1. L

    Chipsynth SFC equivalent for DS Games? (mini2sf files)

    I would like to make music with the sounds of Pokemon Diamond etc and Chipsynth SFC does something like what I want for SNES games, is there an equivalent program that supports mini2sf files?
  2. L

    How to get the Mega Man X reverb?

    I'm trying to learn 16 bit chiptune and use SNES game soundfonts, I especially like Mega Man X's sf2, but I notice the instruments sound very dry compared to the OST, I got SNESverb from Impact Soundworks but still can't wrap my head around how to use it to get the huge reverb from Mega Man X...
  3. TheUniversalninja

    My introduction!

    I'm new to this site and how it works exactly so let me know if I'm doing something wrong! Anyways, hi, I'm TheUniversalninja. I've been composing original works since 2014. My work is inspired by all types of game soundtracks. Throughout the years, I've made music in many genres such as...
  4. UVI

    UVI release 8-Bit Synth, delivering the authentic sounds of vintage game systems, chip synths, and computers

    UVI release 8-Bit Synth, a chip-focused instrument loaded with the authentic sounds of vintage game systems, chip synths, and computers, inspired by classics like the SID Station, Commodore 64, Gameboy, Mod Machine, and more. 8-Bit Synth is available now, with a special introductory price of $59...
  5. Celestial Aeon

    Chiptune meets epic

    We did a bit experimental project with a friend of mine: he composed chiptune layers, I layered them with epic orchestration and a third guy mixed / mastered / produced the final outcome
  6. LeSoma

    Looking for a video game music composer!

    Hello everyone! We are currently looking for a music composer for our upcoming indie game! The game is a pixel-art side scroller Die And Retry game that takes place during the Greek Mythology. We wouldbe looking for someone who can make the perfect soundtrack for this game and that would fit...
  7. Loek Mulders

    Hi Everyone, I’m a Composer from the Netherlands.

    Hello, I’m a composer that grew up in the 90’s and loves video games! You can see the connection here but in short: I’m looking indie game developers that need original music. The things I value highly: -Memorable Themes -Getting in sync with the vibe of the game/movie (Image and Sound go...
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Raw NES Sounds - Lil Bit

    Custom Patches: Support my work: Buy my albums:
  9. kessel

    Is Vocaloid ever on sale?

    Hi, I've been thinking a couple of times about making use of vocaloid on some songs but I wasn't really impressed by how it sounds in the past. Looking at the newest Vocalic 6 version it seems like it's finally getting better and I could imagine making some good use of it, but honestly I find...
  10. VincentiZghra

    [RPG Chiptune/Fakebit] Bosstheme Mergefusion

    Lovingly made song for my second project I got assigned as a composer on! Sounds like it ends abruptly but it's made to be loopable that's why :D It's going to be some kind of strategy RPG very story driven so I bet I get to do all sorts of fun variations on the theme from this one! Hope you...
  11. H

    Old school Video Game sound and feel Libraries

    Was wondering if anyone here had some good recommendations for libraries or programs for the following "genres" of game music 8BIT - I see Plogue Chipsounds as a recommended option for 8bit and earlier. 16BIT - Something to recreate the 16bit sound like in the following in particular would...
  12. Andrew Goodwin

    SNES style song "Lost Island"

    Hey guys, My journey through SNES sounds has been quite interesting and I have written two songs with some info I learned. Here's the first one:
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