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  1. S

    CSW, CSB, and CSS Mic positions

    Hello everyone, I am figured out how to use the Cinematic Studio libraries and I was wondering if people could share their settings for the various mic positions.
  2. Jackdnp121

    The Farewell - Emotional Heartwarming song written for Tina Guo

    Hey VI So I've decided to join the #CINEGUO party I decided to go brighter and warmer on the style but still maintaining the emotional part and a more poppy feel to it, I had fun arranging it so I hope you all enjoy this and have a lovely day Peace and Love Jack :D
  3. P

    Possible video comparison of CSW 1.3 vs 1.0 ? Any plans ?

    As I understand it, Cinematic Studio Woodwinds has been quite heavily overhauled in its recent 1.3 patch. A lot of the issues potential customers and reviewers pointed out , seem to be addressed. With this in mind, does either Alex and his team, or anyone who has the newer 1.3 update plan on...
  4. M

    Torn about Brass/Woods libraries...

    So I've been composing for about 4-5 years now and it feels like I'm starting to hit a wall with what I can do with Brass and Woodwinds now that I've actually started scoring projects. Albion One is great for big epic sounds, but doesn't let me compose for instrument sections (plus, I don't...

    Cinematic Studio Brass vs Sample Modeling vs Angry Brass – Trailer Music Comparison

    Hey guys, I made another comparison video of CSB and Sample Modeling, and this time, Angry Brass. Three very different libraries, two highly esteemed, one free. This video features trailer-style music, with brassy horn ensembles, fast repeating trumpets, and low brass ostinati. For anyone...

    Sample modeling vs cinematic studio brass comparison

    Hey guys, I made a comparison video of CSB and Sample Modeling, two very different libraries, both highly esteemed. This video features just legatos in a lyrical setting. For anyone going between these two libraries or just curious how they compare, I hope this helps! Overall impressions: Very...
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