cinematic piano

  1. Jdiggity1

    Botdog Piano - Cinematic Extended Piano Instrument (use coupon!)

    UPDATE: Some fantastic user demos are starting to trickle in! Click their name to check out their demo: Craig Sharmat, Mikro93 Use Coupon code: BuyMorePianos at checkout for 20% off Botdog Piano ======================= To get you in the mood... AVAILABLE HERE Sampled right here at Casa...
  2. Simone Coen

    Chocolate Audio releases O.D.D. Grand Piano for Kontakt and updates The 88 Series Piano Bundle

    Chocolate Audio has released O.D.D Grand, our different take on the Grand Piano sound. We chose to sample the Yamaha C6 piano in Italy's Art&Music Studios with full detail (11 dynamic levels) but stop before the "ff" dynamic, in order to have a piano with a warm and intimate sound. We carefully...
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