1. Time+Space

    New toontrack superior drummer 3 bundles! save up to £124!

    Toontrack release two new Superior Drummer 3 bundles! Superior Drummer 3 Bundle - The Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Bundle* lets you go all in from the get go. Make your own Superior Drummer 3 bundle with the award winning core software and two SDX expansions of your choice and save £124! SDX...
  2. I


  3. ChrisSiuMusic

    SonuScore's Spring Bundle!

    Hey friends! Have you checked out Sonuscore's Spring Bundle yet? If not, it's available at 9.90 Euros for a few more days! Let's take a look at what this bundle covers.
  4. Ndee

    For Sale Big iZotope and Zynaptiq bundles

    Selling my Zynaptiq Zap II Bundle. Includes: WORMHOLE this is quite the effect: Otherworldly Audio Effects Processor. ADAPTIVERB this is such a unique reverb: Harmonic Tracking Resynthesis Reverb. UNMIX::DRUMS I used this for all kinds of materials for surprising results: Boost Or Attenuate...
  5. lucianogiacomozzi


    Hi all, I have this for sale, all approved by for sale Soundiron as they are listed, currently had to make some hard decisions in this current pandemic: Soundiron: Venus, Voices of Gaia: Bryn, Cymbology, Drinking Piano, and Steel Tones - ONLY AS A BUNDLE ($220 $200 $175) I've decided to drop...
  6. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : Dronar Orchestral Bundle By Gothic Instruments

    Hi everyone! Here is my video of the Dronar Orchestral Bundle covering the three modules : 1. Brass Module 2. World Flutes 3. Distorchestra To purchase The Dronar Orchestral Bundle (now 67% off at VST Buzz) ...
  7. Cory Pelizzari

    Developer Spotlight - IAMLAMPREY

    Get their stuff here: https://www.iamlamprey.com/ Achromic multi: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vlrytm53f84rlxh/AADVRsffOipMZRqAMW_he41Oa?dl=0 Support my work: https://www.patreon.com/corypelizzari Buy my albums: https://corypelizzari.bandcamp.com/
  8. S

    For Sale FS: True Keys Pianos Bundle and Fluffy Audio Scoring Piano

    I have too many piano libraries now, and I'd like to sell the ones that I never use. True Keys Pianos Bundle - $150 $125 (normally $349) Fluffy Audio Scoring Piano - $90 $80 (normally $129) I will cover the iLok transfer fee for True Keys. Edit: Price drop!
  9. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Fluffy Audio Solo Woodwinds

    Get it here: https://fluffyaudio.com/shop/solo-woodwinds-bundle/
  10. P

    Aria and Impact Soundworks Orchestral Bundles question

    There are ongoing sales for those two bundles, Aria on VSTbuzz and Impact Soundworks on audioplugdeals (ending in a few hours :) ). I'd like to get one of them, not sure which one. Aria LSS strings seems to sound better in demos, on VSTbuzz and some demos here on forum. It seems to me like they...
  11. Time+Space

    WIN: AAS Integral bundle - the ultimate physical modeling package with over £1,800-worth of plugins!

    Applied Acoustic Systems (AAS) is the world-leader in physical modeling software instrument plugins for musicians and sound designers. This year marks their 20th birthday and to celebrate we're giving you the chance to win one of two copies of the incredible integral collection each containing...
  12. BrandonYLau

    Izotope Elements: Can it do the job?

    Hi all, Sincere apologies if this is the wrong place to post. Recently, Izotope has had these huge sales, specifically, 79$ for an Elements bundle of Neutron, Nectar, Ozone and RX. As I'm on a budget, I don't personally own many good plugins, and this seems like quite a good deal. However, I...
  13. Sonixinema

    Sonixinema Announcement - Vlogs, Blogs and the Infinity Bundle!

    2018 has been a crazy year for Sonixinema! Not only have we opened our brand new sampling studio in London, we have also just launched our new website filled with blogs and weekly Youtube vlogs where we will be showing you exclusive behind the scenes footage of Sonixinema at work! Check it all...
  14. Time+Space

    Time+Space 12 Days of Christmas - Day 11

    It´s Day 11 of our Deals and we´re offering over 60% off the Ian Boddy Complete Collection – This compilation of six sample packs features sounds crafted from Ian Boddy’s impressive personal collection of analogue and modular synths. Packed full of character and inspiration, each title...
  15. Vladinir

    CMP SOLO Trumpets Bundle A - 50% off

    From 31st October to 7th November Cmusic Production is offering a 50% discount for the Solo Trumpets Bundle Kontakt Library. The Package: SOLO Trumpet I. SOLO Trumpet III. SOLO Flugelhorn. Requirements: Native Instruments full retail Kontakt 5.0. Windows 7 or later, Intel Core Duo or AMD...
  16. N

    FS: VSL Special Edition Complete Bundle *price update*

    Hi all, for sale is my VSL Special Edition Complete Bundle. Inculded are: -Special Edition Vol.1 -Special Edition Vol.1 PLUS -Special Edition Vol.2 -Special Edition Vol.2 PLUS -Special Edition Vol.3 -Special Edition Vol.4 The license can't be transferred via internet so I'll have to ship...
  17. Erick - BVA

    Halflight Sampling 50% off bundle

    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that all of my sample libraries are now bundled for an affordable price on Kontakthub. It's 50% off at the present time: https://www.kontakthub.com/product/Halflight-Sampling-Collection/ Thanks! --Erick
  18. Vladinir

    CMP July Sale: Up to 60% off

    From 26 June to 2 July you can get: Up to 60% off SAXBAND Instruments: SAXBAND Soprano Saxophone Library. SAXBAND Alto Saxophone Library. SAXBAND Tenor Saxophone Library. SAXBAND Baritone Saxophone Library. SAXBAND Medium Bundle. SAXBAND Full Bundle. 50% off SOLO Series: SOLO Alto...
  19. creativeforge

    Cakewalk projects files: install Cakewalk on Windows 7?

    Sooo, I'm not using Cakewalk Pro 9.03 anymore (I have a legal copy but using Mixcraft now), but I need to open old *.bun files to restore some old songs to remaster. I tried installing Cakewalk from the DVD, but no joy. It's opening the installer dialogue box, but nothing I click results in...
  20. Shad0wLandsUK

    FS: NI Absynth 5, Massive, Reaktor Instruments + Supercharger

    Included products are: NI Absynth 5 - Make Offer (SOLD) NI Massive - Make Offer (SOLD) NI Razor - Make Offer (SOLD) NI Monark - Make Offer (SOLD) NI Skanner - Make Offer NI Mikro Prism (will include free) NI Supercharger - Make Offer Everything is open to Offers :) Reason for selling is that I...
  21. 1

    SOLD (Delete)

  22. T

    FS: Vienna Symphonic Library Complete Special Edition

    Hello, I recently upgraded to the Vienna Symphonic Cube so I want to sell my entire VSL Special Edition Complete Bundle for $1500, the normal price being $1736.89 (€1545) for 37GB of solid realistic and versatile samples. You will also need to buy a Vienna Key or Steinberg E-Licenser...
  23. thelasthaven

    "Hybrid Scoring Bundle" by The Last Haven

    "Hybrid Scoring Bundle" contains 4 libraries. The main sound sources are hybrid effects made with analog and digital synthesizers, rhythmic pulsing textures, some playable instruments and ambient pads. All libraries are integrated into different versions of Flow Engine, a scripts and effects...
  24. SampleTraxx

    Make you own bundle and save 30%

    New promotion at SampleTraxx! Choose more than one item and get 30% discount on all item purchased. Use coupon “samplebundle” at the check out. Promo start march 9 - end march 15 http://www.sampletraxx.com/ https://sites.fastspring.com/sampletraxx/instant/sampletraxxstore
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