1. R

    For Sale Various VST Plugins (Cheap)

    MeldaProduction MXXX - RRP £849 Selling for £349 MeldaProduction MXXX Core - RRP £89 Selling for £49 MRhythmizer - RRP £42 Selling for £15 Softube, Tube-Tech CL1B & CL1B MKII - RRP £230 Selling for £100 Izotope Ozone 8 Advanced - RRP £350 Selling for £199 Melodyne 4 studio (Full) - RRP £599...
  2. S.M Hassani

    CLOSED Sold

  3. Alex Niedt

    For Sale FS: PLUGIN-ALLIANCE - Vertigo, Dangerous, ACME, Brainworx, Millenia, SPL, Black Box, Maag, elysia, etc.

    Will offer an additional discount to anyone interested in a large bundle... Brainworx bx_bassdude - $19 Brainworx bx_bluechorus2 - $9 Brainworx bx_delay 2500 - $19 Brainworx bx_distorange - $9 Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2 - $19 Brainworx bx_greenscreamer - $9 Brainworx bx_hybrid V2 - $19 Brainworx...
  4. Erick - BVA

    Selling my Echo Mona from my highschool rock band days....

    Not sure if we're allowed to post ebay links. Mods can delete the link if they want. All of the original stuff is included. The latest drivers for Windows 7 worked for Windows 10 (for me at least). 2 of the 4 channels seem to be working great. The other 2 seem quiet/inconsistent. Not sure...
  5. Erick - BVA

    CLOSED Izotope Products (Nectar 2 Suite, Stutter Edit, Iris 2, idrum)

    I'm selling a number of my Izotope licenses. I'm offering them at the lowest price that I've known them to ever be at. Open to best-offers or bundled discounts. Nectar 2 Suite $99 Stutter Edit: $49 Iris 2, $75 idrum, $10 If you are interested just PM me with the name of your Izotope Acount and...
  6. Erick - BVA

    CLOSED Fxpansion's BFD3 $150 (SOLD)

    It's currently on sale for $175 so I'm offering it cheaper than that. The price includes $100 for the product + a $50 transfer fee you will pay. If you want to buy, I will contact support and start the process of a license transfer --you will need an Fxpansion account.
  7. Erick - BVA

    Seurat Updated to 1.6 and 30% for a limited time!

    Hello Everyone! Seurat has been updated again, to 1.6! To commemorate, we've put it on sale for 30% off for a limited time (26 days left at the time of posting this). Current sale price: £26.25+ VAT The recent update adds the ability to reverse any sound source with the click of a button. A...
  8. Tysmall

    My extremely cost efficient slave build.

    Posting this for criticism on why this won't work from someone who may know more than I do. Also posting to give light on this underground used server part market that I didn't know existed. 468 us dollars: 32...
  9. brianbuchanan

    Cinesamples... EUA

    I've got CineBrass and CineWinds Core but don't use them. Is this at all possible if the EUA states I'm the sole owner? Don't use them, but not sure if I can unload them for a sale. Thoughts?
  10. X-Bassist

    Great Libraries under $60

    Although there are many threads for freebies or a specific instruments, I realized there are many Libraries under $60 that I own that work well, and would probably benefit someone new to The VI world... I have to start the list with Indigenious Solid State, since it seems to pack the most punch...
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