1. dman007

    How do I get thel mixer to scroll to the selected track ?

    Cubase If I have a track selected in the project window and then go to the mixer, although I can sync the selecter mixer channel, how do I get the mixer to scroll to selected channel so I can see it?
  2. SBK

    What kind of YouTube channels you are following?

    Hey there guys, I was wondering what channels you are watching-following in YouTube? I personally feel all of them are kind of the same sh!t kind of mediocre videos and people trying to edit the videos nicely. Do you think that many YouTube channels are for the newbies of music production? I...
  3. Fab

    Without using Cubase Inspector ; Where to set MIDI channel in a recorded MIDI event?

    I know Cubase will record the MIDI channel into the MIDI event as assigned by my controller, but how do I change it after the fact? For instance; I recorded a part using MIDI CH1, now I want to reassign the same part to MIDI CH2; Where in the settings would I find this? Can you only set the...
  4. nils.f.lindberg

    [SOLVED] Cubase - Split stereo channel into two mono channels/buses

    Is there any way to split a stereo channel into two separate mono channels, so I can mix the two separately? To clarify, I'm NOT talking about exporting or editing recorded audio. This is strictly a routing issue. I record my guitar (line and mic) as a stereo track, so that I can quantize it...
  5. Stu Lloyd

    Speedpainting channel music

    Hey all, a friend has started a youtube channel and she has allowed me to do the music for her. Instead of recycling my existing tracks I tried to bust out a quick one in a day. I know the chord structure sounds quite generic, there's a few movies that come to mind, like Sunshine and Kick Ass...