1. EpicDude

    Studio One 5 not reading Kontakt 6 MIDI CC parameters...

    It does read the ones belonging to any library but it doesn't read native Kontatk CC1, CC2 etc. So I can't automate panning or volume from Kontakt. Anybody else having this problem?
  2. maxchristensenaudio

    Set_Text Bug???? Or am I missing something????

    Ok so here are 2 versions of a script line. The 1st is accepted The 2nd gives me a "statements expected" error.... ui_freq_free_label_IDs[8] ui_freq_free_label_IDs[0] := lbl_lfo_freq_free_0 ui_freq_free_label_IDs[1] := lbl_lfo_freq_free_1 ... 1st: set_text(lbl_lfo_freq_free_0...
  3. C

    Omnisphere 2 Slow Browser

    There are many threads on various forums about Omnisphere having slow browser and interface lagging after newer Omnisphere plugins, patch library and sound sources updates. Looks like there are 2 things causing this issue: 1) lots of patches and libraries 2) updates past 2.0.x versions...
  4. Emanu1674

    About the hanging notes bug with CineBrass

    If you use orchestral libraries a lot, like me, you probably encountered a bug where the notes keep playing even when the music is paused. I've encountered this bug sometimes and after some research, i think i found out the culprit, and i'm going to share here my findings to anyone who might be...
  5. Fab

    Cubase/Nuendo Draw Tool Bug? [SOLVED]

    SOLVED. After some messing around, re-installs and reboots without success I just now opened an old project and started doing some normal editing and it's fixed itself. I don't know how to reproduce this but everything seems back to normal.
  6. maxchristensenaudio

    Sublime KSP compiler issue with Select function

    Today I noticed that Kontakt was giving me an error for my code even though the sublime KSP compiler didn't complain. This is the error message Kontakt returns when I compile the code to the clipboard and paste it in, instead of applying the code from a txt file. "case branch needs constant...
  7. maxchristensenaudio

    Z-layer doesn't work with panels in SublimeKSP. Can anyone confirm?

    So after several problems with this and some more testing today I've noticed that I can only get my z_layer commands to work properly when that control is NOT! nested in a panel. It doesnt matter in which order it happens, if it's inside or outside a macro, if I use set_control_par or ->...
  8. M_Helder

    Disc Cache Pops & Clicks - Cubase 10/11

    Hi guys, Here is to hoping to find someone more knowledgeable than me. Most of my professional work is related to MIDI programming and mixing, however as of late I found myself dabbling in audio post-pro for films which suddenly led to a frustrating discovery (or maybe I just didn't notice it...
  9. M_Helder

    Cubase 10 hangs on quit or...?

    Hey guys, Lately I've been getting an eternal beach ball thingy (I am on a Mac) whenever I quit my project and it stops responding completely, forcing me to shut down manually. I have about 250+ tracks in the project (deactivated), as well as a reasonable number of effects and busses, about...
  10. Bluemount Score

    Metropolis Ark 4 - Missing legato transitions in multi patches???

    I just encountered a strange bug (?) in Ark 4. As the title says, legato and power legato transitions seem to be missing when either of these two articulations is played in a multi patch. It is monophonic, but you can't hear any slurred transitions between notes, which are in fact audible when...
  11. Lassi Tani

    Cubase 10.5 Playback issues with expression maps

    Hi! I'm not sure, if this is a known problem. I recently updated to 10.5.20, and I have a lot of issues with playback. I'm using expression maps for switching articulations, and for some reason, articulations get stuck and don't change. E.g. violins start with staccato, then spiccato, if I play...
  12. F

    CSS Violins 2 Legato Bug?

    I am currently having issue with the Legato Articulation of the 2nd Violin. Whenever I stop the playback I get a super loud release sound as if the dynamics are suddenly put to 127. Does anyone else experience such problems with CSS?
  13. N

    Kontakt callbacks and logger broken (Solved)

    Hi Guys, does anyone else have problems with Kontakt Version ? My case: If I use a script with a nki that was saved with Kontakt 6.0.4., the "on_persistence_change" callback doesn´t seem to be triggered AND the logger doesn´t write anything into my nka - file. If I open a nki, that...
  14. D

    Bug in Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions

    Hi All, Just wanted to inform the community (current users and potential buyers) about a significant bug that I discovered in the OACE instrument. I bought it in large part on the strength of the Waves instruments, which sound good for the most part, but I realise (and have confirmed) that...
  15. windshore

    Logic export bug...? Help!

    When trying to "export audio to movie" in Logic X, I regularly get this error message: Could not export Logic Pro X audio I end up having to export the mix and mixing into the movie using a different program. I have tried to narrow this down and it is inconsistent. If I happen to sync the...
  16. sagebaggott

    Solved: Kontakt library shows up in standalone but not logic pro

    Hey all- wondering if anyone else has had this problem... Just downloaded and installed Cinematic Studios Brass library. It shows up in standalone Kontakt 5 (and it also shows up when hosting Kontakt in Vienna Ensemble Pro), but when I open Kontakt 5 as an instrument in Logic, it refuses to...
  17. BrandonYLau

    Izotope RX Screwing up my undo history

    I've recently purchased Izotope RX Elements (part of their sale bundle) and it's been working wonders on cleaning up dialogue. I think the way RX works is that it's constantly adapting to the noise and eliminating it. The problem is that every single instance of these adaptations is recorded...
  18. Sean J

    Spitfire Bug? Banks vs NKI behave differently...?

    Hello all, Spitfire Mural vol. 1 long/sustain patch has choppy playback with back-to-back notes in Cubase if loaded into a bank slot, but works fine on it's own. Is there any way to script a fix to this? Anyone know if this was resolved in the Symphonic Strings update? Why would a patch would...
  19. dman007

    Cubase 9.5 Bug

    Anyone else had the Cubase 9.5 mixer glitch bug? It's reproducible.
  20. S

    CC Editing deletes notes Pro Tools 2018.4

    did anyone came across this? When editing velocity or CC data on the automation lane in pro tools the midi notes get deleted. Here is a short video demonstrating the issue. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b56pmdeu54cydjq/BUG%20PT%20MIDI%202018.4.mov?dl=0 All instruments are hosted in VEP6. Hosted...
  21. tav.one

    Ignore Threads by Nobita?

    This is seen on every page and clicking on Nobita opens up another forum Is my browser infected with some virus OR Is it on the website for all the members? Maybe an inside joke? And what about that number on the bottom left?
  22. tav.one

    Logic's big offensive Tooltips

    Can someone help me get rid of these? In the pic below I'm trying to drag the region to match another region upstairs but can't see where I am because of that black tooltip (MIDI data doesn't start at the start of the region so that white vertical line doesn't help much) Its impossible to work...
  23. dman007

    Audio PCs and the Chip BUG

    Regarding the chip bug, how does this stand regarding Windows audio PCs, ASIO, audio interface drivers, and DAWs ? Thanks
  24. magneto538

    Mf_reset and Async callback

    Quote from KSP manual in regards of mf_reset() command: This command is also asynchronous, and thus calls the async_complete callback Now, if a command triggers the Async callback, it means that its Async ID could be stored in a variable in order to use it in the Async callback itself (just...
  25. T

    Bad Metropolis Ark I spot mic bug + crashing :(

    Just downloaded MAI and started messing around with it. There seems to be a bug on all patches that have spot mics (i.e. any of the horns, the bassoons, choirs, etc). When I start playing the spot mic will turn on and then turn off a couple seconds later ... and then back on ... and so forth. If...
  26. Blake Ewing

    Logic X 10.3 - Capture as Recording bug?

    Hi guys, I almost exclusively use "Capture as Recording" when laying down MIDI parts. I'm having this weird issue consistently on a new piece... When I play a part and then use the Capture as Recording key command, the notes in the midi region all seem to be locking up into longer (like full...
  27. maraskandi

    Cubase 8.5.2 Divide Track List possible bug

    Upper list stuck if you expand it to full screen and let go of mouse. Tooltip correctly shows up and down resizer icon, but it grabs and scrolls the upper window no matter where or how I click to do so. Lower window with a couple hundred tracks (still visible in mixer) is down away in the...
  28. anderslink

    Has anyone had this flautando legato bug with Sable volumes 1, 2, and 3 installation???

    Here is a description of the problem as I posted it on Spitfire's forum. I'm trying to fix it asap so any help would be nice. "I have downloaded Sable v1, 2, and 3 a bunch of times now and I am still having a problem with the "VC - Legato Decorative palette (vol1+3).nki" and "V2 - Legato...
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