chamber music

  1. Thomas Kallweit

    Unimportant laughter (elegic minimal chamber - strings, woodwind, whistler, flute)

    Ok, back to my other stuff (will not get much views against the last one I guess): This is something elegical with Vienna Strings, Whistler, Flute and Woodwind.
  2. stan-k

    Composition for chamber ensemble in two parts

    Hey everyone, here's my recent composition for a chamber ensemble. It has two parts: the first one is an adagio duet of viola and violin, very calm. It gradually evolves into the second part (clarinet, horn, piano and a string section). It starts slowly and becomes livelier as it progresses...
  3. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Alternative Solo Strings Demo

    I think this is a great library for modern avant-garde material. Just have to play to its strengths. Next I want to see how Alternative Solo Strings sounds with LCO Strings. Wondering if they might be a match made in heaven for scratchy, dissonant stuff!
  4. Archduke

    Barro Sublevado | tango

    If you enjoy Tango Argentino (music in the line of -say- Astor Piazzolla), you might like this instrumental piece: Barro sublevado. You can also consider it classical music with strong roots in tango, something similar to what Bartók made with Rumanian folk music - but here with Urban Argentine...
  5. Jos Wylin

    Joseph Fiala - audio removed

    Sorry, but I had to delete this post due to arrangements made with the owner of the original score some months ago. He reminded me that I wasn't allowed to publish anything of it, not even the audio file. Although the music is public domain, I will respect our arrangement. I apologise for the...
  6. Dear Villain

    Greetings (again!)

    Hi all, I've been on the forum for a couple of years now, while plugging away making music like everybody else. The only thing is, I've really avoided putting my stuff out there via Soundcloud, social media, etc. and have finally taken the plunge to launch a soundcloud page. I already have...
  7. Dear Villain

    Trio with Pianoteq, Embertone, and VSL

    Hi all, Originally, I posted this piece in a side by side comparison between VSL's solo violin and Embertone's Joshua Bell violin. I've since also changed out the Kontakt piano for Pianoteq's Steinway D. So...the final instrumentation is: Joshua Bell violin, VSL clarinet, and Pianoteq piano...
  8. Dear Villain

    Anyone fancy a (gasp!) VSL string trio?

    Hi all! I recently completed Premonition for violin, viola, and cello. It's a dramatic work with distinct moods that emerge throughout, along with some extended/virtuosic string techniques. As always, I hope you'll take a moment to listen and comment if you feel so inclined...
  9. Dear Villain

    Can I Dream?

    Greetings! "Can I Dream?" is my newest piece for violin, clarinet, and piano. Hope you'll enjoy! Cheers! David Carovillano
  10. stan-k

    Piano quartet

    Hi everyone, here is a chamber piece for piano quartet made with VSL SE+ and Pianoteq's Model B: And here is the score with music: All and any critique is as always welcome and appreciated.
  11. Jos Wylin

    Rondo giocoso

    Here is part III of my Concerto Piccolo. Rondo giocoso Jos
  12. Jos Wylin

    Concerto Piccolo for Accordion and Chamber Orchestra (part 1and 2)

    This is the right time to present the first part of my Concerto Piccolo for accordion/bayan and chamber orchestra. It is (once more) my intention to highlight this beautiful and rich instrument as a full and worthy concert instrument next to the other more familiar ones. Far too often the...
  13. stan-k

    Original composition for chamber ensemble

    Hi everyone, here is an original composition for a chamber ensemble (fl, cl, vln, vla, vlc, pf, perc) I rendered with VSL SE+, VSL Tamtams & Gongs, and Pianoteq's Model B: I have also created a video with the score if anyone's interested: All and any critique is welcome and appreciated...
  14. Dear Villain

    A piano trio made with VSL

    I played the piano part in, which does a lot for the realism, in my opinion. Hope you'll listen, comment, and enjoy :) Dave
  15. Iskra

    Lectures by Bruce Adolphe (Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center)

    Hi all, Probably many of you are aware of this, but I thought it was worth sharing if someone is not and I haven’t seen it around VI. The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (NY) has many masterclasses and lectures throughout the year. I discovered last year the lectures by Bruce Adolphe...
  16. cornelisjordaan

    Ciaccona in E, for 2 violins & viola

    Is it complete sacrilege to post a piece of mine on this forum which was recorded by live musicians instead of virtual instruments? hmmm... Please let me know if this is totally inappropriate :P Anyhoo, I always find myself lurking and never posting so this is me trying to break the silence...
  17. almound

    String quartet mock up with Sibelius remotely controlling Presonus Studio One

    Here's the URL to the playlist for a string quartet that I recorded via Sibelius as a scoring editor for Presonus Studio One (its the actual playback). (Three movements are available, and a fourth is coming.) Carnavale...