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  1. amadeus1

    A comparison of 10 solo violas

    Hi guys, Here's a quick comparison of 10 solo violas by a variety of top of the line manufacturers. Best, Bill
  2. amadeus1

    A Quick Illustration of my Mixing process, plugins, and sample libraries that I use to get broadcast quality

    Hi guys, I go through some plugins I usually use when mixing a cue and the steps I take to refine the sound to get broadcast quality. Best, Bill
  3. jrrshop

    IK Multimedia Group Buy and up to 80% off Beatskillz, Best Service, Eduardo Tarilonte, and Chris Hein

    80% off Beatskillz Retro KZ 80's Synth, now $9 instead of $49: IK Multimedia Group Buy, buy 1 and now get 3 more free (T-RackS processors, AmpliTube collections, and/or Lurssen Mastering Console) with the almost certain possibility of getting 6 more...
  4. J

    Spitfire Audio, Chris Hein or Cinematic Studio Strings

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and hope you can help. I'm considering getting a solo and maybe ensemble string collection. The DAW I work with is Cubase. I'm looking to compose piano and strings. The three main contenders that keep coming up are Spitfire Audio, Chris Hein and Cinematic...
  5. amadeus1

    Top 14 Cellos from 11 Top String Libraries

    Hi guys, Here's a video comparing 14 solo cellos. Thanks, Bill
  6. amadeus1

    11 Top Solo Violin Legato Patches Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a link to the solo violin comparisons with descriptions: LA Scoring Strings, East West Solo Violin, EW Symphonic Orchestra Solo Violin, Quantum Leap Gypsy Violin, Vienna Symphonic Library Solo Violin, Chris Hein Solo Violin, Joshua Bell Solo Violin, Friedlander Solo Violin...
  7. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Deals - Day 4

    Hi all Incase you missed any, today the following Black Friday deals were added to Time+Space... 24% off EZdrummer 2 - lowest ever price! 30% off Best Service instruments + free Galaxy X-FX worth £82 with purchases over €99 30% off Chris Hein Solo Strings titles + free additional content in...
  8. reutunes

    Chris Hein Horns for 66% off!

    Hey Controllers... For me, Chris Hein Horns has always been one of those libraries that everybody talks about but I've never been able to justify at the price point. However, now it's 66% off at €169 over at VST Buzz - so there's no excuse not to pick it up. 24 GB of horn solos and sections...
  9. Phryq

    Christ Hein "Solo Orchestra"

    I've always thought Chris Hein has amazing solo instruments. I wonder, has anyone ever composed for a Christ Hein Solo Orchestra? As in, his solo strings, solo woods, and solo brass together to make a very small orchestral sound?
  10. J

    Experience with Cinestrings Solo and Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete?

    As much as i'm impressed from the tone and playability of the CSS, I think in terms of flexibility and longevity i would lean towards Chris Hein Strings. So I have my answer right? Well here is where my conundrum is. I lecture at University sometimes so qualify for Edu discount and the discount...
  11. Naoki Ohmori

    Chris Hein Woodwinds thread

    Hi, I got Chris Hein Woodwinds flute and oboe and am really impressed. Very tweakable but also affordable especially when taking advance of the Best Service 2 for 1 deals. The woodwinds have huge potentials but I don't see much people talk about the library on any forums. So, I created this...
  12. M

    FS:Emotional Cello & Chris Hein Violin

    Emotional Cello: $175 Chris Hein Violin: $100 If you want to buy them both, I'll sign over my Best Service account, which contains these 2 products and Medieval Legends II. I'll pay the Best Service License Transfer Fee. Payment Via Paypal.
  13. E

    Woodwinds advice, combine Chris Hein and VSL?

    Bestservice has the 2for1 sale right now, so that means I could get 2 of the Chris Hein winds for $140, very tempting. Or all 4 for $280, but I think I would rather combine say Chris Hein Flute and Clarinet with one of the VSL Oboes, use Bass Clarinet as a bassoon, and save some money. I saw...
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