1. C

    CineBrass Core - Articulation set for Logic?

    I just got CineBrass Core and I'm wondering if there is a Logic articulation set for it. I am completely new to Kontakt and would just like to get started using CB instead of customizing. Articulation sets have worked well for me with BBCSO. I don't like using keyswitches. And I am not spending...
  2. Emanu1674

    About the hanging notes bug with CineBrass

    If you use orchestral libraries a lot, like me, you probably encountered a bug where the notes keep playing even when the music is paused. I've encountered this bug sometimes and after some research, i think i found out the culprit, and i'm going to share here my findings to anyone who might be...
  3. L

    Brass Libraries?

    TL;DR: I want to get some quality brass libraries for making orchestral music, and CineBrass and Hollywood Brass both seem like good options. Looking for opinions on both. (Sorry for the novel in advance!) As of late, I've been really getting into making orchestral music. And I really wanna...
  4. themeworks

    The Mummy: Imhotep Mockup

    And a little more Jerry...
  5. themeworks

    Soarin' by Jerry Goldsmith on Staffpad

    Staffpad rules. After 25 years working from Emagic Logic, through ProTools and Cubase to Sibelius, Finale and Notion, finally somebody has gotten it right. This interface and playback intelligence is groundbreaking. It has essentially erased the achingly fidgety DAW gap between the page and the...
  6. MSutherlandComp

    My first ever mockup of a piece by someone else ... Hiroyuki Sawano

    Hey everyone! This took me about 5 days, so I thought I'd share this mockup I did of the first part of "7Tsuno:the1" by Hiroyuki Sawano. I've never transcribed or mocked up a piece by anyone other than myself before, so it was an interesting experience, to say the least. Different experience...
  7. brandowalk

    Pangea - Jurassic Park Theme Tribute (StaffPad)

    “Pangea” is my submission for the Professional Composer’s Jurassic Park Music Contest (June 2020). Written in the JW orchestration style of course and produced using StaffPad for iOS. Final stem mixing / mastering performed in ProTools. Libraries used were a combination of Cinesamples and...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    Path to Freedom (Official Audio)

    A Disney-inspired orchestral piece to lift your spirits during this time of Covid-19. Enjoy!
  9. ChrisSiuMusic

    Writing A Brass CHORALE Using CineBrass Sonore

    Hi composers! Today's video is another fun one. Let's write a brass-inspired chorale using members of the CineBrass family. Please enjoy!!
  10. Mr Pringles

    [Greg G. Megathread] Romantic power cello piano orchestral suite Hans Hisaishi or Joe Zimmer style

    Hey guys, I'm going to use this thread to regroup my personal orchestral creations, mockup exercises, transcriptions, but also for other genres of music and some previous projects. All in 1. _________________________________ I'd like to share my latest composition which is more of a suite with...
  11. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinematic Studio Brass vs.Cinebrass

    For those with both libraries, I would love to hear your thoughts between these 2 collections!
  12. amadeus1

    8 Top Brass Solo Libraries Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a comparison I just did on Brass Solo Libraries, the legato patch. VSL, 8Dio, Cinebrass, Spitfire, Berlin Brass, Hollywood Brass, Sample Modeling brass, and Symphony Series brass are compared with the legato patch. Thanks, Bill
  13. S

    Small Sketches - Original Composition

    Composite sketches throughout my life. Softwares: Finale, Kontakt, Cinebrass PRO, The Giant Piano, EWQL Symphony Orchestra.
  14. H

    Cinebrass VS. Berlin Brass

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum thing. Anyway, I already have Spitfire Symphonic Brass, EastWest Hollywood Brass and the brass from Metropolis Ark 1 I'm deciding between Cinebrass and Berlin Brass. Please let me know your thoughts on these two (which is more versatile, more user-friendly etc.)...
  15. Maxfabian

    What do you think? New Orchestral/Jazz track!

    Finally I had some time making music! It ended up being some orchestral/jazz stuff. What do you think? Any feedback is more than welcome:) Thanks for listening! Cheers
  16. A

    My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra - Part 4

    My quest to create an authentic sounding vintage orchestra continues. This is my 4th go at it and I think I'm getting a little better with each attempt, although still a work in progress. What do you guys think? Anything I'm missing or could improve? Anybody have more insight into the gear and...
  17. M

    CineString test track by Daniel James: very nice percussion and brass

    Anyone can tell which brass and percussion library were in the test track by Daniel James?
  18. C

    CineBrass PRO: Installer Can't Find .RAR Files

    Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to install the latest v1.6 of CineBrass PRO on my computer, but I am having trouble with a seemingly incorrect "missing .rar files" error message, which prevents the install. I am following the same exact procedure that led to a successful...
  19. A

    Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo - Mock-up

    A complete re-recording of Bernard Herrmann's iconic main theme from "Vertigo" (1958), realised with virtual instruments. Spitfire are supposedly releasing a specific Herrmann collaboration, but in the meantime, these sounds work well. What do you think? Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio...
  20. A

    My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra - Part 2

    Hello, I had a lot of fun doing the first one of these and learned a few things, so decided to do another to see if I could better it. What do you think? Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings & Orchestral Tools OSR Brass: Cinesamples Cinebrass Core and Cinebrass PRO Woodwinds...
  21. toddkedwards

    Question about Cinebrass Pro Full Brass Ensemble - Low Chords patch

    Does anybody know what instruments the Full Brass Ensemble - Low Chords patch in Cinebrass Pro, is made up of? Is it Tuba, Trombone and Horn or just Tuba, and Trombone?
  22. Pianistikboy

    World of Life (piano & orchestra) - Hollywood Strings Diamond, Cinewinds & Cinebrass

    Hi guys ! Here is my music for piano and orchestra entitled 'World of Life'. It gives an overview of the capacities of the beautiful Hollywood Strings Diamond vst, and also Cinewinds and Cinebrass. Let me know your impressions. I hope you'll like it ! Thanks for listening. Anthony
  23. Pianistikboy

    Earth - Hollywood Strings Diamond, Cinewinds & Cinebrass

    Hi ! I have composed a music with Hollywood Strings Diamond, Cinewinds and Cinebrass, entitled 'Earth' : let me know what you think about it. I hope you'll like it ! Thank you. Anthony
  24. Reaktor

    CineBrass & faster legato attacks?

    Hi, I bought CineBrass Core & Emotional Cello yesterday and made this quick draft / test-track of Uncharted Theme. This was just a quick draft done under 60 minutes, so mind the uneven mix and missing harmonic motions. As you can hear the...
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