1. Loïc D

    Singapore 7PM (2020 reorch)

    Hi everyone ! Lately I've been reworking an old track, to give the orchestration, arrangement and mood I wanted but missed to produce in the original release. Any comment or feedback is welcome ! (and will be rewarded with a virtual Singapore Sling with the little paper umbrella) ____ And...
  2. AdamSold

    Isolation song /

    So since i have a lot of time here at home during these strange weeks, lots of different ideas r coming. I decided to bring one of them to the reality. Hope u Will like it. Feedbacks r welcome! Stay safe, cheers! :)
  3. bayramjazz

    How November sounds?

    how November sounds in my head)
  4. bayramjazz

    Celtic music

    "Saga" by Artur Bayramgalin' album "My Seasons" released on Tiger Grass Rec. Germany
  5. bayramjazz

    Night Story (instrumental mix / electro lounge)

    8 electro lounge compositions recorded since 2014 - 2017
  6. bayramjazz

    Breath Of Spring!

    Breath Of Spring by Artur Bayramgalin from album "My Seasons" Released on Tiger Grass Rec. 2015
  7. bayramjazz

    Breezz Studio - Dancing Butterfly (Remix 2017)

    Remix on my tune "Butterfly" from album "Perfect Day" 2014
  8. bayramjazz

    Chillout, relaxing tune - "Daydreamer" by Artur Bayramgalin.

    "Daydreamer" gives us time for some reverie with charming keyboard resonance. Album Information: Title: "Perfect Day" 2014. Artist: Artur Bayramgalin
  9. bayramjazz

    Breezz Studio - Ornament

    Karmaloft is incredibly proud to introduce our new artist Breezz Studio with his single “Ornament”.
  10. 123creative

    Trap Chords – 5 Construction Kits (Samples, Loops, Ableton Live projects)

    Hello producers, 123creative has released Trap Chords - 5 construction kits (Samples, Loops, Ableton Live projects) in cooperation with Freak music. Genres: Trap, Chillstep, Chillout, Dubstep, EDM “Trap Chords“ is a collection of 5 construction kits. Inside you can find hi-hats...
  11. O

    Atmos for Dune 2 (200 presets, pads, atmospheres, bass and synths)

    200 Presets for Dune 2: 100 Pads 65 Synths 20 Atmospheres 15 Basses & Dark Sounds Pads Each pad have modwheal to open or close filter or change timbre for sound. Most of pads have velocity assigned to filter ADR (attack, decay release) and few have expression wheel to other effects...
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