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  1. quickbrownf0x

    A quick sneak preview - my new Inception suite

    Okay, so I've been working on this new, almost 20-minute arrangement/suite/mock-up of the Inception soundtrack for a while now. I think I'm about... 3/4 in and I just finished composing 16+ new bars of it just a few minutes ago, so I figured why not put it out there, see what you guys think...
  2. Soundiron Team

    Composing Cinematic Music with Drum Loops, Ambiences, and One Shots

    In this video Craig Peters builds a cinematic styled track from scratch using the free sample pack provided for Native Instruments Metapop scoring competition. Craig talks about how he layers drum loops, using one shots for accents and impact, using ambiences for adding to the drama, and much...
  3. Sarah De Carlo

    Dramatic Film Music Album using Spitfire Chamber and Solo Strings.

    Hi, I'm working on a collection of film drama music, and I made the album almost entirely using Spitfire Chamber Strings as the main library. I am increasingly convinced that when it comes to intimate and emotional music, SCS is the first choice. The dynamics and the nuances that it offers are...
  4. Michael_Picher

    "Ancient Archeology" (Cinematic Orchestral Piece)

    My latest composition, which was inspired by Jerry Goldsmith's score from "The Mummy", as well as John William's music from the Indiana Jones series!
  5. H

    The Red Order - Orchestral Schore

    A fantasy style orchestral track intended for an upcoming game soundtrack music library package. Critique is welcomed! I did not want to go all in on a church bell so I ended up using a small bell sound (crotales), I think it gives a better effect since I want a more fantasy than christian feel...
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