1. Bluemount Score

    Ethnic choir libraries

    I adore Rhodope2 from Strezov Sampling for various reasons. I would in fact call it my favorite choir library overall. It's just soo well done (like their other choirs). From my perspective, there is a lack in more high quality / flexible (therefore not just pre-recorded phrases) ethnic choir...
  2. S

    I need to do a choir glissando. Any VSTs recommendations?

    I'm composing a piece inspired from Christopher Young's "Drag Me to Hell"(a film from 2009), and I need to do a choir glissando. I tried using the pitch shifter inside my DAW and the pitch shifter from Waves plugins, the results is funny and unnatural like a chipmunk voice. Can anyone recommend...
  3. S

    Armored Core For Answer Choir VST

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure what the best place would be to ask this as it's my first time posting on this forum, so excuse my noobiness; but I was wondering if anyone has an idea what choir library might have been used here (in the first ~2 minutes). The music in question is from Armored...
  4. B

    Choir or Reverb library more important?

    I've been eyeing both Hollywood Choirs and Spaces II by EastWest and with their current sale I was thinking about getting one of them, but not sure which I should go with first, what one would you guys go with first? (I've also been looking into PianoTeq for a while as I've heard some pretty...
  5. J

    What's a good mic to record a nylon string guitar to blend in with strings and choir?

    Looking to mess around with some of my virtual instrument and record some tracks. I want to bring in an classical nylon guitar to blend in with some of my libraries (I play) I will be using Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings and Strezov Sampling Freyja. Right now I'm looking to buy a Cordoba...
  6. Arkain

    LF Dark Choir library, 8dio's Requiem Professional for 35$, worth it?

    Hi! I'm looking for a choir library for my Nordic / Slavic hybrid album. I already have choir essentials, rhodope 2 and olympus elements. I'm looking for something dark, not necessarily ethnic, that can be placed in the background behind instruments or work as a support for solo vocals from...
  7. bleupalmtree

    Which choir are clients looking for now-a-days when it comes to music for background, jingles, short pieces of music: children, women, men, epic?

    Looking to invest in a choir and add one to my tool box. Strezov Sampling is having a HUGE SALE right now. I can only pick one so which one should I go with that would benefit me giving clients what they want when it comes to choir? What's all the rage when it comes to music with choirs that...
  8. clynos

    Two somewhat related tracks

    I accidentally made almost the same melody twice, so I decided it was on purpose and that the tracks are related. Anyway, what do you think of the music?
  9. R

    Searching for a specific Choir sound

    I've been listening to some of Okabe's stuff recently and there seems to be a certain sound to the Choir in his newer works like in Summertime Rendering for example. So I was just wondering what Library might come close.
  10. ongaku

    Does anyone know a good chanting vocal library? (Like Myst IV main theme)

    I'm looking to purchase my first high-quality choir library (I already have VOXOS and Men of the North from that last Cinesamples sale). I'm looking for a sample library that can do epic chanting really well. For example, the chanting in the Myst IV main theme: (Chanting starts at 1:01) I...
  11. jrrshop

    Up to 60% off all EastWest

    Up to 60% off all EastWest, including the newest, best selling Forbidden Planet cinematic synthesizers for $199.50:
  12. bobby b

    Lights of the Distant City (Futuristic Dark Synths) [Electronics]

    An action-style dark electronics in a futuristic setting. Used Neural Networks plugin here, in moderate amount. Comments are welcome. Hope you'll like it.
  13. esimone00

    Audio Imperia Chorus vs. Oceana II

    I'm in the market for an epic choir library, especially for short staccato notes. I already have 8dio Lacrimosa for the sustains which I am happy with, but the shorts leave something to be desired. I have it in my head that I want the Sterzlov choir package because Storm Choir ultimate seems...
  14. Ben

    [NEW] SYNCHRON-ized Voices (Choir, Soloists, Whistler)

    The SYNCHRON-ized Voices Bundle is finally here: - SYNCHRON-ized Solo Voices [€ 210, reg €245]: Seven solo-ists, Coloratura Soprano, Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass - SYNCHRON-ized Vienna Choir: 4 Sections + More [€ 285, reg €325]: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Male Ensemble...
  15. Jonhugo

    Rec'd support, all good

  16. Lord Daknight

    Requiem pro vs Olympus polysustains?

    I'm specifically looking for soloist polysustains with legato, and noticed both these libs can do that, which one sounds more convincing?
  17. jrrshop

    Sound Particles Density introductory sale, now $99 instead of $119

    Sound Particles Density introductory sale, now $99 instead of $119: Density (AAX Native, AU, AUv3, VST and VST3) is an audio effect plugin that uses Sound Particles' unique granular and immersive particle audio algorithms to create layers of...
  18. C

    Sound Particles Density

    " Density is an audio effect plugin that creates various layers of sounds based on the input. With great results in stereo and fantastic ones in immersive, this plugin allows artists to create outstanding ensembles and get incredible spatialization. From music to sound design, from stereo to...
  19. Soundiron Team

    Introducing The Soundiron Student Bundle

    Learn More: The Soundiron Student Bundle is a collection of 5 great virtual instrument libraries specially designed for music students, hobbyists and pros that want to take some of our most popular ensembles for a spin before diving into our more...
  20. Tim Clarke

    Does this vocal library exist?

    I'm curious if any developer has released something that could pass for mid-century Hollywood "wordless" studio vocal ensemble? You can hear examples of this with a lot of Henry Mancini and other light orchestral / easy listening music released in the 50s and 60s. Here's the first example I...
  21. Jos Wylin

    Genesis II, part I, for choir, orchestra and narrator

    Hi, Here's my latest work (part I). After 200 years, man wants to return from outer space to earth after he had destroyed the planet and its nature almost completely. He left it as an arid and lifeless world. He hopes now that nature could have restored itself so that a return would offer him...
  22. Ben

    VSL January Bash: up to 50% Off Voices & Vienna Suite

    That's right: Up to 50% Off through January 31, 2022! - Vienna Choir Standard: € 135 (reg: € 225) Full: € 252 (reg: € 420) - Vienna Solo Voices Standard: € 117 (reg: € 195) Full: € 174 (reg: € 290) - Soprano Choir: € 55 (reg: € 76) - Vienna Whistler: € 32 (reg: € 44)...
  23. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Announce 40% Off Winter Sale

    Learn More: As 2021 comes to a close, it's time to unwrap our last sale of the year on select products perfect for the holiday season! You'll save 40% off select libraries including Mercury Symphonic Boys Choir Micro, Elements, and Ensemble as well as...
  24. V

    Ethnic/Epic Vocals (Solo and Choirs) Roundup

    This is just a note to myself about some libs, but might be useful so feel free to comment if you have more details. Zero-G Ethera Gold 2.5 solo, some choirs female & male multiple legatos lot of phrases versatile, many styles maybe there are better options if you want very specific lib, but I...
  25. Angora

    Do you recognize this choir VST ?

    Hi ! I really love the depth of this choir, do you recognized the VST used ? As it is composed of syllables, at first sight, there shouldn't be a lot of choice I think ?
  26. jrrshop

    60% off almost all EastWest and $400 off Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Diamond

    60% off almost all EastWest and $400 off Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Diamond: EastWest Fab Four $119.60 EastWest Ghostwriter $119.60 EastWest Goliath $119.60 EastWest Gypsy $119.60 EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers $119.60 EastWest...
  27. dinolol

    Warlike choirs

    someone knows a vst that has choruses similar to the ones that appear here at minute 0:14?
  28. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Storewide Summer Sale Starts Now!

    Explore Now: This month marks 10 years that Soundiron has been a company! To celebrate, we're unleashing a 35% off storewide sale on over 160 virtual instruments in our shop. You'll save big on Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries, Bundles and all...
  29. Bluemount Score

    New track incl. Metropolis Ark 1 - 4 + some Strezov Wotan Choir and Ilya Efimov whistle

    Hi together, just released a ("old school epic") track to try out my newly finished Metropolis Ark template, which includes all four libraries of the series. Going to use it more often in the future. Besides that, there is Strezov Sampling Wotan Male Choir in there, NI Session Guitarist Picked...
  30. D

    Help me decide: Wotan or Voices of War

    I’m looking at the current sales and need to limit myself to one of these two libraries. Any input is appreciated. here’s some context as well as some thoughts I had: - I have Freyja and like the sound a lot, haven’t had the chance to use it much yet, though. that’s a plus for Wotan, cause...
  31. nuyo

    What is the name of this choir library ? (Closed)

    Can someone name the Library that was used in the attached example ?
  32. gamersensual14

    Best vocal library out of these?

    Hi everyone! I posted a thread a couple weeks ago about what orchestral plugin was best for me, and everyone helped me decide in just a week! :dancedance: Now I'm here with a more specific question, which one of these do you think is the best vocal plugin for each category? Choir There are...
  33. J

    Best Epic Choir Library

    Hey, I really like that style of choir: Which libraries has a similar style? Thank you
  34. T

    Rhodope 2 worth it if I already have Balkan Ethnic Orchestra?

    For anyone out there that has both libs, would you say it makes sense for me to get Rhodope 2 if I already have the choir in BEO? I absolutely love BEO and have used the choir in a number of tracks. I've been thinking about Rhodope 2 for a while but not certain if the choir will give enough...
  35. Levitanus

    Johnny D (musical after O. Henry)

    The late Summer and the Autumn (too long, yep, as many people including me were ill time to time) I worked on the instrumental upgrade for the show „Johnny D” based on the story by O. Henry. The upgrade means — make as cheap as possible on the top of original arrangements (at least — that was a...
  36. gohrev

    My try at something epic — Siege of Carthage

    Hi everyone, this is my first time trying something (slightly) "epic". Feedback much appreciated, this style is way out of my comfort zone… Libraries: Spitfire Studio WoodWinds, Spitfire Studio Brass, EW Percussion, EW Hollywood Choir, Cinematic Studio Strings
  37. nuyo

    Roomy Choir ?

    I need a Choir that is loud and roomy. Metropolis Ark 1 has great choir that goes in that direction. Are there any other similar choirs ?
  38. AndyP

    An adventure...

    I have used:: Hollywood Orchestra and Cinepercussion, CineHarp. 8Dio Flugelhorn, Liberis Choir. Spaces II. Not very well mixed, not one of my strengths ... I used my old MacBook Pro from 2013 with 16 GB RAM, Cubase 10 Pro, Korg MicroKey to play. This has become very tight with RAM... Still...
  39. Soundiron Team

    Tips & Tricks: Creating A Realistic Orchestral Space with Reverb

    In this Tips & Tricks video, Craig Peters shows you his approach to creating a realistic orchestral space with LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms reverb. He shows you how to take dry orchestral instruments and place them into a beautiful hall, how to make more reverberant samples sound dry, using...
  40. V

    Choir recommendations for (humming) Mmm vowel sound. Budget max, $200.

    I am looking for a nice mmm humming patch. Soundiron is having a sale. I am thinking of getting their Olympus Choir Elements product, can't tell from the manual if Requiem Light has it. Want both male and female. And out of the box ease of use. Are there better choices within this price range?
  41. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's 2020 Storewide Summer Sale Starts Now!

    Learn More: As the summer heats up, we've decided it's that time for us to unleash some sizzling deals! We're running a 33% off store wide sale on over 130 virtual instruments in our shop. Includes all ']Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and ']Bundles...
  42. Soundiron Team

    [FREE DOWNLOAD] Mercury Choir Elements Preset Pack

    Download this FREE preset pack for ']Mercury Choir Elements. From Gentle and beautiful legatos to sound-designed vocal effects, this free preset expansion will be a perfect addition to your orchestral scoring palette. *This is only available to existing owners of Mercury Choir Elements. *...
  43. ChrisSiuMusic

    Strezov Sampling: Jade Ethnic Orchestra (A Review)

    Hello friends! In this sample library review, let's take a look at the newest offering by Strezov Sampling: Jade Ethnic Orchestra. Designed as a Chinese-focused ethnic library in a largely Western-oriented market, how does it hold up?
  44. P

    What are my choir options?

    So, I'm looking at buying a choir library or two. I currently only have choirs through the various composer cloud methods. I'm working on a project that would heavily benefit from a choir. Especially a smaller, chamber-sized choir. The sound I'm going for is probably most similar to The Elder...
  45. T

    For Sale Ignore

  46. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio The Big Orchestra & Choir Sale

    The Big Orchestra & Choir Sale This weekend equip your studio with a 440 Person Orchestra perfectly tailored to Epic Trailer Music. Majestica (240 Piece Epic Orchestra) $198 - Lacrimosa 200 Person Epic Choir $198. Combine this sale with our Custom Bundle Maker...
  47. Ben

    VSL Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede (SATB Choir)

    Hi everyone! I'm really excited to finally present you Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede It's a 4 section SATB choir singing "ah" (12 singers per section), recorded in sections as well as tutti. This is the first BBO library featuring true legato recordings! The choir also includes recorded chords...
  48. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron release Olympus Choir Elements Preset Pack [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    Learn more: Download this FREE preset pack for ']Olympus Choir Elements. From sweeping beautiful legatos to haunting reversed choir chants, this free preset expansion will be a perfect addition to your orchestral writing...
  49. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's 2020 Spring Sale Starts Now!

    Learn more: With spring in full effect, we thought it would be the perfect time to kick out some sweet savings! We're running a 33% off storewide sale on over 130 virtual instruments in our shop. Includes all Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and Bundles and...
  50. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio The BIG Choir Flash Sale

    The Big Choir Flash Sale Silka Choir: 65 Person Emotional Choir The soul of Silka is 40 males and 25 females hand-picked by master conductor Petr Polonanik. It is the same group used in our Insolidus Choir. The sessions took place over two weeks and with a completely new approach to...
  51. 8Dio Productions

    Save up to 50% Off With Our Custom Bundle Maker

    8Dio Custom Bundle Maker As part of our creative care package to support the musical community during the current crisis we are introducing a new custom bundle maker! Get up to 50% discount with our custom discount program*. Here is how it works Add your chosen product(s) or bundle(s) to...
  52. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Voices That Inspire Choir Sale

    Voices That Inspire Choir Sale Love is in the air, and for the next 48 hours, all of our 8Dio choirs are on sale, 5 Full Choirs, 8 Solo Singers, and 1 World-Class 9 Person Soprano Ensemble totaling 429 singers. Sale Ends 02/19 11AM PST Silka Choir Silka is a new-generation, deep-sampled...
  53. Ben

    35% Off Voices and Vienna Konzerthaus Organ

    Limited Time Offer: February 11 – March 2, 2020 Voices Complete Standard € 595 € 385 Full € 990 € 630 Vienna Choir Standard € 345 € 225 Full € 640 € 420...
  54. bfreepro

    Storm Choir Ultimate doing Duel of the Fates and EPIC CHOIR SHOOTOUT!

    Duel of the epic choirs?! Today I put Storm Choir Ultimate (Strezov Sampling) thru the paces with an iconic choral piece from Star Wars Ep. I, and then I do some detailed comparisons with some other epic choir libraries.
  55. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Stormchoir Ultimate

    Get it here: Support me on Patreon: Buy an album at Bandcamp:
  56. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 60% Off Flash Sale on Mars & Venus Symphonic Choir!

    We're keeping the holiday saving coming with a 72 hour flash sale! You'll save 60% off our Mars Symphonic Men's Choir and Venus Symphonic Women's Choir $159 each (Reg. $399) built for the full version of Kontakt. Learn more: We're also running a 40%...
  57. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 17!

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 17! For the next 48 hours, get our 200 person Epic Choir 'Lacrimosa' for $98, and for the next 24h, receive our highly successful EDM & Cinematic Library 'Hybrid Tools Neo' for Free with (With any purchase of $98 or more). Follow us on YouTube...
  58. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's 2019 Winter Holiday Sale starts NOW! Save 40% off select libraries

    With 2019 coming to a close, we've decided to roll out some winter holiday cheer and awesome deals before the New Year! Learn more: You'll save 40% off select libraries perfect for the season, like Mercury Symphonic Boys Choir, Sleigh Bells, Alto...
  59. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 14!

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 14! For the next 48 hours, get our Insolidus Choir for $198. There is only 24 hours left to grab our 1990 Studio Grand and Prepared Piano Bundle for $98 and receive our Century Ostinato Strings for Free with (With any purchase of $148 or more)...
  60. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 8!

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 8! For the next 48 hours, get our Advanced Steel String Guitar FREE with any purchase of $98 or more! Only 24 hours left to grab our 37 person Orchestral Choir 'Requiem Pro' for $88 and our Century Brass Bundle for $248...
  61. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Dominus Choir Pro

    Check it out here:
  62. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 7!

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 5! For the next 48 hours, grab our 37 person Orchestral Choir 'Requiem Pro' for $88 and for the next 24h, receive our Century Harps for Free (With any purchase of $98 or more)...
  63. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 2

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Join us for 22 days of Flash sales, Gifts with qualifying purchases, and introducing '"On the House" compliments of 8Dio. For the next 48 hours, grab Anthology Strings for $128, and with any purchase of $98 or more, receive our 1928 Scoring Piano...
  64. gh0stwrit3r

    Imperial March [Star Wars] - International Symphony Orchestra Lviv

    Star Wars belongs to our cultural heritage. The music is truly phenomenal! Written by John Williams, the man that plays in his own league. He is one of my biggest examples and a never ending inspiration source. How great it is then to attend a live performance of the International Symphony...
  65. lgmcben

    Storm Choir Ultimate pre-order
  66. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's 2019 Black Friday Sale Starts Now! Up to 40% off Storewide

    We're unleashing our best deals of the year on every instrument in our store. Save 30% off all Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and Bundles and 40% off all individual non-player libraries. Learn more: Save big on our most popular libraries such as...
  67. xanderscores

    Choir sample "newbie" considering Cinesamples' Voxos 2 - good idea?

    I've rarely used choir before and if so then the ones included in the VI Special Edition. Now I feel it's time to upgrade. After watching a few product videos, I was especially impressed with Voxos 2. Why? Because of * the auto voice-leading feature spreading chords between the different...
  68. Anevis

    Bulgarian choir samples?

    I'm looking for some Bulgarian choir samples or it is just my bad interpretation of the actual style, but I hope you get what I mean from the tracks. Does something like that actually exist, because I couldn't find much on the internet. Looking for something in the style of this: (2:12) or...
  69. DSmolken

    Hadziha by Karoryfer Samples - West African choir out now, $19 intro price until Oct 18th Literally inspired by a post on the VI-C forum, where someone complained about not knowing what lyrics he's making an African choir sing, which made me go "hey, I know a guy who can fix that problem". So I talked a Facebook friend from Ghana who'd previously...
  70. D

    Fluid Shorts II

    Fluid Shorts II INTRO SALE – $59 THROUGH AUGUST 27TH (REG. $89) Available here: Fluid Shorts II revisits performance-sourced chamber string shorts, but takes things a step further. Just like in the original Fluid Shorts, the multi-samples are...
  71. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron's Summer Sale - Storewide!

    The Soundiron 2019 Storewide Summer Sale Starts Now! Learn more: As the summer heats up, it's that time of year to unleash some scorching deals! For two weeks only, we're running a storewide sale on over 130 virtual instruments in our shop. Save...
  72. S

    Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra - anyone here use this outside of sketching?

    I was looking at a few threads here on VIC and walkthrough videos of Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra. For 150usd (99usd with EDU), it sounds really good to me! - Scripted legato, but not such a big problem imo, as it also sounds good to me. - A lot of instruments, and even the choirs sound pretty...
  73. D

    8DIO Epic Choir Bundle - Requiem Pro. Dissapointed customer

    Hello, Recently I bought Epic Choir Bundle which consist of Lacrimosa & Requiem Pro. The installation of Lacrimosa is ok. This is different with Requiem Pro. After installation, this library becomes unusable. All images & text labels are missing. I have contacted 8DIO support and I have...
  74. Arise

    VOXOS 2 and Olympus Elements, main differences?

    Hey guys, I don't really have a dedicated choir library, however I do have the choirs in Metropolis Ark 1. I was looking to expand with a dedicated, versatile (can do lower and higher dynamics well), intuitive and easy to use choir library. I am a bit limited on my choices, as: - it needs to be...
  75. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 33% Off Storewide Spring Sale Starts Now! One Week Only

    With spring kicking into gear, now is the perfect time to hop on some sweet savings! For one week only, you'll save 33% off our entire shop, including over 130 virtual instruments in our shop. This deal includes all of our Kontakt Player/ NKS Libraries and Bundles and all individual non-player...
  76. Arise

    Soundiron's Olympus Choir Micro?

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a good Choir library compatible with Kontakt Player and nothing super expensive. I was thinking of picking up Olympus Micro (39 USD) or Olympus Elements (99 USD). If it's really worth it, I would consider Requiem Light as well, from Soundiron. Any thoughts on Micro...
  77. Mads Skønberg

    Eye Of Paradise

  78. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinesamples - Voices Of War (A Seriously Menacing Choir Library)

    Hey friends! Today let's discuss a new Cinesamples library called 'Voices of War'. This one focuses on Vikings, war, and even death, so it's perfect for those intense situations where you need a touch of darkness in your score. Enjoy!
  79. S

    Choirs "Troy" style

    Hi guys, I am looking for a "balkan" style choirs like the ones used in Troy movie: I need both the ensemble (0:00) and the solo (2:19) parts. Any recommendation?
  80. APD

    Walkthrough: Symphonic Orchestra Gold and Symphonic Choirs Gold by EastWest Sounds

    If you’re someone who has been looking to get into virtual orchestration, but can’t afford to drop thousands of dollars on sample libraries and plugins, this would be a great starting point. Read full blog post here:
  81. Alex Niedt

    8Dio Insolidus, Bazantar, 1969 Piano

    My piece using three total tracks/patches: Insolidus Arc 4 Syllables, The New Bazantar Main, and The New 1969 Piano Main
  82. dog1978

    Voxos2 Upgrade question

    I owned Cinesamples Voxos. Now I downloaded the files for the update Voxos2. At the screenshot you see at the left my Voxos1 files, perfectly working. At the right side the downloads of Voxos2 (zip file and rar files) unpacked. I see the sample folder, but no instruments and so on. Can somebody...
  83. Craig Peters

    Film Riot - Compose music for your own films

    Hey guys! So Ryan Connolly over at Film Riot did a video showing how you can start composing music for your own films even if you're a director and can't afford a composer for your film. Soundiron partnered with Film Riot and we're doing a giveaway for the Kontakt Player Bundle $599...
  84. cliffordmartin

    Labs piano/choir/cello piece

    Short Demo Of Labs Piano/Cello/Choir
  85. cliffordmartin

    Choir Writing/Composing

    Quick bit of fun with Labs Choir [Free]
  86. Taj Mikel

    Male shouts - are they cliche?

    Hi, all, I recently started work on a piece making use of the male rises and shouts patch in Oceania. I received feedback from a few friends that male shouts were worn out and cliche and should be avoided at all costs. Honestly, only one song comes to mind when I think of male shouts and...
  87. Taj Mikel

    Strezov Wotan?

    Hey all, I’m really interested in the Wotan choir from Strezov, but wanted to see if anyone has real world experience with it and can comment on its quality and playability?
  88. bfreepro

    Review: 8Dio Silka Choir

    This was the most difficult review yet as there is a lot of content to dig through, and I initially was wowed by the arcs. However we gotta take a look at everything included and all the aspects of using this library. Can it hold it's own to justify a $598 price tag AND offer enough content...
  89. Netrex

    Which complete choir would you choose today?

    The one's i've been looking at are Strezov Sampling WOTAN, FREYJA and Soundiron Olympys Symphonic Choir (Mars, Venus) So here is the deal with these two. I really like Strezov Samplings sound and interface but can't help but notice the limited amount of phrases included in both libraries. Not...
  90. JonAdamich

    Her Spell of Enchantment

    Fantasy theme for an upcoming project. Nothing too long. I hope you dig it!
  91. Muluku S.

    Forever, is that a myth ?

    Hi guys, here a new track from me. Please can i have some thoughts on it ? please keep in mind i'm a newbie composer ^^ !
  92. Epicurse

    WTB - VOXOS 2 Epic Choirs by Cinesamples

    I would like to buy VOXOS 2 Epic Choirs by Cinesamples from you... Please PM me for an offer I can't refuse. Thx, Epicurse.
  93. Pianistikboy

    Seven Kings - New mix + choir and percussions

    Hey everybody, I've made a new mix of my orchestral piece 'Seven Kings'. I've also added a choir and some percussions like taikos. I think the music is better like this. I would be happy to have your impressions and feedback on it. Thank you !! And thanks for listening !
  94. paularthur

    FS: Soundiron Sonespheres (SOLD) & Requiem Light

    Soundiron Sonespheres V.1 = $40 - SOLD Soundiron Requiem Light = $89* additional reduction + SI fees
  95. reutunes

    Audiobro : Genesis Children's Choir - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 71 - Audiobro : Genesis Children's Choir More information on Genesis Children's Choir ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
  96. Red Room Audio

    RELEASED: Palette Orchestral Series FREE v1.1 Update - 7+ GB of new content!

    Greetings! Today we're excited to release the FREE v1.1 update for our Palette Orchestral Series. The update adds over 7 GB of additional content including new instruments, features and enhancements to make your experience with Palette even better. This video offers a complete rundown of...
  97. Cory Pelizzari

    Caspian, Oceania, Fluid Shorts & Friends

  98. Celestial Aeon

    8Dio Insolidus test run

    Insolidus is one of those choir libraries that I personally just love. It is intuitive to play and the sound is sublime. This tune I basically recorded just by pushing record and playing improvised choir lines with preset sound. Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Evo layer doubling as well.
  99. Brendon Williams

    My Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Contributions

    Hello Everyone! At the urging of @AlexanderSchiborr, I've decided to share some of the music I wrote for Guild Wars 2 this last year. I had the pleasure of working alongside the amazing Wilbert Roget II to write the battle music for the expansion (who recently composed the soundtrack for Call...
  100. ward0

    Spitfire Choir News?

    Does anyone have any news on the upcoming Spitfire Choir library? On november 25th, 2016, Eric Whitacre posted on his Facebook page a promo video of him and Eric Whitacre Singers at Air Studios working on what would be Spitfire's first choir library: I was so excited but already one year has...
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