1. Bluemount Score

    How much $$$ for a decent laptop for music production?

    So I'm pretty much a hardware-noob, especially when it comes to laptop components. Somebody else did put together the parts for my current computer and I was somewhat proud that I actually managed to make it running on my own. It's still a great PC, however I'm planning to buy an additional...
  2. V

    PC build recommendation

    I wanna build a PC to produce music using the following softwares: Omnisphere Keyscape Damage 2 Superior Drummer 3 Spitfire Symphonic Strings The songs will also have two guitars, bass and two voices. I'd like to know what PC should handle that type of work but without being overkill. Thanks.
  3. S

    Relatively Niche-Build Mobile Sequencer

    Sharing a recent build of mine (with some friendly help), in case it helps anyone with their own. Unafraid of idea recommendations or criticism from anyone - experienced or beginners... in fact they're very welcome to jog my own thoughts and ideas. I'm not an expert, but I know how helpful it...
  4. silverling_co

    DIY Studio Desk

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of designing my own studio desk and I would love any thoughts/experience/advice you have on the subject! I don't use a lot of sound gear, but I have included a tray for my keyboard, and a 4u 19" rack on the desktop (for a power conditioner, pre-amp and 2 audio...
  5. PaulieDC

    Ready To Build a PC for VI Composing? Here's My Pick, Under $2300 and It Screams.

    Hey all, if you're newer to this and ready to invest in your first tower that you can be sure will give you some horsepower, I went online to and built a list for a PC for under 2300 bucks that will be a great first-PC dedicated for music production. I have an insane 14-core machine...
  6. thov72

    Refurbished Workstation as DAW-PC

    Heya. Is there anything against using an old workstation Intel® Xeon QuadCore E5-1620 3,6 GHz, 32GB RAM as a DAW machine? I´m not very good with technical stuff so I don´t really know the difference to a normal PC. Could I run into trouble at some point, e.g. when upgrading RAM, Graphics, HDD...
  7. JaikumarS

    Companies - Professional Audio Solutions - (London,UK)

    Hi, I'm planning to set up a new studio, so looking for a good company which provides a good professional audio solutions in London,UK. Someone good, who takes care of everything. - Professional Hardware and Software - VEP Server machines (Someone good like VisionDAW in the US) - Server Rooms...
  8. W

    Custom built slant mount for iPad/tablet?

    Once the weather warms up enough this spring for me to spend any time in my garage again, I'm planning to custom build a small wooden platform for my iPad to sit on in my studio. The concept is to have it on a slanted platform that overhangs the left rear of the controller keyboard sitting on my...
  9. N

    Refurbished mac pro or custom build pc: is there much difference in speed?

    hoping to get some opinions on this given the choice between a built pc: and a refurbished 2010 mac pro 1x6 core: which would you recommend over the other, and why? either of these...
  10. M

    Master/Slave: MacMini + PC?

    Hi all! I'm planning a system upgrade very soon, and I'm thinking about going one of the following routes: - PC Master + PC Slave - Mac Mini Master + PC Slave Considering the Mac Mini is long in the tooth, I'll wait and see if Apple will release a new model before the end of this year. I was...
  11. 1

    Powerful PC and voice count? What is it?

    Hello everyone! :) I'm planning on buying a workstation PC; Dual Xeon E5-2687Wv4 [email protected],256Gb ram with all SSDs (regular and m.2). After having 2 computers for some time, adding another is not tempting and I'd rather have just one. I read somewhere on the forum here, that even with a super...
  12. 1

    Need help building a workstation!

    Hello everyone, I've outgrown my current computer - 4770k, 32GB ram, 2tb SSD filled with sample libraries- and I'm searching up and down the internet on how to build the new computer. What I had in mind was a PC with 64GB DDR4 ram, but also have the possibilty of 128GB which I might need in the...
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