cinematic sound design

  1. EvgenyEmelyanov

    Wavelet Audio Introduces TRAILER BOX - Out Now

    Trailer Box is based on reimagined sound design with unnatural feeling created using noise and organics sources. It makes a unique atmosphere — the sounds are not too hybrid or too synthy. The second part of Trailer Box is modern electric guitars — perfect for big and dynamic scores. Mix your...
  2. Elementary Sounds

    Elementary Sounds: WREMENA - a vintage textural and electric guitar library for NI Kontakt

    Hi guys! I'm thrilled to introduce the WREMENA: the vintage textural and electric ghost guitar library for NI Kontakt. It is a recreation of the beautifully sounding handmade PRS guitar which was recorded with help of tubes and transformers, tape recorders, vintage and modern gears and rare...
  3. GiuseppeS+OS

    Maleventum - War Horns - DEAL EXTENDED:33% Off + 50% Off other libraries

    Introducing MALEVENTUM - Epic Horns Stabs & Pads - Kontakt library CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: 33% OFF + 50% OFF Other libraries (ends December 31st) Coupon for 33% OFF on Maleventum: SUBVENTUM33 Valid until January 31st 2021 TRAILER...
  4. C

    Deep Note-ish Sound design in MSoundfactory

    This is just a tutorial I made about how to use the additive synthesis module in MSoundfactory to create something like the famous deep note and other various things. I hope you find this helpful.
  5. APD

    Get 85% off Sound Ideas Cinematic Sound Design Bundle (you save $594)

    For just $99 (you save $594), get this bundle from SOUND IDEAS featuring 2000+ HD sound effects. SOUND IDEAS is an industry-leading Sound Design company. Deal ends soon, hurry and save. Deal Page URL: IN THIS BUNDLE: Destructibles Sound Effects HD Metallic Sounds HD...
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