1. ChrisSiuMusic

    Checking out Thomas Bergersen's Humanity: Chapter II!

    Hey everyone! Have you been listening to Thomas Bergersen's Humanity albums so far? Any personal favourites? You can tell that Chapter 2 is very personal to Thomas, and deals with very intimate subjects. I hope you enjoy this short reaction and analysis; there's a lot to learn from this music!
  2. Time+Space

    LAST CHANCE! Final few hours to get 40% off ProjectSAM S4 Pandora

    ⚡LAST CHANCE⚡ It's the final few hours of the ProjectSAM flash sale, where you can get 40% off Symphobia 4 Pandora! Over 140 GB of orchestral risers, rolls & crescendos! Give your action, sci-fi, and horror scores a blockbuster boost with the fourth volume in ProjectSAM’s acclaimed Symphobia...
  3. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Hammers + Waves

    Get it here:
  4. Time+Space

    Welcome sonora cinematic to time+space

    Welcome Sonora Cinematic to the T+S store! If you're a Native Instruments Kontakt user creating cinematic, ambient or experimental music head on over and take a listen! Right now there's an intro 20% off PLUS spend £26/$30 and get Zero-G's huge Herz-OG synth for free! SHOP HERE
  5. TRKStudios

    "Forgotten Horizons" - 3rd Cinematic Music Album

    It was finished 5 years ago, but better late than never to get it out into the world. This is definitely the most eclectic of my three cinematic music albums and was a lot of fun to work on. Hope you find something on it to enjoy!
  6. ChrisSiuMusic

    Debut Album 'Freedom' - Singles + Full Release!

    Hi friends, I'm very proud to share my lead single 'Spark' from my debut album 'Freedom'. Inspired by Pixar's Soul, this song tells the story of someone who is feeling lost and overwhelmed, but can be comforted knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that hope is never lost...
  7. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron [NEW RELEASE] Voice of Wind: Connie for Kontakt Player

    Learn More: Voice Of Wind: Connie is the fourth volume in our modular female solo vocal series Voices of Wind. Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and...
  8. K

    Heavyocity Gravity: worth it in 2021?

    Considering getting heavyocity gravity while it's on sale. Is it worth it in 2021 or are there alternatives that came out in the past 5 years that are better? I'm specifically interested in the impacts and whoosh designers, partly for scoring but for song as well. I'm looking for something...
  9. Time+Space

    New Toontrack EZkeys Cinematic Pads with deals for new and existing EZkeys users

    Toontrack EZkeys Cinematic Pads is a totally unique virtual instrument based around several analogue and modular synths as well as a vintage grand piano and an electric GuitarViol. Together, these components form a never-before-heard hybrid instrument of reverberant, peculiar, fluttering...
  10. Tatiana Gordeeva

    Shamanka - Ogoy, my latest piece and an Emergence Audio Quantum official demo

    Recently I was offered the opportunity to try Emergence Audio's latest family of products, including Quantum. I found their ethereal sounds very inspiring and decided to use them in my latest project, an ambient suite called Shamanka. Shamanka (the female shaman) is set in the Lake Baikal area...
  11. Time+Space

    90% SAVING - Zero-G Cinematic Toolbox MAX Edition

    A massive selection of cinematic sounds, fx, ambiences, drones, stings, hits, and more with a huge 90% saving! The Zero-G Cinematic Toolbox MAX Edition contains four of Zero-G's critically acclaimed cinematic multi-format sample libraries, guaranteed to cover almost any requirement for sound...
  12. tomwolfe

    Tom Wolfe's 'Aurora' for Arturia Pigments out now - cinematic textural presets

    Hey everyone! I’m pleased to announce the release of my new sound bank, Aurora for Arturia Pigments. With a focus on cinematic textures, Aurora contains more than 100 presets and 40 samples for Pigments. From granular soundscapes to atmospheric pads, this set is full of long, morphing textures...
  13. ricoderks

    Project colossal - css template

    Hi everyone! I've been busy with an ambitious template called Project Colossal. Its designed to work with the Cinematic Studio Series. It delivers a clear, transparant orchestral sound. This results in an even better and realistic balance while programming your music. Something very valuable to...
  14. A

    The Big Drum Theory

    So... I wanted to get a new percussion library for Cinematic (sometimes Epic too - But not too interested in very processed and sound design material) I already have Saga, Drums of War, HZ percussion, Drum Fury and other minor stuff. I wanted to get a new one for more options and also some kind...
  15. Rostislav

    RT Sonics Cinematic Spring Sale!!

    Isn't spring the perfect time to upgrade your sound effects collection? Benefit from our 30% off Spring Sale on all our libraries! By award-winning sound designers with credits, such as Soul, Disney+, Diablo 3, Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Mortal Shell, World of Warcraft and many...
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    Need Comprehensive Orchestral Percussion? Check Out CinePerc!

    Hey friends! A recent thread about percussion sparked an idea for this video. I wanted to cover CinePerc, one of the most comprehensive orchestral percussion libraries on the market today. Please enjoy!
  17. GiuseppeS+OS

    MALEVENTUM 2: Arcane Flutes of Native America - $-€ 39 intro restored + Stringache discount

    MALEVENTUM 2 : Arcane Flutes of Native America $-€ 39 Intro deal restored + 32% OFF Stringache (Mangled String Noises - Kontakt) Deal ends July 31st 2021. Maleventum 2 is a Kontakt library inspired by ethnic...
  18. SoundYeti

    Explore a World of Big Picture Sound with Ambition by Sound Yeti – Now On Sale (Special Code Below)

    Are you looking for the freshest tools to help inspire your creative audio genius? Ambition is the perfect instrument for you. Capture breathtaking emotion and deep intensity with awe inspiring ease. Make your musical visions become creative reality, effortlessly, with Ambition. Save 30% on...
  19. SoundYeti

    The Mission of Sound Yeti

    Our Mission is Simple... We strive to provide producers, composers, and musicians of any skill level the tools need to create impactful music. We know how frustrating it can be to feel uninspired. Or maybe you feel like your skill level isn’t enough to make the music you hear in your head. We...
  20. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Most Romantic String Library! What do you use?

    Hey everyone! Today’s video is definitely a passion project - the most romantic string library! We’ll do a comparison of my 3 favourite libs for romantic string lines, and feel free to let me know what your choices are, and what you use. Enjoy!
  21. SoundYeti

    Ambition - Find Your Signature Sound

    A NEW LENS FOR BIG PICTURE SOUND Ambition inspires new vistas of musical exploration, and you become the sonic pioneer. Explore a panoramic trail to undiscovered and timeless soundscapes, emotion filled pads, evolving textures, anamorphic rhythms, elemental keys, and experimental undertones...
  22. Voider

    Reverb on each track vs. Reverb groups

    Fellow composers, how do you approach reverb especially in productions that have orchestra parts in it but aren't classical, e.g. hybrid stuff or cinematic music. Do you find it better to group instruments into the same reverb (for instance based on their distance to the listener) for a more...
  23. gamersensual14

    Best vocal library out of these?

    Hi everyone! I posted a thread a couple weeks ago about what orchestral plugin was best for me, and everyone helped me decide in just a week! :dancedance: Now I'm here with a more specific question, which one of these do you think is the best vocal plugin for each category? Choir There are...
  24. from_theashes

    Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Rescore

    Did another trailer rescore this week for Godzilla vs. Kong: Wasn’t digging the original hip-hop-track so I wrote something more cinematic using the new Spitfire Contemporary Drama Toolkit, Albion ONE, Studio Orchestra, eDNA Earth, Massive X, Damage 2 and my newest purchase Heavyocity Natural...
  25. Cory Pelizzari

    Sound Pack - Cinematic World

    Check it out here:
  26. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinematic Studio Woodwinds: A Review

    Hey everyone! In today's sample library review, let's take a look at the long-awaited release from Cinematic Studios: the woodwinds. How does it hold up?
  27. gamersensual14

    Best library for me?! (Intermediate)

    Hi everyone! Just discovered this forum and I'm finding it very useful! This is my first post ever! :dancer: I'm not a complete newbie in music, but not a professional either. I just started with orchestra composition (through the Evenant course CM1) and I want some guide on what libraries to...
  28. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron - Voice of Wind: Audrey For Kontakt Player | Available Now

    Learn More: Voice Of Wind: Audrey is the third volume in our modular female solo vocal series Voices of Wind. Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and...
  29. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Areia Lite

    Get it here (be sure to ask for a crossgrade price if you own Nucleus or Jaeger):
  30. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Glacier Keys

    Get it here:
  31. jrrshop

    All Audiofier Veevum ambient and cinematic instruments $21 each

    All Audiofier Veevum ambient and cinematic instruments on sale for $21 each, including the new Veevum Astra, Luna, and Terra: Audiofier Veevum A/D $21 Audiofier Veevum Astra $21 Audiofier Veevum Luna $21 Audiofier Veevum One...
  32. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Talos Brass

    Oh, look. It's a video that's not about strings. For those strong of wallet and brave of... wallet, look here:
  33. Rostislav

    The Reaper Blog review - RT Sonics Cinematic World

    Hey guys! Check out one of the latest reviews of our brand new epic trailer SFX library Cinematic World! Created by our team of award-winning sound designers, with credits such as Disney+, Diablo 3, Soul, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthsone, Mortal Shell, Assassn's Creed Valhalla and...
  34. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Best Cinematic Orchestral Libraries For Composers and Songwriters! (Buyer's Guide for 2021)

    This is it my friends. 2020's produced some wonderful fruit (in terms of sample libraries), so let's review some of the best. Please enjoy!
  35. ChrisSiuMusic

    Berlin Symphonic Strings: First Impressions + Walkthrough! (Orchestral Tools)

    Hey friends! In today's library walkthrough, let's examine Orchestral Tools' newest offering, BSS. Enjoy! In my opinion, it boils down to this: The cellos are the standout section of this library. From soaring melodic lines to quick runs, the cellos sound fantastic to my ears. The violas and...
  36. SoundYeti

    All Sound Yeti Plug-ins On Sale Now!

    There is still time to save on all of our music software... Find your sound today, only at!
  37. ChrisSiuMusic

    Writing a Disney style piece from start to finish!

    Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share this video with you, where we'll go behind the scenes of how I composed my piece 'Tranquility', and show you every musical idea that comes to mind as I compose. Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!
  38. SoundYeti

    Sound Yeti Storewide Black Friday Sale

    Find out for yourselves why our users stand by our plugins.. Get inspired today with Sound Yeti. Save BIG on all plugins now through December 4th only when you visit
  39. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Nashville Scoring Strings

    Get them here:
  40. Cory Pelizzari

    Afflatus Strings 1.3 Update

    Get them here:
  41. Kubler

    Score video – My Westworld Scoring Competition entry

    Hey everyone ! I thought about bumping the entry discussions topic, but starting a new thread in this section seems cleaner. I wanted to give a try to making a score video, something I rather enjoy and might keep doing on a regular basis with past and future work ! I decided to start off with...
  42. Bluemount Score

    ... I've probably listened to too much "Mars" (BBCSO, CSB and NI Symphony Series composition)

    ... and of course I don't even dare to compare it to Gustav Holsts original, but it must have been an inspiration in some parts. This track is almost a year old, not in 5/4 and a rather traditional approach (?) to the overused term of "epic music", therefore I somewhat tried to keep it realistic...
  43. Xabierus Music

    One Good Morning...

    Hi! I've been here for a while but now I made an account hehe. I wanted to share one of my recent Tracks that i’ve composed & produced on Cubase Pro 10.5. I hope you like it, it’s in the AAA Form. Genre/Style: Cinematic Music Creative Vision: I wanted to share some good and hopefull feeling...
  44. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Music of Disney: Alan Menken

    Hi friends! I'm beyond excited to share that my newest (and biggest) video has been released on my YouTube channel! Covering some of my favourite Alan Menken/Disney songs, we do an analysis of the melodic, harmonic, structural, and orchestration elements, and see what goes on behind the music...
  45. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Ashen Scoring Cello

    Get it here:,expressive%20and%20emotive%20playing%20style.
  46. PulseSetter

    Best of 2020!! & Xmas Sale DYSTOPIAN GUITARS — PulseSetter Sounds —

    We are excited to announce that DYSTOPIAN GUITARS is out! OVERVIEW TRAILER This is our most ambitious release to date at PulseSetter Sounds as we aimed to cover most of your cinematic hybrid guitar needs. With 3 years in the making and fashioned from the perspective of working...
  47. ChrisSiuMusic

    Reacting to Thomas Bergersen's New Album! (Humanity)

    Hey everyone! Now that all the tracks have been uploaded by TSFH on YouTube, I think it's safe to re-upload my reaction to Thomas Bergersen's album. :) I'd love to know your thoughts! This album is pretty special.
  48. GiuseppeS+OS

    Maleventum - War Horns - DEAL EXTENDED:33% Off + 50% Off other libraries

    Introducing MALEVENTUM - Epic Horns Stabs & Pads - Kontakt library CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: 33% OFF + 50% OFF Other libraries (ends December 31st) Coupon for 33% OFF on Maleventum: SUBVENTUM33 Valid until January 31st 2021 TRAILER...
  49. Emergence Audio

    OUT NOW - QUANTUM - A new evolving cinematic pad library

    QUANTUM is a new evolving pad library. Available Now - Made for the full version of Kontakt 6.3 INTRO PRICE $49 (reg. $99) Our crafted pads, textures, and drones have subtle differences that we executed during the recording process which can last for over 1-2 minutes before repeating. By just...
  50. Ruchir

    Neutron cinematic and making of video

    Hi All I thought I'd share this in case it's useful. The cinematic music video is called 'Neutron', and there's a making of discussion video, where I discuss via a Zoom webinar the workflow for the making of the track. Neutron Making of (workflow) Thanks for watching, Ruchir
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