VI Special Edition. Now I feel it's time to upgrade. After watching a few product videos, I was especially impressed with Voxos 2. Why? Because of * the auto voice-leading feature spreading chords between the different...
  2. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples - Taylor Davis Violin (Reviewed)

    Hey friends! Today we'll be reviewing a wonderful new library from Cinesamples, featuring video game violinist herself Taylor Davis. Please enjoy!
  3. Bluemount Score

    OT MA1 Horns a9 vs. Cinesamples Twelve Horn Ensemble

    I'm in fact very happy with my fff MA1 Horns and don't really know of anything better. Still, does anybody own both and could provide a comparison to the 12 Horns Library from Cinesamples? Do 3 more Horns really add something worth noticing? Do they get as loud as Metropolis Ark? etc.
  4. Time+Space

    Save up to 89% - new deals at Time+Space!

    We've just added a host of new offers to the T+S store and don't forget to redeem your loyalty points to save even more! 50% off AAS instruments and effects PLUS 2 free Sound Packs of your choice worth £58:
  5. Kubler

    Sony Room Tone : how to use it ?

    Hi everyone ! I discovered this freebie recently and was a bit puzzled at first. I guess it is meant to add an element of realism and cohesiveness to a mix made of perfectly processed virtual libraries. I read someone's comment that said it added some kind of subtle "texture" to the sound...
  6. ChrisSiuMusic

    So this sounds fun...

    I should've expected this from such fungi's...I mean fun guys..o_O Okay I'll just leave this here.
  7. Bluemount Score


    So what's your favorite Trumpet Ensemble / Solo patch / library? Dynamic range is always appreciated. True legato a must. I'm mainly looking for a heroic, loud sound that doesn't need too much tweaking. I've already had Cinesamples Core / Pro in mind but haven't been able to find too many audio...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    Reviewing Cinesamples' MONSTER Low Winds

    Hey all! Let's dive into the newest product from Cinesamples; a fantastically recorded woodwind library that'll add a major punch to your palette.
  9. Arise

    VOXOS 2 and Olympus Elements, main differences?

    Hey guys, I don't really have a dedicated choir library, however I do have the choirs in Metropolis Ark 1. I was looking to expand with a dedicated, versatile (can do lower and higher dynamics well), intuitive and easy to use choir library. I am a bit limited on my choices, as: - it needs to be...
  10. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples - Voices Of War (A Seriously Menacing Choir Library)

    Hey friends! Today let's discuss a new Cinesamples library called 'Voices of War'. This one focuses on Vikings, war, and even death, so it's perfect for those intense situations where you need a touch of darkness in your score. Enjoy!
  11. Bluemount Score

    CineWinds Core vs. Symphonic Woodwinds

    Cinesamples CineWinds Core or Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds What would be your choice, overall and mainly in terms of realism. Which one blends better in the mix with other libraries? NI Symphony Series Woodwinds would be a third choice of mine, but I don‘t think it can compete with the other...
  12. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples: 90's Retro Trumpets (A Review)

    Hey composers! In my final video of the year, I wanted to end off with a review of one of my favourite libraries to date, and this is the 90's Retro Trumpets from Cinesamples. It's a beautiful library intended for soaring trumpet melodies. Please enjoy!
  13. dog1978

    Voxos2 Upgrade question

    I owned Cinesamples Voxos. Now I downloaded the files for the update Voxos2. At the screenshot you see at the left my Voxos1 files, perfectly working. At the right side the downloads of Voxos2 (zip file and rar files) unpacked. I see the sample folder, but no instruments and so on. Can somebody...
  14. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples: ancient bones

    Instant buy for me. Halloween theme coming out next Wednesday using this library.
  15. Time+Space

    14th September - This week's new music production news and offers

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at New iZotope RX 7 Get Cinematique Instruments Vertigo and...
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    I Can't Wait.

    Holy crap I'm so hyped...
  17. TheMetalborn

    Starting a Kontakt library...

    Hello everyone, fairly new to the forum. I have begun composing for my own personal project. The project is Progressive Death Metal with Cinematic Elements set in Space. I am currently using East West Quantum Leap Composer Cloud and I’m honestly not crazy about the samples themselves. As a...
  18. Callum Hoskin

    What String Library Should I Buy???

    I currently own VSL Special Edition Strings Vol. 1 and East West Hollywood Strings which is my main string library. I am now looking at getting another string library like Cinestrings, Spitfire Symphonic Strings or Hans Zimmer Strings. I just wanted some opinions on these string libraries and...
  19. Epicurse

    FS - Cinesamples Voxos 2 - Kontakt license

    Hello everyone, Cinesamples licenses cannot be resold per their EULA. Thx, Epicurse.
  20. Epicurse

    WTB - VOXOS 2 Epic Choirs by Cinesamples

    I would like to buy VOXOS 2 Epic Choirs by Cinesamples from you... Please PM me for an offer I can't refuse. Thx, Epicurse.
  21. Pianistikboy

    Seven Kings - New mix + choir and percussions

    Hey everybody, I've made a new mix of my orchestral piece 'Seven Kings'. I've also added a choir and some percussions like taikos. I think the music is better like this. I would be happy to have your impressions and feedback on it. Thank you !! And thanks for listening !
  22. arpegiah

    New Cubase Pro 9 & 9.5 Expression Maps Available

    Hi guys, it`s been a while, busy finishing my new single "Shepherds journey" New Expression Maps are available on my website. Latest add on are Metropolis Ark 3, Hollywood Choir Gold, CineSamples-CineBrass Core, Albion One and EW-Voices Of The Empire. Now the Custom Expression Maps comes with...
  23. A

    Predator Theme for virtual orchestra

    I had a pop at recreating Alan Silvestri's Predator Theme with virtual instruments. The libraries are shown in the video along with some broad analysis of the harmony. What do you guys think?
  24. ChrisSiuMusic

    CineSamples' CinePiano

    A review of CinePiano:
  25. Rach

    New Nonprofit Supporting Composers With Disabilities

    Able Artist Foundation: AAF is a new nonprofit in the United States created by me, Stephen Letnes, and I think it can be of service to many people who belong to this forum. Who is it for and what do you do? AAF supports people with disabilities on government assistance...
  26. kurtvanzo

    Cinesamples issues.

    I really appreciate the recent update to Cinebrass Core, and really have tried to support Cinesamples in the past with posts as well as purchasing most of what they have. But for existing customers Cinesamples has some bass-ackwards way of doing things. For example, Now that Cineharps is $179 I...
  27. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Deals - Day 3

    Hi all It's been another busy day here at T+S HQ with a raft of new deals added to the website. Here's a summary of what's new today... 78% off Toontrack EZkeys Mellotoon 64% off four EZKeys MIDI Packs 50% off Vir2 Instruments (MOJO Horns, Aeris, Acou6tics) 70% off selected Big Fish sample...
  28. A

    Danny Elfman | The Simpsons Theme | Re-make

    A complete re-make of Danny Elfman's infamous Simpsons Theme. What do you guys reckon? Any pointers? Woodwinds: Spitfire Audio Symphonic Woodwinds Brass: Cinebrass Core & Pro, Sample Modelling Trumpets and Trombones, Albion FX Percussion: Spitfire Joby Burgess Percussion, Harp = Orchestral...
  29. C

    Hello from Melbourne!

    Hey everyone, I'm a freelance composer based out of Melbourne, Australia. I've been lurking here a few months but want to be more involved in the community. I've been composing for a number of years but only really seriously since I finished uni at the end of 2013. Since then, I've been...
  30. N

    Walt Disney logo mock up

    Hey guys! I know it's been a while, but I did another mock up. Please check it out and comment. Thank you! Walt Disney logo mock up (1990-2006)
  31. C

    CineBrass PRO: Installer Can't Find .RAR Files

    Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to install the latest v1.6 of CineBrass PRO on my computer, but I am having trouble with a seemingly incorrect "missing .rar files" error message, which prevents the install. I am following the same exact procedure that led to a successful...
  32. A

    Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo - Mock-up

    A complete re-recording of Bernard Herrmann's iconic main theme from "Vertigo" (1958), realised with virtual instruments. Spitfire are supposedly releasing a specific Herrmann collaboration, but in the meantime, these sounds work well. What do you think? Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio...
  33. A

    My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra - Part 2

    Hello, I had a lot of fun doing the first one of these and learned a few things, so decided to do another to see if I could better it. What do you think? Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings & Orchestral Tools OSR Brass: Cinesamples Cinebrass Core and Cinebrass PRO Woodwinds...
  34. S

    Short duet featuring Tina Guo legato cello and Piano in Blue

    Just picked up these two libs from Cinesamples last week. Was inspired to write "to the samples." Though not written for a film, this is sort of my imagination of what film music is (it's also pretty romantic). Would love feedback 'bout the piece and the mockup. I used those two libs. I...
  35. A

    Predator OST "Payback time" - Alan Silvestri - Mock up

    Hiya, As a big fan of Alan Silvestri and Predator, I had a pop at mocking up one of the cues from the score with a bunch of libraries. Was a really useful learning tool. It contains great orchestration and a heck of a lot of mileage from small ideas thrown around the orchestra. Harmony is...
  36. Rick Horrocks

    Backdraft OST Remake - 'You Go, We Go' (Hans Zimmer)

    A follow on from the thread I posted yesterday in the 'Composition, Orchestration & Technique' forum where I posted a video showing what libraries I used to create this. Here's the track on Soundcloud. Let me know your thoughts :thumbsup: Cheers :)
  37. M

    Cinewinds vs Sonokinetic Winds vs EWQLSO winds

    Still grappling with Black Friday decisions: Cinewinds and Sonokinetic winds are both on sale this weekend. I'm debating whether to pull the trigger on one of them. I like the runs in Sonokinetic. But I would also like to get solo instruments, which it does not have. I've been using the...
  38. willbedford

    100% Cinesamples composition - Searching for the Light

    Hi all, This is the first composition I've posted here - a hybrid/fusion demo written for Cinesamples, featuring only their libraries. Here are the libraries I used: Cineperc Complete Descant Horn Dulcimer and Zither African Marimba & Udu (new library released this week) Cinestrings CORE...
  39. N

    20th Century Fox Fanfare

    Hey guys! I haven't posted any music on this forum before, so I thought I'd start with this. I know it's been done before, but I wanted to try and get it to sound as close to the real thing as possible. Thanks for listening! Mock Up Reference
  40. J

    Demo with Cinestrings Solo

    Short and sweet. Dig the library.
  41. Pianistikboy

    World of Life (piano & orchestra) - Hollywood Strings Diamond, Cinewinds & Cinebrass

    Hi guys ! Here is my music for piano and orchestra entitled 'World of Life'. It gives an overview of the capacities of the beautiful Hollywood Strings Diamond vst, and also Cinewinds and Cinebrass. Let me know your impressions. I hope you'll like it ! Thanks for listening. Anthony
  42. Pianistikboy

    Earth - Hollywood Strings Diamond, Cinewinds & Cinebrass

    Hi ! I have composed a music with Hollywood Strings Diamond, Cinewinds and Cinebrass, entitled 'Earth' : let me know what you think about it. I hope you'll like it ! Thank you. Anthony

    New to VI - New Year, New Studio !!

    Hello and a happy new year to you all. I've just joined VI having discovered the forum completely by accident. And wow, looks like I've missed out on so much useful and constructive content, tips and helpful banter. Anyway, just wanted to intro myself. I'm actually more of an amateur these...
  44. toddkedwards

    Cinesamples Blend/Layering with other Libraries?

    Anyone using Cinesamples libraries such as: CineWinds Core CineStrings Core CinePerc Core CineBrass Pro & Core What other libraries do you tend to blend/layer with them, or what libraries have you found that blend/layer really well with them?
  45. X-Bassist

    Cinesamples Biggest Sale

    Cinesamples started their BF sale, 40% off- usually their best price. Voxos, which listed for $799 less than a year ago, is now $299- wow. I missed this last year, so hoping others don't. :)
  46. rottoy

    Chevaliers De Sangreal - Hans Zimmer - Mockup

    A short little arrangement of that wonderful theme from the Ron Howard films, as composed by Hans Zimmer. Decided to take my solo strings libraries for a spin. Please don't be mad, Hans! :ninja:
  47. A

    Slow piece to test Cinestrings sample library

    This is a short piece featuring Cinestrings Core along with a few other instruments that are part of Hollywood Orchestra Gold. I don't play piano, so I made a conscious effort to make the instruments feel like they were played (using MIDI CC etc.). Any advice and critique is welcome. Thanks...
  48. cAudio


    Hi, I got Cinebells after reading this thread: The instruments sounds great and the first day I used it without any problems. After that I had big problems using it. After a few seconds use...
  49. Pianistikboy

    BERCEUSE, 3rd piano solo piece by Anthony Sylvestre (feat. Piano in Blue)

    Hi ! I'm Anthony Sylvestre, french composer. Last August, I have composed a new piece for piano entitled 'Berceuse'. I didn't thought of composing a new piece of piano soon because my previous piece 'Le Piano Supendu' was difficult for me to complete. Finally, I'm happy to have completed this...
  50. GhostXb

    Waltz of the Flowers short demo

    Sup. I made a short demo of Waltz of the Flowers, just as an exercise and to see what I can do with it. I might be compelled to finish it some time. Thoughts? Feedback? Samples used: 8dio Agitato Grandiose Legato - Cello - Cello Divisi - Viola 8dio Agitato Arp.Legato & Ostinato: Violin 1...