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  1. H

    I'm having a problem with hiss/static.

    I threw a piece together just now to demonstrate the problem. The libraries that I use (Cinematic Studio Strings/Brass/Woodwinds) seem to be pretty quiet, but increasing the volume to my liking just makes the hissing more apparent. Leaving the volume at 0 dB leaves the mix sounding quiet, even...
  2. R

    What would you choose and why?

    I am seeking for a refreshment of orchestra libraries.. A new start so to speak. Current libs, is a frankstein of all kinds.. and i want to make it a bit more less frankenstein. Before you say: but The bbc so options written below are considered a frankenstein setup, it kind of is.. but i...
  3. H

    Cinematic Studio Series Libraries Causing White Noise/Hissing

    I'm working on an orchestral piece in Reaper right now, and the volume of the hissing increases with the dynamics being played by my CS Strings, Brass, and Woodwinds. I otherwise love these libraries, but they really add up to bothersome hiss for me. I've tried using close mics, but I'm not a...
  4. Illico

    Flying Theme from E.T. - John Williams - 100% Cinematic Studio Series

    I would like to share with you my latest mockup done with mainly Cinematic Studio Series libraries. I really enjoyed doing this. This is one of my favorite soundtrack from John Williams. Hope VI Control followers will like it. Libraries used: - Cinematic Studio Woodwinds (CSW) - Cinematic...
  5. TheRealNerevar

    My attempt at epic music

    Hello everyone ! So i've been listening a lot of epic hybrid orchestral music lately, and i thought it would be a good idea to give a try making one myself. Some of you will understand from where i took inspiration. I used in order Woods : Berlin (just the flutes and piccolo for accents and...
  6. frangolupo23

    Cinematic Studio Woodwinds - mic choice for orchestral sound

    Hi all, what are the best mic settings for CSW for a chamber sound? I find the mix mic too up front for that purpose even after adding reverb. I ended up mixing the main mic with a bit less of the overhead in my demo featuring CSW. Did I go wrong?
  7. J

    Cinematic Studio Series VS Nucleus

    Hello all! I am new to the forum but have read many posts on here for info about sample libraries and whatnot. I am just getting started in composing for film/tv/video games. I purchased Albion One a while ago and have done a number of pieces with it. I am not super happy with it tbh. The...
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Cinematic Studio Woodwinds (pt.2 - The Details & Criticisms)

    Get it here:
  9. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Cinematic Studio Woodwinds (pt.1 - The Sound & Value)

    Get it here:
  10. P

    3 (Potentially) amazing libraries releasing by end of year - Which will you buy?

    So we have now found out that not only Vista Strings are coming soon, but also LASS 3.0 (Modern Scoring Strings ) and Cinematic Studio Woodwinds. We have heard demos from CSW and Vista and most agree they sound excellent. A lot of people love Lass , so the sequel looks like it should be a...
  11. F

    Need an advice with choosing an orchestral library for versatile use

    Hello! Since there is a lot of sales atm, I've been thinking about getting some renowned realistic and versatile orchestral libraries. My main goal is to make cinematic music, so mainly soundtracks varied in dynamics, however, I would like to be able to make those "epic cinematic" pieces with...
  12. S

    Cinematic Studio Brass - Legato Switch toggles even if not selected

    Hello I am experiencing a problem with the legato switch in CSB. When I switch the legato mode, the other midi channels in the same Kontakt Instance switch the legato mode too. (but only when I press the space bar to start the playback) Am I missing something? I attached a video where you can...
  13. K

    Cinematic Studio Solo Strings trills only play minor intervals

    Hi, i have recently bought the full Cinematic Studio Series and working on setting up templates for it. I've had some problems with the trills, when i load up first violins in CSSS they work as they're supposed to. But when i load up any other intsruments and play the trills it only works if i...
  14. I

    Cinematic Studio Strings Demo (original composition)

    Hey Everyone! Back again with a quick youtube video. I picked up CSS as my first string library after seeing all the love it was getting on the forum. It definitely didn't disappoint! I've since acquired others, but always come back to this one. The legato scripting is just so smooth. I wrote...
  15. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Cinematic Studio Brass

    Get it here:
  16. Knomes

    5 Pieces on Internet

    Hi, I post here the first five pieces that I shared on internet (a part from a 30 seconds piece of one year ago.) Here is the link to the SoundCloud playlist: To make these pieces I used: Reaper with OTR Cinematic Studio Strings Cinematic Studio Solo Strings Cinematic Studio Brass Ivory II...
  17. Akarin

    Creating Expression Maps for CSS (and CSB/CSSS/CS2)

    Hey all. I've written a long and detailed explanation on how to build Cubase Expression Maps that work with CSS. Due to the way CSS (and all the Cinematic Studio Series instruments) is built, having a proper way to control it via Expression Maps is not straightforward. You can find it here...
  18. K

    BB or CSB?

    I've long been excited about the idea of berlin brass as my new workhorse for brass, but the recent release of CSB has caused me to think twice about purchasing it as a christmas gift to myself. I recently got CSS and was really impressed-even more than I had thought I would be. What lured me in...
  19. Jorgakis

    Some uplifting classic movie track

    Well, I barely had time to compose during the last months but I still try my best to finish something and to improve my composing. This track turned out something between Korngold and E.T. I guess?? I hope you like it anyways! best wishes Jorgo
  20. T

    SCS, CSS ... is it possible to pan the sections wherever you want?

    Edited original post to reflect the shift in focus of this thread to one particular issue: Looking at getting either SCS or CSS for black friday (SCS will be 25% off so around $500 and CSS will be 20% off so around $320) but had a quick question: I noticed that both SCS and CSS are recorded...
  21. Jorgakis

    Love Theme 1992

    Hello, I recently rewatched the 1992's Dracula Movie, and I just love its soundtrack. So I stole the key and the alto flute and the em9-chord from Mina's and Dracula's Theme and did the usual dramatic thing that I always want to do. Some JW's across the stars orchestration is included ofc:D...
  22. Jorgakis

    Korngold-inspired Intro/Prelude

    Hey, spend a lot of time creating an "old style" hollywood introduction (considering its length maybe the most time I've spend for a composition). I know it could've been a little "less", the ideas more simple, but at some point I couldn't go on anymore. The main inspiration was "The Sea Hawk"...
  23. Jorgakis

    1. Mvmt Symphony 0 "Utopia"

    Hello there, this is my try on a rather symphonic opening movement than poem, as I did once. It's called utopia because it somehow has this kind of "forced" enthusiasm and I never thought it would be finishable, because its themes are really hard to fit together:D But I tried it anyways, just...
  24. D

    Cinematic Studio Series - Future release dates???

    Huge fan of the Cinematic Studio Strings I picked up recently. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas when the rest of the series is due for release. Their websites hints 'completion' in 2016. Do we assume that means 'release' as well?
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