choir library

  1. tabulius

    'Marvelous Insignificance' Feat Orchestral Tools Tallinn, Bohemian Violin

    Because it is Friday, and the weekend is near I wanted to compose some beautiful church music :) This was mostly done to try out the awesome OT Tallinn.
  2. dinolol

    Warlike choirs

    someone knows a vst that has choruses similar to the ones that appear here at minute 0:14?
  3. Alex Niedt

    Eric Whitacre Choir | Ethereal User Demo

    Here's a demo using only the Eric Whitacre Choir from Spitfire. I scrapped this a couple years ago, then listened again tonight and thought, "I guess it's not that bad." I find the library difficult to use for convincing melodic content, but it's cool as a textural kit.
  4. Time+Space

    LAST DAY!! 89% off ARIA Sounds Aurora Choir!

    EXCLUSIVE TO TIME+SPACE - SAVE A HUGE 89% OFF ARIA SOUNDS' ELEGANT YET POWERFUL CHOIR LIBRARY FOR KONTAKT! Aurora Choir has a very impressive, big natural sound which makes it perfect for all types of film and trailer music as well as classical orchestral writing! DON'T MISS THIS EXCLUSIVE MEGA...
  5. J

    Best Epic Choir Library

    Hey, I really like that style of choir: Which libraries has a similar style? Thank you
  6. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Announce New Elvish Choir Upgrade | On Sale for $4 LTO

    Learn More: We're excited to present the newest upgrade for Elvish Choir This library is exactly what it sounds like: A pack of rowdy elven folk singing as an ensemble, with sustains, staccatos in multiple dynamics over a wide range. It's perfect for...
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