cinematic composing

  1. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | Composing A Mystical Style Track w/ Francesca Genco

    In this Soundiron Session Craig Peters deconstructs this mystical style track featuring the amazing vocals of Francesca Genco. He breaks down the instrumentation from laying down percussion, drones, adding atmosphere with FX, mixing and mastering and how he used Voices of Gaia Francesca as a...
  2. Ruchir

    My new music cinematic - Uprising

    Hi all, I've created a new cinematic music video. It uses a number of VIs including PercX, Straylight, Orbis. The video uses stock footage from varous sources including (thanks, Pexels).
  3. Zero-G Ltd

    OUT NOW! Zero-G Tension Vectors

    OUT NOW! Created by Adam Pietruszko, the sound designer behind our highly acclaimed Haunted Ground and Other Worlds sample libraries, Zero-G Tension Vectors is a fantastic new multi-format sample library perfect for scoring any picture or game where suspense and emotional manipulations are...
  4. RichiCarter

    Debut Cinematic Album INVICTA

    Morning guys, Hope you're all well! I've just this morning released my debut album, entitled "Invicta", and would love the chance to share it with you. Most of my work has been bespoke in nature, so this has been over a year in the making purely because I haven't had the time! I've embedded...
  5. Time+Space

    Up to 40% off ProjectSam, Rob Papen Predator2, Synthogy Ivory II

    There are some fantastic Autumn deals at Time+Space this month. If you are looking for some inspiration for your next cinematic composition, a super powerful synth used by top producers or if high quality keys are on your menu? Why not discover what you could save on this month at Time+Space...
  6. Sarah De Carlo

    Last production before the holidays :)

    It's time to turn everything off and go to sea! Good listening and good holidays to those who haven't done it yet! ❤
  7. Sarah De Carlo

    'Ghost World' - Emotional Theme/Trailer Music inspired by the TV series 'The InBetween'

    Hi everyone, these days I dedicated myself to the production of a song inspired by a TV series (The InBetween), developing both a trailer / teaser music and a theme. The idea is to produce an entire album (immediately after the deserved vacation :-D) of music suitable for TV Series to propose...
  8. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | How To Write A Dramatic Action Cue

    Hey Everyone! We recently posted a NEW Soundiron Session on our YouTube channel. This time composing in the style of a gritty dramatic action cue ala The Punisher and Breaking Bad. This uses predominately Modern Animated Percussion, Tines & Echoes and some real guitars. Enjoy! If you would...
  9. arpegiah

    Highlights from my "Fantasies" Album

    Highlights from my first album coming up in Februarie 22, 2019.

    Andy Hill - Online Education

    Hi there, So my wife is really supportive of the time and energy I put in to my composing and studio activities, and for birthday got me the new Andy Hill book called "Scoring The Screen" on Cinematic Composing. Its a great book which provides for some really useful insights. So with Christmas...