1. D

    Chopin - Prelude in E minor (Cinematic studio strings)

    Ok, so I still can't get enough of this library :) Made a little string arrangement of Chopin's prelude in E minor.
  2. Daniel Petras

    Solo Piano recording and sheet music

    A solo piano work I composed and performed several months back. A sort of fuse between Chopin and Ragtime. Piano is my second instrument. I made the sheet music available today for anyone interested: Recording: PDF:
  3. Mundano

    Ego te saluto! Hola, Hello, Hallo, Ciao, Bonjour

    Hi everybody, i am a musician/composer, recording/mixing technician, multi instrumentalist (piano/synths, guitars, violin, recorders, percussion), from Colombia. I have lived in different lands and have enjoyed different cultures. Since december 2015 "V.I. Control Forum" called my attention and...