bohemian violin

  1. Silence-is-Golden

    It is almost there now (bh violin expansion2)
  2. DynamicK

    UVI Workstation... drop support for Windows 7

    It's been awhile since I updated my UVI Workstation, so I was surprised to see that v3 is no longer supported under Win 7. Thankfully I don't have that many UVI libraries, but my main concern was for my Bohemian Violin and Cello updates. On contacting Virharmonic, they informed me that they...
  3. Maxfabian

    New Classical/Jazz track (CSSS, Bohemian violin, Ravenscroft, SA Bass ..

    Hi Buddies! New track I recently made where my ambition was to make music that is different than I usually do... but it didn't went to well. I guess I ended up not to far from where I feel safe. Anyway, it was fun and I would love som feedback. What do you think about the mix and do you...
  4. Sibelius19

    My wife doesn't get it

    So she said that the harmonies, melodies, and pretty everything don't seem "right." Funny thing, I was kind of going for that. I want sort of an off kilter sense of movement. Things were slightly "off" with the octave jumps in the woodwinds and strings as well. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy...
  5. Jorgakis

    Piano/Violin Duo (Bohemian Violin)

    Hello guys, recently bought bohemian violin and I thought it was amazing. Have some problems loading my template with the uvi station loaded, though. But nevermind, I was happy to create a decent sounding solo violin mockup, I was trying to do for so long. Hope you like the composition...
  6. PeterJCroissant

    Bohemian Violin example

    Hey Guys, This is a new composition, very simple progression, lends its self to theme of some sort I guess.. But the beginning I have used the bohemian violin, this is my fist go at using it, but there's plenty more to learn about using it... it's pretty cool vi
  7. The Darris

    Samples Spotlight Review: Bohemian Violin Expansion 1

    What's Up Everybody?!! Samples Spotlight is back this week with new reviews and to kick it off, I got the opportunity to review VirHarmonic's Bohemian Violin. I honestly could not find much to criticize this library over as the overall concept and functionality of it is among the best tools...
  8. Silence-is-Golden

    Bohemian violin : improvisation/composition incl. the new exp1

    to everyone who wants to have a listen to a new use of the bohemian violin. It is also a new try with valhalla shimmer on a piano. It is difficult not to "indulge" in the shimmer thing, because it makes the piano sound so beautifully spacious.
  9. ag75

    When is the next Bohemian Violin Soul Capture series update?

    I keep reading Q3, which to my knowlege is July 1- Sept 30th. Anyone know when it might be realased?
  10. zacnelson

    "Forest Wedding" - Virharmonic Bohemian Violin and Bohemian Cello

    Hello, I originally composed this when I first bought the Bohemian Violin, and have re-worked it now that the Bohemian Cello has been released. I hope you like it!
  11. ricz

    Short piece with Bohemian Violin

    Hi folks, I recently acquired Virharmonic's Bohemian Violin. By far my favorite new instrument from the last year. Not perfect, but quite inspiring. Anyway, I did this playing around with it the first day I got it. A simple line against a simple string bed. The arrangement could be...