cinematic strings

  1. darkneo57

    Best cinematic strings libraries ( spitfire , cinematic studio strings, cinematic strings 2 )

    Hi, I'm french, 34 yo, piano teacher, I am a beginner in computer music. I'm looking for the best strings libraries and also the easiest to use. It would be to make rather epic / cinematic orchestral music( two steps from hells, video games music...) Having subscribed to eastwest's...
  2. nickmurraymusic

    Cinematic Studio Strings (CSS) vs. Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    Hey guys, I did a quick comparison between these 2 popular string libraries. I find they do have a different sound, but actually work well together as well.
  3. H

    Installing CSS on New Computer

    Hello Awesome Community Members, I recently added a much powerful Mac Mini to my workflow (Yay!), in addition to my 2015 MacBook Pro. I already have CSS and CSS Solo libraries installed on my laptop. But I now want to install those on my Mac Mini WITHOUT going through the painful process of...
  4. Grim_Universe

    Carol of the Bells (modern piano version)

    Here we go! My new minimalistic piano piece based on the famous motif.
  5. M

    Getting full orchestra from one developer vs. multiple developers

    Hi all, I’m wondering what your thoughts are about working with orchestral sections from different sample library developers vs. having all sections from the same developer. I’m currently struggling a bit to get several different orchestral libraries to sound as if they’re in the same space...
  6. M

    8Dio Agitato Legato Arpeggio worth it if I have Cinematic Strings?

    Hi all, I know this has been discussed a lot already, but just wondered if someone might have thoughts about my specific situation. I own Cinematic Strings Two and am looking into possibly buying the 8dio Agitato Legato Arpeggio strings while it's still on sale. I'm especially interested in a...
  7. RRBE Sound

    Cinematic Strings 2 - Still worth it?

    Hey all! I was looking to buy Cinematic Studio Strings, but then I considered my budget. - And discovered that Cinematic Strings 2 also is on a sale. But as is has become some years old, I wonder if it would still be good to buy, as my first ''budget'' stand alone string library..? All the...
  8. Jorgakis

    Adagio (Cinematic Studio Strings Only)

    Hello, I recently bought CSS because of several great compositions shared on this forum. I think the sound is really great, the vibrato is the thing I was looking for, BUT...the delay and keyswitching is almost a deal breaker for me... I'm not sure if I can use it properly in a not so...
  9. J

    First Libraries - CSS vs. CineStrings

    So I'm looking at purchasing my first libraries, for strings I'm thinking CSS or CineStrings Core, I am a student so I'm looking to spend as little as possible to get up and running with my own software so I can start making money. I have roughly £1000 to spend including Ableton so I'm looking...
  10. Scamper

    Looking for advice on string libraries (Mural, CineStrings, CinematicStrings 2)

    I'm looking for a proper string library and possible choices for me are: Spitfire Mural 1 CineStrings Cinematic Strings 2 Quick question: Is Mural the obvious choice or would you prefer CineStrings or Cinematic Strings 2 for some of their qualities and features? More specific: Currently, I'm...